Readers’ letters - October 29

Harry Allen, centre, was one of four licensed executioners. See letter
Harry Allen, centre, was one of four licensed executioners. See letter
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We must do more to help

I little thought that I would be posting a defence of John Potter, a local Liberal Democrat councillor, until I read the letter from Objecting Prestonian(LEP October 24).

I think I can assure him or her that, if and when the refugees arrive here, they will be made reasonably welcome. There will always be naysayers, as there are regarding almost anything, but, all in all, Preston people are very pragmatic.

I will also remind readers that this is one of the richest countries on the globe.

We do not need austerity in the way that it is being carried out by the present government.

It is being done to make the rich richer at the literal expense of the poorest in our land.

I am deeply ashamed of that.

Even the Irish Republic, with only four million residents, is taking more refugees than we are proposing to do. Look at what is happening in central European countries as winter approaches and you quickly realise that we must do more.

Coun John Browne.

(Brookfield Ward) Labour

Is death penalty the answer?

I was particularly interested in your article about Harry Allen (Memory Lane, October 21).

During that time I was in the sheriff’s office, based in Preston. At that time Manchester and Liverpool were part of Lancashire. They were the only assize courts where murder trials were held. They had prisons licensed and equipped to carry out the death penalty.

There were four official licensed executioners – Pierrepoint, Allen, Green and one other. We always booked Pierrepoint, simply because he had a pub some miles outside Preston and was available.

On the actual day of the hanging, usually at 8am, the procedure was carried out. The under sheriff, who was present, then telephoned my colleague or me. A poster was placed outside our office and a notice displayed at the prison.

I left the office in 1955. I believe no replacement was made when Pierrepoint retired, because the abolition of the death penalty was in the pipeline.

I still believe that, if the death penalty was restored, there would be a vast reduction in murders.

This is based on how few there were when the death penalty was in force (about a handful in 
the whole of Lancashire).

Also, some decades ago, Florida was notorious for cases.

A new, hardline governor was appointed who swore to crack this and reintroduce the death penalty. The first three months there was a 25 per cent reduction in cases, now Florida is one of the most popular holiday places.

Jon Bancroft, address supplied

Invest in Haslam park’s play area

Since my last letter to the Evening Post earlier this year, very little has happened regarding Haslam Park’s play area. Preston Council has invested in two picnic benches.

The play area still remains unusable during the wet weather season, unlike Ashton, Moor and Frenchwood Parks.

The area is outdated, the walk ways are overgrown, making it impossible to walk around the area without getting muddy.

The council has invested in some wonderful tree carvings, especially the owl behind the pond. Unfortunately, due to cutbacks, the owl is slowly being engulfed in what the council would call nature areas.

It would appear spending £1.3m for Winkley Square, in the city centre, is acceptable when the area is near Avenham Park.

Preston Council, invest in our park so that parents, grandparents and children can enjoy the park all year round. Sadly the play area seems to have been forgotten.

Mr J Parker, Ashton

Thanks to PNE for CRY support

I would like to thank Preston North End for allowing us to have a collection for CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) and for hosting our latest CRY Heart Screening at PNE.

One hundred and twenty young people, many from sport, came along on the day.

Without such help, we could not achieve our goal of holding free heart screening every year in Preston for 14 to 35 year olds.

This is gives all young people the opportunity to attend the screening without having to pay.

It is a big ask every year and we reply on fundraising and donations.

The next fundraiser is our annual Christmas Quiz at Ingol Golf Club, and again we are thankful to the club for hosting this event for us. There will be a quiz and raffle with a fish and chip supper and it is always a fun-filled evening.

Please come along and support us, tickets are £8 each and obtainable from Christine Abram 01772 732893.

The Heartfelt Group in Preston, which organises all these events, needs your support to continue the vital work we are passionate about.

Christine Abram, Heartfelt Group

Window display was disgusting

I was in Fishergate, Preston, and was shocked at the pictures in the windows of a certain shop on the corner of Fishergate and Cheapside.

I’ve been married but what I saw was absolutely disgusting. It showed semi-naked females baring their backsides. Do these images have to be on public show, especially when children go past this shop?

No wonder sexual assaults are rife.

This type of shop should not be on a main street but should be allocated down a side street, as I would describe this type of shop as sleazy.

Name and address supplied

Everything in moderation

The biggest surprise I had this week was not that red meat was bad for me, but that it was a new revelation. I thought this was already established? Surely the answer is we eat less processed meat and, when we do, we eat better quality (free range/organic) meat.

CJK, Preston