Readers’ letters - November 27

Postmistress Emma Brown outside her shop where trade is being hit by roadworks. See letter
Postmistress Emma Brown outside her shop where trade is being hit by roadworks. See letter
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Frustrated with road issues

I read about Cottam Post Office and the problem with roadworks (LEP November 24), I had previously spoken with the post-mistress and explained all I was doing to try to help.

The situation in Cottam around Hoyles Lane is a nightmare. I have attended meetings with the North West Liaison group and sent emails to Preston City Council and Lancashire County Council and have been ignored so far.

We are passing more and more planning applications in this area without thought to the infrastructure and construction traffic that causes so much upheaval and safety issues.

Each application is separate with no joined-up thinking as to the consequences.

We have temporary traffic lights on Sandy Lane, opposite the Post Office, and these are not always synchronised, resulting in cars setting off from both ends at the same time.

A dumper truck wrote off a car whilst a woman was sat at these lights.

It is also difficult and dangerous to drop children off at the nursery without causing a blockage at the traffic lights.

There is a narrow country lane leading on to Sandy Lane, which is being used as a shortcut by HGVs, vans and cars, which are getting stuck in the mud.

I gave up trying to walk down Hoyles Lane to the post office some months ago as I found it very dangerous.

The narrow pavements are often blocked by signage for the road works, forcing pedestrians into the road. There have been a few near-misses with HGVs. No action was taken until a workman was in danger, and now the road is closed without any prior warning.

We councillors have been told not to phone officers at LCC as they are too busy but emails simple go into a black hole and remain unanswered.

It was suggested I use a link on LCC Highways website to report concerns, this requires a post- code and unfortunately the website will not accept the postcode for Sandy Lane. Since the diversion signs went up, I have experienced HGVs driving around the area not knowing where to go and, after passing me twice, one almost ran me off the road.

There is another application going before planning next week. This will see yet another contractor beginning to develop a housing site on Hoyles Lane.

We must put some conditions in place to ensure the horrendous health and safety issues we are suffering do not repeat themselves further along Hoyles Lane.

After around 20 years of housing drought, we are experiencing a flood of development concentrated in one area.

Residents have years of disruption ahead of them and we must address this and take action to ensure contractors keep to the rules. They must use correct routes for HGVs and work within the stated hours and take responsibility for safety on the road.

I am very concerned about the safety of residents and do not want to see an accident happen because we have not reacted to concerns but what can I do when no one in authority appears to be bothered? I am doing my best but my best is not good enough.

Coun Christine Abram, Cottam and Lea

Corbyn right to be anti-nuclear

Jeremy Corbyn has received a lot of flak for his clear vision for nuclear disarmament. The argument against this vision is that nuclear weapons are necessary as a deterrent against the enemy.

By extrapolating the argument further, all right-minded countries should have these weapons to protect themselves. But who decides what countries can have nuclear weapons and which ones can’t? And where does this “deterrent” solution end? Almost certainly with nuclear war. Make no mistake, nuclear weapons will deliver the end of humanity if we continue along our current path.

So, as Corbyn wisely states, we have to move towards a path of worldwide nuclear disarmament before it is too late.

Harry Francis, Ashton

I’m feeling let down by team

Regrettably I was one of the 1,150 spectators supporting Morecambe FC in their FA Cup replay against Dagenham.

The conditions for the players was awful, the ground conditions were good, but the conditions for spectators were horrendous.

Dagenham won because, despite being bottom of the league, they took the long journey, and with determination showed how much they wanted to win.

Morecambe players never once looked as though they were up for it, their performance was nothing short of disgraceful. No effort whatsoever was perceived.

Couldn’t care less wouldn’t be far off the mark. The manager cannot hide from the fact either that no change in tactics or effort could be seen as the game went on. His mutterings about the town getting behind them in the FA Cup obviously didn’t have much credence with his players.

The chairman was in attendance on Tuesday supporting and must be furious with the loss of a fixture with a non league club and the probable future attractive money-spinning draw.

The game was lost, face was lost, faith was lost and much needed income was lost. How and who is going to pay for this?

T A Rickerby, Scotforth

We can’t take

in any more

We can’t take any more. We are bursting at the seams already.

Our support services can’t cope as it is without more and more immigrants.

I understand that a lot of these so-called ‘refugees’ are not in fact from Syria but are joining them to get into Europe by the back door.

I watched a quiz programme recently, probably recorded a while ago, and one of the questions was name a country with a lower population than the UK.

This may be hard to believe, but Australia and Canada both have a smaller population than this country.

Obviously they are very restrictive who they let in.

Another interesting fact is that France is four times bigger than the UK and has approximately the same size of population as this country.

We must consider that, in decades to come, the indigenous people of this country will be a minority, much like the indigenous tribes in the USA.

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