Readers’ letters - October 11

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Link road to Eastway would have cut traffic

Congratulations Preston on giving the residents the first positive piece of infrastructure in years...

The new Broughton Bypass.

Despite the local authorities’ clueless attitude to the rest of north Preston’s constant roadworks, traffic lights, filthy roads, mass of heavy traffic supplying building materials to what seems every inch of available space for new high-end housing, they have closed off the so-called ‘rat run’, which in fact has been closed to through-traffic for well over a year anyway.

Why, oh why, could the developers not build a connecting road to Eastway that links up with the new roundabout on the bypass?

This would reduce the horrendous build-up of traffic around the A6 and Broughton. It’s an absolute no-brainer.

The original plans showed a road with direct connection and that has become a cycle path.

Of course it would have been too easy to widen D’urton Lane before they started building hundreds of houses, wouldn’t it?

This council, along with its equally incompetent partners, show a complete ignorance of planning.

Thank heavens they have at least finished the bypass and hopefully will have completed the other Western link roads without giving the job to another contractor that cannot deliver on time.

Absolutely fed up with sitting in traffic from Fulwood


Having cake and eating it

The recent farcical Tory conference, culminating in Theresa May’s disastrous leaders speech, was hardly a confidence booster for many of us who are resigned to a Brexit that will not only be similarly farcical, but similarly disastrous.

It has become arguably clearer that, despite the huffing and puffing about soft or hard Brexit and the production of associated documents or plans that pretty much say nothing and offer little to the negotiating process, the Conservative Party is completely out of its depth over Brexit.

This is largely unsurprising when we have a political party leading the process that is still completely immersed in the philosophy of 18th century economics and ideology.

Like the conference lettering that fell off behind Mrs May last week, we have a Government that seems incapable of even getting the basics right.

After all, the process of Brexit is hardly rocket science.

The EU is a membership club by which the UK contributed a membership fee. In most walks of life, leaving any club would involve you settling your tab before walking away.

Not to demand that you are not only paying any outstanding payments, but still want to use the club’s facilities for free afterwards.

In reality, we have a Conservative Government that is not delivering a civil and fair negotiation on behalf of the UK, but is instead operating like an extremely dodgy used car salesman – attempting to heavy-handedly push the EU in an agreement that is very much one of ‘having our cake and eating it’.

There’s no real diplomacy, political competency nor finesse.

And it is a tactic that is certainly doomed to fail, unless the Conservatives finally leave the 18th century behind and start living in the real world.

Paul Dodenhoff

via email


Lack of info about town

It was a great day at the Chorley Market a couple of weeks ago, with lots of folk enjoying the reasonable weather.

It was a pleasure to overhear comments like, “wish we had a market like this in Wigan”, and “wow, this is the best market I’ve seen in ages”.

It’s now been nearly three months since the market moved from its traditional ‘home’ on the Flat Iron to the streets surrounding the covered market.

From what I have seen, it is a resounding success. Most of the shops are also in favour, saying that they too have seen an upsurge in business.

What a pity it is that our town still does not have a tourist information centre or a decent town centre map.

We have so much more to offer visitors and I’m sure many would return, if they only knew about places like Astley Hall. I made a point of searching the council website for tourist information and then for a Chorley town centre map. Both drew a blank!

Eventually, after much perseverance, I was directed to a new website, which is quite good. However by clicking on the link, it still talks about the Flat Iron market!

I’ve lost count of the times that I have passed details of organisations capable, at relatively low cost, of producing town guides, maps, et cetera, to those responsible.

Come on Chorley Council.

It’s no good complaining about the proposed retail developments at Cuerden unless you are prepared to get your own house in order first.

Just as a matter of follow-up, we went over to Clitheroe on Saturday and called into the Tourist Information office there. On the counter was a pad of free A3 tear-off maps of the town. I also found a leaflet on Astley Hall.

My reason for trying to find items such as this is that I am running a caravan rally in Ribchester shortly and always like to collect local information to hand out to those attending. My question has to be, why do I have to travel to Clitheroe to find that I can get a leaflet on Astley Hall?

Graham Archer



EU vote was advisory only

On a briefing paper on June 3, 2015, all MPs and members of the Lords were told that the referendum was advisory only and would not be binding. That is clear enough. Why pretend otherwise?

Allan Davies via email