Readers’ letters - November 17, 2015

A boy views floral tributes to the victims of the terrorist attacks, which took place in Paris, in Trafalgar Square, London. See letters
A boy views floral tributes to the victims of the terrorist attacks, which took place in Paris, in Trafalgar Square, London. See letters
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We have to stick together

Quiet restaurants, popular bars, a rock concert and a football stadium.

All places frequented by people like us in cities right across Europe on any typical weekend and now a target for the death cult that is Islamic State.

Anyone who questions the need for the destruction of these killers must surely have had their doubts dispelled by the Paris murders.

Yet bombing in anger will not be enough if we want a successful resolution.

We need political settlements, not just in Syria, Iraq and Palestine, but stability in countries such as Libya too.

ISIS and their Wahabi-funded hate preachers despise us because we are democratic, support equality and diversity and practise open systems of justice.

They despise those Muslims who aspire to successful integration into European societies, making a contribution and enriching the communities in which they live.

They also attack and kill other Muslims across the Arab world.

They want to drag us down to their level of hatred, division and prejudice and away from the humanity that makes us better than them.

It’s very tempting to look for scapegoats when we are angry and scared.

Labelling all Muslims or refugees as terrorists because of the jihadis is as futile and wrong as condemning all Catholics as paedophiles because of the actions of a minority of priests.

There will be further terrorist provocations against our cities and our citizens, which we all have a responsibility to counter.

Europe has to stick together since the democratic values that the fundamentalists hate in our societies are the very things that bind us together and are worth standing up for.

Name and address supplied

Time to take the gloves off

There have been times when world powers, some of them arch enemies, have acted in unison to address a situation which threatens to destroy civilisation.

The Second World War was an example when the free world and communist Russia joined forces to successfully destroy Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

The world once more faces a similar situation with the rise of militant Islam in various guises.

Unfortunately the present methods deployed to control and destroy the enemy are piecemeal and uncoordinated on an international level. What is required is to bury current national political differences and co-ordinate a common military plan to once and for all defeat and destroy the common enemy.

Yes, it will require “Boots on the Ground”. Yes, troops and innocent people will suffer and die. Unfortunately that is the price for freedom.

We cannot go on accepting the unacceptable slaughter of innocent people going about their daily lives. The world has defeated savagery before. It’s time to do it again. Take the gloves off.

Bernard Darbyshire via email

Standing united with the French

I am deeply shocked, saddened and shaken by the horrific, atrocious and vicious attacks that have taken place in Paris.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families. We stand united with the French people of all faiths and none.

I would like to reach out to the people of Lancashire. During these dark days it is common to retreat and communities are often polarised.

We need to focus on building bridges of understanding and unite against hate, prejudice, terrorism and those that wish to divide us. Our focus is to be beacons of hope, peace and light during these very difficult days.

Ali, Founder of Christian Muslim Encounters

Who will pay for lights?

Wyre Borough Planning Committee has given the go-ahead for the Billy Bob’s Ice Cream Parlour and Themed Adventure Playground on the A6 at Myerscough, despite considerable opposition from the public and the opposition of the local councillors.

The planners quote 22,000 vehicles per day travelling north to south on the A6 at Myerscough.

The Billy Bob’s development has car parking for 270 cars.

If there is an average stay of two hours and they are open for 12 hours, there is a potential for 1,620 traffic movements per day into and out of the site.

Probably this will mean around 1,000 traffic movements per day, but then we have to add on staff and service vehicle movements. This could easily mean a five per cent increase in traffic on the A6.

There will also be the additional effect of the ongoing and planned housing developments north and south of Myerscough and the enlargement of Barton Grange.

Just how much can the A6 cope with?

Parents and grandparents know the dangers of crossing the A6 with children attending the two primary schools, St John’s at Bilsborrow and St Lawrence’s at Barton.

There are no school crossing patrols, pedestrian lights or even pedestrian crossings. Both schools are very close to the proposed Billy Bob’s development.

Who will now pay for the pedestrian lights that are so desperately needed or must we wait for a fatality?

Eryl Fryer, Goosnargh

So grateful to helpful people

I would like to express my appreciation for all the assistance I received when I fell on Lancaster Road on Tuesday lunchtime.

Two ladies were exceptionally helpful and gathered all my belongings together and stayed with me until the ambulance arrived.

I also want to thank the young man who put his new tracksuit under my head as a pillow, Ashley, who ran after my husband (after he had gone in a different direction), and PC292 Nickson who was on her way from court to buy her lunch but stayed with me and gave me her coat to make me more comfortable.

The people of Preston were wonderful.

God bless you all.

Marina Davis, Freckleton