Readers’ letters - October 12

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Corbyn’s actions haven’t helped BAE

The announcement that BAE will be making many aircraft workers redundant is a body blow to the highly skilled Lancashire workforce.

The main reason given is the lack of orders for the Typhoon fighter, mainly in the Middle East, with the orders from Saudi Arabia – being the ‘jewel in the crown’ – not forthcoming.

MPs, both Conservative and Labour, and the trade unions, quite rightly, have expressed their worries about the future of aircraft manufacturing in the region.

The one issue that Labour politicians and their paymasters, the trade unions, seem to ignore is the uttering of their Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in relation to arms supplies to Saudi Arabia.

On many occasions, he has advocated the ban of arm sales to Saudi Arabia from this country.

Just imagine if you were an arms procurement team in Saudi Arabia, would you want to sign a multi-billion pound contract to purchase aircraft from a country whose possible future leader would ban the fulfilment of that order?

I suggest to trade union members at factories affected by redundancies that they ask their union representatives why their trade union is supporting a Labour Party leader whose actions are putting them on the dole.


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UK must stand by its people

The Typhoon is the best fighter and multi-role aircraft in the world, but when the Blair/Brown Labour government chose to purchase expensive and unproven US jets for the new aircraft carriers, the world took note that we did not believe in our own planes, so why should they then buy them?

Mr Hammond also should hold his head in shame as the UK and Preston are world leaders in aircraft design and once these skills are lost, they are lost for ever.

So much for the nation that created the Sopwith Camel, the Spitfire, Mosquito, Lancaster, Harrier, Concorde and Tornado.

A close friend’s father, ex- RAF, also invented the Black Box and fibre optics in Manchester. The UK must stand by its own people and those who protect them.

Peter Booth


Former soldier and Conservative Party candidate in Chorley 2001


Improvement lunacy

Re: New Hall Lane ‘improvement lunacy’.

Well, the ‘improvements’ are still unfinished and well past their scheduled completion date, and the lunacy of the scheme is becoming more apparent.

The bus stop signs within this scheme have been moved to sections of the road that is now only wide enough for a single vehicle in each direction.

When a bus stops, it now stops the flow of traffic completely.

In the case of traffic travelling on to Preston, this often results in the junction of New Hall Lane and Skeffington Road being blocked completely.

This is exactly the sort of thing I said would happen when I first saw the plans ie MORE standing traffic resulting in MORE pollution.

There will be even more when the Acregate Lane junction is completed.

The increase in parking spaces has done nothing to reduce the number of vehicles parking on the (nice new) pavements.

In fact those wider areas of pavement have encouraged it.

There are lots of oil stains and paving stones being cracked already and it isn’t finished yet.

I’m so glad that I moved and don’t have to experience these ‘improvements’ very often now.

Harry Speak

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Support from Manchester

Re: Call to end legal aid to protesters, (LP October 5). It was obvious that Preston New Road would become a site of protest after the local council’s vote against it was overturned by this Conservative Government.

Places – such as states in Australia and Texas, USA – which embraced fracking, have since rejected it as the many problems with pollution arrived and people’s mass opposition made governments finally back down.

Our neighbours in Scotland have decided the evidence against fracking is strong enough for them to ban it too.

The London judge, with his pronouncements about sweeping away the right for people to receive legal aid, might reflect on the much greater amounts of money being spent on the policing. This was because local democracy was trampled on in the rush to turn the Fylde into a huge gas field, making profits for the few while bringing noise, pollution, few new jobs and a heap of problems to the area.

I visit from Manchester to show support to those who protest daily against this mad plan, which will contribute to adverse climate changes, because it is going to affect us all. The quicker people understand and support those who have found out the history of this industry, the quicker we can move to supporting a plan to establish at least one million climate jobs. A 64-page pamphlet, of the same name, has answers on keeping the Fylde green.

J Woodward



A good omen for North End?

Swindon, who we defeated to gain promotion, now have a defence made up of... Purkiss, Preston, Lancashire. Is this an omen for our promotion again this season?

Jim Gill

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