Your Say - Friday October 19

Easter: Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem, one reader thinks people need to engage with church
Easter: Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem, one reader thinks people need to engage with church
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Critics should display their faith

I was interested in your front page article regarding cancellation of the school’s nativity play in which some parents say it is a ‘rite of passage’ (LEP October 17).

I would ask the following questions:

How many parents attend Mass regularly, Sundays and Holy Days? How many go to confession at least once a month?

How many say their daily Rosary?

How many do penance every Friday, ie fasting, etc?

How many fast during the 40 days of Lent? How many attend the Stations of the Cross during Lent?

These are a few of the questions I had in mind, but if the answer to any of these questions is negative, then the ‘rite of passage’ doesn’t seem to have done much good.

G Marlow, via e-mail

Cyclists should show more care

Referring to Wilma Butterworth’s letter (letters October 9), everyone will agree with dangerous cyclists, we too found this on the Guild Wheel.

Consideration has long, long gone and people will continue to spoil things for others. Why? Because we are living in a world of ‘do as you darn-well please.’

If we cycle, we are watching for dogs running loose with no leads and walkers four abreast across the path. If we walk, we get the racing cyclists and too bad if toddlers are in the way.

A lovely traffic-free bit of country. Love it. On the pavements, we have six-feet tall teenagers on small children’s bikes doubt if things will change.

Very off-putting.

Name and address supplied

Fundraisers need to take care

It is wonderful to see the stories in the Evening Post showing funds continue to be raised for paediatric brain tumour research in memory of Katy Holmes, and that local celebrities are coming on board to support the charity.

By becoming ambassadors and supporting the charity they are raising the profile of the trust which can only be a good thing.

But be careful if you decide to hold any fund-raising events by making sure you have some sort of event insurance.

A friend of mine was organising an event at a local hotel. Due to a lack of demand for tickets the event had to be cancelled, the hotel is now holding my friend responsible for the cancellation fee of £1,200.

So although your heart may be in the right place in wanting to raise awareness and raise funds for a very good cause be very careful as it may hit you in the wrong place… your wallet. I raise funds and act as a volunteer for a local cancer charity and I know how difficult it is to continue to raise funds, however, I think it is a sad reflection when a person who wanted to the help a charity ends up out of pocket and not for a small amount either.

A concerned friend

Day the roof fell in on Old Sam

I was at Roebuck Street school in the same class as E H Simister (letters October 17).

Errol will have some other memories of Mr Ellison the woodwork teacher. Mr Ellison would say during the lesson “Class right left turn, form class forward”.

At this order we would all march to his bench to listen to one of his amazing life stories, these stories even to 12-year-old boys were, to say the least, amazing.

He informed us he could out run any of us and even on one occasion he told us he was such a good athlete he would often leap across the canal!

Errol will recall that fateful November day when we were lining up to go for dinner, an almighty crash and the ceiling collapsed when the boiler house chimney was destroyed by the gale force wind. I was lucky because, apart from being covered in debris and soot I was unhurt. Sadly Errol was injured by the falling brickwork and a glancing blow from the huge capping stone from the chimney top.

In those far off days of the 1940-50s so called counselling was unknown, we were told to go and get washed and be back in the afternoon on time. I believe Errol was not so lucky as us he was carted off in an ambulance to PRI. Just imagine what today’s lawyers would make of that case.

John J Mather, Ashton-on Ribble.