Your Say - Monday 05 November

Rooftop landmark: The Port Admiral, Lancaster Road, Preston, pictured in 1959
Rooftop landmark: The Port Admiral, Lancaster Road, Preston, pictured in 1959
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No to old folks’ ‘national service’

Lord Bichard really talks a load of rubbish by suggesting pensioners still must work for their pension even after retirement or get a financial penalty in the form of some of their pension being docked. He is an absolute out of touch moron!

Under such circumstances retirement would not be true retirement which has been earned and should be enjoyed as pensioners have already done their bit for society.

At age 65, having already been in retirement for 11 years on a gold–plated pension of £120,000, he is not exactly setting an example himself. Therefore his is a hypocrite! He is attempting to cheat hard workers out of their retirement through the back door.

What he is attempting is another way of helping the Government squeeze even more blood out of a stone and the country’s books should never be balanced at the expense of pensioners.

If the Government does not take his advice with a pinch of salt there ought to be general strike with every union in the country uniting and participating, making it an indefinite strike if necessary.

Any party which passes such disgraceful legislation deserves quite an election hammering, even deserving to never get elected again.

I also see forcing pensioners to work as another way of obtaining cheap labour. If this ever happens then I really think Britain is going downhill rapidly.

R N Coupe, Lostock Hall

Mosque plan will cause headache

The proposal to build a mosque on the corner of a junction within 50 feet of one of the busiest main roads in Preston seems unbelievable. Fishergate Hill sees some 250 plus buses and many thousands of other motor vehicles every day. The prospect of many more vehicles (hence the enlarging of the car park) turning into Grafton Street and back on to Fishergate Hill, given the very restrictive one way system that prevails, is frightening in the extreme.

This particular junction is very busy with supervised crossing for the schoolchildren at the traffic lights for two to three hours per day, the streets are extremely narrow and it is quite densely populated.

Preston Council is well aware of the lack of parking facilities in the area, 24/7 and has been for many years. How anyone can say it will be unobtrusive, given the size and area proposed is beyond belief and I offer my sympathies to the residents concerned.

Terry Murphy, via e-mail

Looking back at landmark statues

Jim Cowell’s letter (letters November 2) regarding the Port Admiral brought back memories of that fine building, another victim of the municipal vandalism visited upon the town.

The statuary atop the hotel consisted of a lion at each corner as well as the three figure centre-piece of which Jim speaks.

This consisted of a naked young lady with Nelson at one side and

Napoleon at the other. A photograph of the hotel can be seen in the Dog and Partridge on Friargate.

Incidentally, the Port Admiral Hotel was never referred to as such, but by a magnificently vulgar nickname derived from the position of one of the young lady’s hands in an effort to preserve some vestige of modesty before the unrelenting gaze of her two adversarial admirers.

Tom Macklin, Fulwood

People need to take better care

I work in the NHS, the major problem is we do too much for people who do nothing for themselves. They eat too much, drink too much and smoke too much then come to hospital with problems related to their lifestyle. I started 30 years ago and I had a matron as a boss. Now I have two matrons, one project manager, one head of directorate and one business manager all on above £35k a year. We need some pen pushers but not that many. We can’t buy dressings we need but just you wait till someone important comes to visit Royal Preston Hospital. We paint the walls, get four or five cleaners down where the day before we couldn’t manage to get one. People are living longer, we keep people alive for longer it is bound to cost more to have hospitals. But we have to be careful how we spend what we get.

pal1, via LEP website