Readers’ letters - Thursday, September 24

Residents in Fulwood, Preston, are hoping the problem of parked car congestion may improve in the future. See letter
Residents in Fulwood, Preston, are hoping the problem of parked car congestion may improve in the future. See letter
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Hope for parking issues

Regarding Ian Ashcroft’s letter (LEP September 21) on the issues surrounding Regent Drive, we too, on the eastern side of Garstang Road, have been experiencing serious issues regarding rat running, speeding and inconsiderate parking for over ten years.

Councillor involvement also appears to hit a sympathetic peak in April each year and then disappears for the rest of the year.

However, do not despair, as hope is on the horizon on two fronts.

At a meeting of long-suffering residents on July 8, the new director of estates for the hospital, Paul Holt, advised it appeared unlikely that the recently approved multi storey car park on the hospital site was a viable starter as he did not expect staff would pay to use it when there was free parking on nearby roads.

Instead he was proposing a residents’ parking scheme covering a one-mile radius from the centre of the hospital and was actively pursuing this possibility with Lancashire County Council.

Many residents are keen for this to become reality and are eagerly awaiting Mr Holt’s promised newsletter to all residents outlining developments so far.

The second front concerns the successful pilot scheme of blocking off Green Drive and Victoria Road at their junctions with Garstang Road.

This has improved those residents’ lives and safety considerably, with no rat running or speeding.

Such is the level of satisfaction and success of this pilot scheme, that it should now be rolled out along the length of Garstang Road, from Highfield Avenue down to Regent Drive, and should be applied to all roads, apart from Black Bull Lane and Sharoe Green Lane, which would become the main access routes that would serve the properties on both sides of Garstang Road.

Sadly those properties that run off Garstang Road which are cul-de-sacs or do not have an access into Black Bull Lane or Sharoe Green Lane would have to be excluded from the roll-out scheme.

Whilst residents would have to take a longer route to access their properties, many would be more than happy with such a minor inconvenience for such longer term gains.

We are very excited by these two proposed developments and cannot wait for them to be fully implemented.

Excited Residents, Fulwood

There is too much demand

Re: parking problems, I couldn’t agree more, action is long overdue (LEP September 21).

One thing though, inadequacy of the ambulance service?

Year on year demand goes up, meanwhile the demand on the Fire and Rescue Service goes down.

Why is this? Because the general public no longer want to wait for a GP appointment.

They think the local A & E is the magic injection they need.


In the instance of the poor lady waiting for an extended period of time for an ambulance, this is mainly due to those ambulances being tied up with patients who really don’t require an ambulance.

I’m not saying they all were, but I bet there were a few.

Hundreds of blue light responses result in patients being safely left at home, with self-care advice, or being referred back to their own GP via our ambulance service GPs after we contact them with our findings.

So please, do not find fault with our North West Ambulance Service (Lancashire Ambulance ceased to exist many years ago).

We work extremely hard, have a workload that dwarfs that of our brave fire colleagues workload and most certainly do not get to sleep in bunk beds on nights...

Paramedic, Preston via

NATO is not so peaceful

Mr Banner (LEP September 21), believes NATO “...has ensured peace on our planet in the last 70 years”. May I remind him of many of the examples where NATO members were involved in breaking the peace: the Korean War, Middle East, Syria, Israel and Egypt, war in Suez, Vietnam, Afghanistan, the Gulf Wars, Iraq War, American invasion of Panama, and the Falklands War. I can understand Mr Banner believing he is living on a different planet.

Ron Atkins, Preston

An anthem for anti-frackers

Regarding the letter from D Barker (LEP September 23), may I suggest that a number of anti-fracking groups might wish to adopt, as their anthem, the very powerful and prophetic song by Jackson Browne called Before The Deluge.

To paraphrase a line: “How the people who learned to forge the Earth’s beauty into power, were shocked by the magnitude of ‘her fury’ (earthquakes) in the final hour ... after the deluge!”

Ron Strickland, Longton

Ofsted should show the way

Sir Michael Wilshaw, head of Ofsted, suggests it is the lack of support and badly behaved pupils that causes four out of 10 teachers to quit after the first year. What nonsense! There have always been children who were badly behaved and always will be.

The hated Ofsted is a relative newcomer. It would create more respectability if inspectors, on witnessing a poor lesson, were prepared to give a demonstration showing how it might be improved.

Mr D Cook via email

Using stress

as an excuse

Yet again a carer who is paid to look after the vulnerable blames stress (LEP September 23). Many of our lives are full of stress, yet we do not feel the urge to harm vulnerable people.

We are meant to be protecting vulnerable adults in care homes.

Yet when they are abused in a place they are meant to be protected, the carer gets a slap on the wrist.

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