Readers’ letters - October 21

Many residents are against proposals for Garstang Community Centre, says a reader. See letter
Many residents are against proposals for Garstang Community Centre, says a reader. See letter
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Seeing red in our town

You may not be aware that we are fighting the proposed demolition and redevelopment of our community centre and proposed building of a hideous five-storey block of flats on the bottom of our car park, which would block the lovely views of the riverside and Bowland hills and occupy half the car park spaces.

Wyre Council is proposing the sale and redevelopment and the developer has shown the residents the plans which have horrified everyone.

We desperately need a community centre in Garstang large enough to allow us to hold concerts, shows, weddings, cinema, alongside meetings too large for the small village halls in the parishes around Garstang.

We do not need any more retirement flats, we do need the car park as it is.

It is proposed to build another supermarket and cafe on the site of the community centre and these are definitely surplus to requirements.

We will already have four in the town.

We do not seem to be making any headway in our appeals to Wyre Borough or the developer.

Although the plans have not yet been submitted, we don’t want to risk leaving things to chance.

Following our first public meeting on Monday, October 12, attended by almost 300 people, we have now formed an official group, Action Garstang, to campaign to stop the community centre development until members of the community have been properly consulted as to their views on the proposals.

We have already raised over £700 for our fighting fund and we are planning to sell T-shirts, mugs, etc and think of ways to help us raise more funds for our cause.

Petitions are in the shops and we are gathering lots of names to submit to Wyre.

We will be holding an event to publicise the Action Garstang campaign on Saturday, October 24.

We are going to get as many people as possible to come to the riverside at the bottom of the car park at 1pm on Saturday, and 
to wear something red if they can.

It will only take about 15 minutes.

We have also planned another event for Saturday, October 31, at the same location on the car park for which we hope that lots of children and young people will come along dressed as zombies, as it is Halloween, to support this event.

Updates on our campaign, including lots of campaign photos, can be found on the GUT website, on the Action Garstang page.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or on 01995 600548 or contact us via the website or

Marilyn Dobbs


Action Garstang

Please support poppy appeal

The Poppy Launch – today, Wednesday, October 21, sees the official Poppy Launch in Longridge. This will take place with a short service at 11am at the War Memorial on Berry Lane.

Then you will begin to see the poppies for sale in the local shops and businesses.

In previous years, our town has given these collections tremendous support and I trust that it will do so again this year.

Our congratulations go to Mrs I Airey, who has voluntarily sold poppies for 50 years.

Well done!

However, we do need a few more volunteers to help with distributing and collecting the poppies.

If you can help, please contact me on 01772 784454 and please leave a message if I am not in.

Bill Houghton, poppy organiser,


Speed culture is dangerous

Regarding your correspondent’s observations concerning the ‘sneaky’ positioning of mobile speed cameras (Speed Camera was Hard to Spot, LEP Letters, October 19), this is not the time to split hairs over such matters.

In the same edition there was a report about the recent steep rise in deaths and serious injuries on Lancashire’s roads.

There is a dangerous culture of ‘speed at all costs’ on our roads.

What is more important: observing legal niceties or challenging that culture

and, ultimately, saving lives?

Phil Howard, Penwortham

Kind act for resort visitor

I would like to use your paper to thank an unknown person who helped me in Morecambe on Tuesday, September 29. I had parked my car on the front and gone for a lovely walk, only to find my car had been hit by another vehicle during my absence. A bystander had been fast-thinking and had flagged down a passing police car to report it.

Thanks to his/her actions, the offending driver has admitted negligence, and my little car will soon be mended, allowing me to once again visit my favourite place (Morecambe), which is full of lovely people.

Jean Craig, Kendal