Readers’ letters - October 10

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Could you help us after allotment theft?

I regret having to write to you about this important issue of stolen items from the community allotment at Moor Nook, Preston.

It is most important we get this site up and running as soon as possible.

I have recently learned that a lot of tools, including spades, forks, gloves and other items, have been taken from the locked steel container. I am shocked by the dishonesty and lack of integrity thus displayed, as this strikes at the very heart of the community.

Most of these items were donated or purchased by Community Gateway for use by plot holders.

The fundamental purposes of this site were to help give hands-on practical knowledge of growing vegetables, teach children about different eco-systems and hold community events such as barbecues.

Latterly, after a lapse of enthusiasm, new interest has been shown by local schools, environmental groups and the Princes Trust.

It is vital we all work together to ensure the success of this green oasis in Ribbleton.

I would therefore be grateful if any individual or organisation felt able to donate replacement tools, without which we cannot proceed.

The issue here is to show that community values of commitment, sharing, and caring for our environment can overcome an act of dishonesty and lack of integrity.

I am a qualified social worker with long experience of working in such projects with vulnerable people and it is pleasing to see the positive benefits these outdoor classrooms can have on children’s academic performance.

Additionally, many vulnerable people benefit from the outdoor activities and ecotherapy.

These benefits have been professionally verified in much literature by many surveys. Finally, I would like to thank anybody who feels their heart moved to make any donations to set this project back on its feet again.

James O’Meara

Plot-holder Moor Nook Allotments 
If you can help, contact the LP by emailing or ringing 01772 554537 and we will forward your details to James.


Confusion on new bypass

Re: New road at Broughton. I was driving from Woodplumpton on Saturday, October 7, and wanted to go to Preston.

At Broughton traffic lights, I turned right.

When I got to the motorway roundabout, I wanted to go straight on in the direction of Preston, but there was confusion.

A car in front of me went slowly, obviously unsure of what to do.

It went through the buses only lane.

I stopped, not knowing what to do.

I certainly didn’t want to turn left as I was indicated to do, going away from the direction in which I wanted to go.

An irate driver behind me started blowing his horn, so I too went through the buses only lane, and he followed me.

Later I was told I should have turned left and driven as far as a roundabout then retraced my journey towards Preston.

What a waste of petrol.

Whoever thought up such a stupid road scheme?

Was it someone who has shares in petrol or rubber in tyres?

I can only think that no women were involved in the planning process!

An irate woman driver

Address supplied


A big thanks to Chorley Hospital

My name is Alan Dodd. I am 65 years old and have lived in Preston, Lancashire, all my life.

I was recently admitted to Chorley Hospital on October 4 until October 6 for a hip operation.

I have never before been treated with such respect and kindness, which for me was a very traumatic time.

So much negativity is reported about our National Health Service, I must write this letter of positivity.

From the time I was admitted, I was kept well informed of what was going on. The pre-checks were so thorough.

Everything was checked and checked again.

From the moment of going in the theatre, you could see and sense the capability of the operating team.

It just put my mind to rest that I was in good hands.

Everything was explained in detail.

I had a spinal anaesthetic, so was awake the whole time.

The aftercare team then looked after me with such care and devotion.

I would like to thank individual people but refrain from doing so because I would have to mention everybody to be fair.

The physiotherapy team was just as good, both in respect and devotion.

Thanks to all nurses and carers on the day and night shifts.

Catering was very good, also the cleansing department, both to a very high standard.

To anybody worrying about surgery at Chorley Hospital, I would say not to worry, as you are in very capable hands.

Very big thanks to all at Chorley Hospital.

A Dodd



Choice of ‘nasty’ or ‘deluded’

Margaret Thatcher had two flagship policies – a share-owning democracy and a home-owning democracy.

Both have been abject failures.

This is because she ignored the fact that we are all basically greedy.

At the earliest opportunity, the great British public flogged off their newly acquired assets for a quick profit.

Now, most of our infrastructure is owned by foreign companies (state and private), or hedge funds (whatever these are).

And a lot of council houses are now owned by buy-to-let landlords, and have been rebranded as “social housing”.

The consequence is that the UK now pays the highest prices in Europe for all manner of essentials, from energy to transport to water to rents.

I’m sure most of us just want capitalism with social responsibility and a social conscience, I suspect, much like Germany. But I doubt if we’ll ever get it.

We are doomed to a two-party state, and have the choice between the “nasty” party and the “deluded” party.

R Spreadbury