Readers’ letters - October 14

Morecambe Bay gets more sunsets than elsewhere says a reader''''              Picture: RUSS HOLT
Morecambe Bay gets more sunsets than elsewhere says a reader'''' Picture: RUSS HOLT
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Proud of beauty of the Bay

I’ve received a good number of appreciative comments about the recent BBC TV Countryfile programme devoted to the newly completed 81-mile cycleway around Morecambe Bay – from Glasson Dock to Walney Island.

The North Lancashire and South Cumbrian scenery was truly breathtaking and the programme is still available on the BBC iPlayer until mid November.

My only reservation was the opening words of presenter Anita Rani as she sat astride her bike at the start of her journey.

She naturally praised the terrific achievement the Bay Cycleway is, which no one would deny. But she added: “… and with luck I might even see one of the Bay’s famous sunsets.” No, no, no, Anita! You do not need much luck to see our sunsets.

The Met Office’s records show that Morecambe has the best sunshine record in the whole of North West England. From Carlisle to Chester, from Whitehaven to Appleby, there is nowhere else that enjoys more sunshine and sunsets – all year round.

Also, it was good to see the unflagging Susannah Bleakley from the Morecambe Bay Partnership interviewed.

Probably no single person has dedicated more creativity and energy to the protection and promotion of the Bay over the past two decades.

And with her enthusiastic partners, she has attracted significant external funding and has also put in place a strategy that will stand the test of time, uniting the several local authorities and the many voluntary organisations through which the Bay Way passes.

Coun Ron Sands, Lancaster City Council,

Heysham North Ward

High cost of using agencies

We are told there’s a big black hole (or should it be red) created by a £930m deficit in NHS spending over the first three months of this year.

Followed by a report that, since the election of Mr Cameron in 2010, NHS costs have been £43bn. Chancellor Osbourne is being asked to urgently make provision for the overburdened health service. Cash shortages are beginning to affect patient care, the demands for up-dated equipment, drugs and other forms of medication, to say nothing of waiting times for appointments, beds and operations.

Considering past reports of, for example, high-ranking NHS managers taking redundancy payments and then being employed elsewhere in the service, at the same rates of pay, and the employment of contract and agency staff on grossly inflated rates of pay, is it any wonder the once pride and joy of the UK is groaning under the strain?

When reports of nurses standing in for more than £160 an hour, and rates commensurate with the job for doctors, the sums involved have to be tremendous. It also causes unrest among those working for a fraction of the same pay.

Surely if nurses and doctors in full employment were better paid, there would be no need to employ agency staff at such astronomical levels.

Even if unavoidable at times, such absurd extravagancies should be avoided, without the need of middle men taking their cut! Some of whom, having once been under contract to the NHS, have sold on their businesses for millions. Enough said!

Ernest Lundy via email

Who is charged in car puzzle?

Regarding smoking in cars with children, here is a scenario: dad is driving, mum in front passenger seat, both non-smokers. Eight-year-old daughter in the back seat with 17-year-old son who is smoking!

Who is charged with what?

Philip Austin, address supplied

Bag system is far from fair

Although I am fully aware about the 5p cost of bags, last week I took what bags I would need for items I intended to buy, but, as I browsed in a well-known high street store, decided to buy a few items of clothing.

When I took my purchases to the counter, I was told I’d need to pay for any bags I was using.

So if you decide to buy, for instance, a large item like a coat, you’ll have to pay for the bags needed. How many people carry, or indeed have, large enough bags for coats, bedding etc?

I know I haven’t, so it will be compulsory to pay for them as well as paying to advertise the store’s name on the bag. To me this system is far from fair.

Mrs Barbara Garratt, one angry pensioner

‘New World’ was settled earlier

In Monday’s LEP (October 12), it was stated that Christopher Columbus sighted new land and discovered the New World.

I would like to point out that the “New World”, had been settled over 36,000 years prior to Columbus, by people from North East Asia.

It would appear that only white discoveries are historically acceptable.

Frank Ruddy via email

Thank you for the memories

I was sent the article and photograph featured in the Looking Back page about Leyland Secondary Modern School (LEP October 1) and seeing the faces of my classmates brought back happy memories of my life in Lancashire.

I have lived in Hampshire for many years but will always be proud to call myself a Lancastrian.

I thank you for the happy reminder.

Joan M Burns (nee Beaver), Waterlooville

Forget lottery, try the Bonds

If you save £10 per week instead of wasting it on the lottery, in 10 weeks time you will have £100 and can buy a Premium Bond.

You are then entered into a prize draw and you have savings which you can cash in if you like.

DA Wragg, address supplied