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Traffic misery: Roadworks on Eastway have caused delays for months
Traffic misery: Roadworks on Eastway have caused delays for months
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Bill payers need to sort priorities

Once again energy bills have increased and as usual most of the nation are “living in poverty, struggling families can’t make ends meet” and the usual nonsense.

Yet at the same time, all these poverty struck, destitute folk can always somehow find money for cars, holidays abroad, mobile phones, computers, Sky television, broadband and all the other latest must-have gadgets. The real reason so many out there are so short of cash is that most of their income is spent on all of the above. It’s the same with child benefit and tax credits, all spent on nothing that it’s supposed to be spent on. Even all these students and many of the unemployed can somehow find cash for the above.

There are far too many people today that want far too much.

They want everything yesterday, won’t do without anything, won’t save up and think the world owes them a living. We are supposed to be in the worst recession since the 1930s, really? I haven’t noticed.

Is the entire nation on rations due to this awful recession and this poverty? No!

Are all our road systems empty of cars because no one can afford to drive? No! Have all the airports been closed due to lack of cash and no one going on holiday abroad anymore? No!

It would be interesting to hear the views of the Yarrow marchers of the 1930s who all marched down to London in the only thing they owned about “poverty” today. It would be the biggest laugh of their lives.

Christmas is coming and you can bet your boots most of the nation will be spending millions on the credit cards then come the new year most of them will be heading to Citizens Advice Bureau because they can’t pay the energy bills – again. And it will all be blamed on poverty as usual, instead of materialistic, greedy, selfish, stupid idiotic folk who haven’t enough intelligence and common sense to sort out their finances.

Most peoples problems today are totally self-inflicted and I have no time for sympathy for them.

Time to wake up, buck up and shape up. Recession? What recession? Poverty? What poverty?

Pull the other one. It’s got bells on it!

A Preston Realist

Police chief vote a waste of money

I am having difficulty in getting my head round what is happening and what is the best course of action to follow, that is, of course, providing I can establish why, if at all, we need police and crime commissioners. I even wondered if I should apply for the job, although it did occur to me that at 80 I might be a touch on the old side.

When I read that Lord Prescott was standing at the age of 74 I thought why not? It also struck me that if he was having a go there must be money in it. There is! You start at between £60,000 and £100,000 a year, plus the odd expenses. Whether he would have to renounce his peerage, if elected, is unclear. I also learned that for my candidature to be accepted I would have to trot along with £5,000 in cash, or a bankers draft, presumably in a bag marked “SWAG”. As, however, I had missed the closing date, the problem did not arise. I did wonder, if I had managed to raise the money, why was it necessary for me, or anybody else for that matter, to have to do so, in the first place. Surely this is not politics, or is it?

Soon we will be voting for the candidates for Lancashire. There are four of them, Labour; Conservative; Liberal Democrat and UKIP. It’s not too hard to work out where their financial backing is coming from. Not one independent on the list. Strange! The party political publicity engines are beginning to rev up. Theresa May appears in a TV film, looking blonde, earnest and appealing. Ed Miliband has just been rattling around Preston. It’s all so predictable, and, frankly, quite depressing. Maybe I will take Sir Ian Blair’s advice and stay at home on polling day.

Gordon Garment, Chipping

Roadworks need a big shake up

Am in total disbelief regarding the roundabout on Eastway at the Evening Post (LEP November 5). It’s worse than it was before all the obvious expense and disruption it caused. In Japan, after the earthquake, and in California, too, they managed to repair/rebuild miles of motorway, and improved traffic management at the same time! Here in Preston, the opposite seems to be the case. Please apply some common sense, unless it is designed to slow traffic up!

torpetrobby, via LEP website