Readers’ letters - November 18

Government cuts to police could threaten safety says a reader. See letter below
Government cuts to police could threaten safety says a reader. See letter below
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Only tip of the iceberg

The £223m cuts Lancashire County Council is being forced to make to its funding of services (LEP, November 13) – and the many other reductions in the funding of public services – are only the tip of the iceberg.

The Tory Government’s actions give the lie to the Conservative’s pre-election claim to be the political party that champions hard-working people. Besides these swingeing cuts to services, they have attempted to cut tax credit payments to the least well-off workers and they are determined to introduce legislation which will make getting a much-needed pay rise, stopping job losses or negotiating improved conditions at work much more difficult.

The Trade Union Bill 2015 is a pernicious document which seeks to undermine fundamentally the rights of workers with a range of unfair and undemocratic measures.

And it is worth noting that the new Conservative MP for South Ribble, Seema Kennedy, is a member of the committee which has overseen the drawing-up of the Bill.

Our country has a proud tradition of liberty and democracy. It is, then, all the more ironic and saddening that this is happening in the year that we mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

It is to be hoped that the peers in the House of Lords do with this Bill what they did with the Government’s mean-minded proposals regarding tax credits and throw it out.

Phil Howard, Penwortham

Cuts are threat to our safety

Government cuts to the police in Lancashire are going to be so severe it will virtually annihilate the service.

Although most people recognise the necessity of cut-backs to stabilise our economy, these cuts are so deep they could threaten our safety as citizens.

Dedicated policing teams which deal with cyber security, child abuse investigations, neighbourhood policing, road policing, violent crime, and dog and mounted units will either go or be stripped back so drastically as to be virtually ineffectual.

In this troubled world, criminals who know this will simply be encouraged to do their worst without fear of retribution.

Far right demonstrators may be encouraged to go further knowing there are fewer bodies to deal with them.

In other words we will not be protected as we should as a society. This is not what the government of any country should be doing and, in my opinion, is unlawful in itself.

We should be insisting on sensible cuts to the police budget so that they can operate efficiently on behalf of the people of Lancashire.

Name and address supplied

Don’t forget farm industry

I wholeheartedly agree with Prince Charles’ call on city dwellers to support the ‘invisible’ farming industry which, he argues, is crucial to the nation’s prosperity. As he suggests, it is easy for those who live in urban areas to forget how much the UK depends on those who have farmed the land for generations.

We ‘townies’ never give a thought to how much we depend on many family farms and others to keep us well-fed. We should never forget the large contribution these people make and have made to our nation’s food security, environment and prosperity by a lot of hard work.

We have always relied on them to feed us, whatever the weather throws at them, and hopefully in the coming uncertain years they will continue to do so with whatever help is required.

Remember our farmers are some of the most efficient in the world and should be encouraged to continue in the same vein by all means available.

Terry Palmer via email

Correct this junction now

A reader’s letter states the new junction on (Old) Lightfoot Lane is badly designed (LEP November 12).

It alarmingly gives right of way to the motor vehicles, including construction lorries, to cut across this formerly quiet country lane.

This is also a “Safe Route to Schools”, deemed safe enough for our children/grandchildren to use as a route to school.

The exit from the new Redrow estate now bears to the left across the junction and school route.

At our regular NW liaison meeting with Lancashire County Council, myself and residents have expressed

our concern about this


We are left feeling that Lancashire County Council really does not care.

It approved the junction and we must live with it.

However, when I asked the question as to why this junction bears to the left, when Old Lightfoot Lane is being blocked off in the near future, forcing all traffic to travel from the new estate to the right, I was met with perplexed looks.

Once the lane is blocked off, it will no longer be a through road, there will be no bus service, and all traffic will travel towards Tabley Lane. So why encourage the use of this junction bearing left when eventually all traffic has to bear right?

We should accept that this is wrong and correct it now before an accident occurs.

Coun Christine Abram

Lea and Cottam

Shame about the small print

We all get junk mail and then we get the odd letter we really want, like a bank statement plus.

A bank statement plus is

an extra page of something

that the bank says we should

have, and my letter was no exception.

The extra page was information from the Financial Services.

Shame the print was so small I could not read it.

It may have been important.

Oh well, not to worry!

I have written to my MP in the past about really small print on what could be very important letters, but nothing ever gets done.

Bernadette Hughes

Bamber Bridge