Readers’ letters - October 12

The badger cull is making things worse rather than better for farmers and their cattle, says a reader. See letter
The badger cull is making things worse rather than better for farmers and their cattle, says a reader. See letter
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A global corporate force

It comes as no surprise to see the extreme right giving support to the right-wing government’s class war on the poor, using one word rhetoric like anarchists, instead of constructive criticism (LEP Letters October 7).

A real democracy allows free speech, peaceful protest and opposite views to be expressed freely, instead they want to suppress this.

We have a global corporate occupation force, not a democracy or anything that resembles one.

Recent Government changes take powers and rights away from local councils, resulting in more centralised decisions that have no bearing on the local economy or environment.

Its all part of the big privatisation of the country.

This has a name – TTIP or the transatlantic trade and investment partnership – which hands democracy to corporates who will charge five times more to run our public services, including the police force, which needs to be independent and serve the public interest, not the corporate one.

We need a new politics, a choosing between right and wrong, not the fundamentalism of right-wing and left-wing.

David Cameron’s speech used the word boom, which is always followed by bust.

Most worrying are the new planning and housing rules, which are fuelled by more debt that can only create another bubble, followed by more bank bailouts.

And he calls this backward step progress?

John Warnock, address supplied

Ministers are 0ut of touch

It is unbelievable that a man of experience like Chief Constable Steve Finnigan has his concerns ignored by ministers (LEP October 7).

It just shows how out of touch and incapable they are.

The cuts have been so severe that none of our services are able to deliver a satisfactory and safe service.

In these uncertain times, we should be increasing our capabilities, not decreasing them.

We can save money by stopping foreign aid and curtailing benefits to immigrants who have not paid into the system.

This country has, and continues to be, run down by out-of-touch, silver-spooned spineless cretins who live in their little bubbles, oblivious to the results of their actions.

C Taylor via email

Our area has sadly declined

We once had a good street here in Preston, until we got some bad tenants moving in.

Every day and night, there is a gang of teenagers hanging round the top end of our street off New Hall Lane, and on the park. The gang break bottles and ride bikes up and down at night time.

I have informed the police but nothing is done. Some of us dare not go out at night as you get bottles thrown at you.

There should be police on patrol 24 hours on our park to get rid of these thugs. Please print this letter to let people know what a city we live in.

One very mad person, address supplied

There’s a kind alternative

I’m disgusted at the steadfast mass killing of badgers, a species of animal which is supposed to be protected by law. The situation hasn’t improved in the last two years but has worsened.

Wounded badgers, fleeing and leaving blood on the grass, can infect cows, defeating the object and failing to stop the spread of bovine TB. That is if badgers have the disease in the first place.

Badgers could be vaccinated by qualified veterinary volunteers, and released quite safely at night. So I’m appalled that this cruel practice still continues.

Jeffrey Bilham, address supplied

Failures of logic and humanity

The outrageous views of “nasty party” multi-millionaire Cabinet member Jeremy Hunt demonstrates his failures of logic and humanity.

I suppose we should not be surprised by his apparent ignorance, but to suggest that the lives of children currently living in poverty will be improved by making parents work harder for less, like the Chinese communists do, flies in the face of the current austerity circumstances many of these families are already enduring.

It is also sheer wilful arrogance from someone “born with a silver spoon in their mouth” to say this at a time when, for instance, another 1,700 families are likely to enter poverty in the North East as a result of the closure of the Redcar steelworks.

Another proven instance of a member of the Tory party taking advantage of the worst-off in our society.

Terry Palmer via email

Still excited and hopeful over solution to parking

The letter from “Name and address supplied” (LEP October 6) about not getting our hopes too high on hospital parking does not deflate us.

In fact it has buoyed us and has also fired up many others who have endured long-term misery.

The quoted correspondence from the director of Lancashire Highways is familiar to many of us who have had similar responses over the last ten years. Very negative, head in the sand, and feet dragging.

The outcome of the planning application for the multi-storey car park (mscp) was determined five months ago with unanimous approval.

Therefore Lancashire Highways should now be well advanced with their work in dealing with the on-street parking issues and associated rat- running, given that hospital management have recently intimated that it is unlikely that the mscp will ever be built due to ongoing financial constraints and likely service reconfiguration.

It appears to most residents that Lancashire Highways are using the residential areas to maintain adequate traffic flows around the area to prevent gridlock on Garstang Road at the Black Bull traffic lights.

Similarly, the hospital is also using the residential areas to cover its failure in providing sufficient affordable parking for over 400 of their employees at no cost to themselves.

Sadly the common denominator of both of these actions are the long- suffering residents who it is about time had some serious return for their annual council tax payments.

We hope that the quoted figure to Preston Council taxpayers of more than £33,000 in yellow lines and parking restrictions is incorrect, as road and traffic management is entirely the responsibility of Lancashire County Council, and not Preston City Council to whom the cost should be £0.

We remain more excited than ever, given the comments of the hospital trust chief executive at the recent annual members meeting in Leyland. And we have confidence that our elected Preston councillors and county councillor will soon be advising us all of the proposed action to be taken to alleviate the long-term ongoing problems of parking and rat-running around Sharoe Green.

We cannot wait...

Excited Residents, Fulwood

Feeling like

a stranger

I am writing in response to Darryl, regarding his letter, Little Britain is overcrowded (LEP letters October 1). I agree with everything he said. I think a lot of people feel the same way.

I would also like to add the English way of life and our traditions will die out. England as we know it will be gone.

There isn’t another country in the world that puts foreigners first and their own people last.

These politicians live in a private world of their own, not like the ordinary people.

There is only one way to convince fools and that’s let them have their own way and it will be too late then.

I feel a stranger in my own country. So much for freedom of speech.

So to all you do-gooders out there, why not take some asylum seekers into your home?

N Parkinson, address supplied