Readers’ letters - November 16

Parking on pavements is damaging new flags in Fishergate and Corporations Street
Parking on pavements is damaging new flags in Fishergate and Corporations Street
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Leave city’s market alone

Don’t knock down Preston Market. If the car boot sale goes, thousands of people are not going to come in Preston. The Flag Market is also used at night and for parking on Sundays.

Buses can’t be relied on with the cut backs. I don’t believe we need a cinema at Preston market.

To get one, open up the Odeon near Debenhams, Blackpool is opening theirs. There’s been no consideration given for the people who’ve been at the market for generations. Also, many stalls have been done up whilst they are empty. A town centre swimming baths wouldn’t go amiss. Saul Street should have never been demolished.

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Selfish drivers damaging path

What fantastic work has been done ie new pavements, roads and tree planting on Fishergate and Corporation Street.

When you come out of the railway station, especially at night when the trees are lit up, it looks so much better a vast improvement at great expense.

Why is it then that taxis and takeaway drivers are being allowed to park fully on these new pavements, already spoiling them by leaving oil stains all along them, more so in Corporation Street? Why spend all this money just to allow it to be ruined?

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No need for the rude response

My, my, little did I realise the controversy I would create with what I thought was simply constructive criticism of the new season ticket voucher procedures at PNE home games.

I really do seem to have opened a can of worms and generated a cascade of letters in response to my letter (letters November 3). I thank Ben Rhodes, PNE general manager for his swift reply (letters November 6) as I was certainly unaware of the problems experienced by the stewards over supporters failing to occupy the correct seats.

I still maintain the bottom line is there was a total lack of communication from Deepdale for the reasons for the change and this could have been achieved at the point of sale or via the big screen in the ground, a match announcement or in the matchday programme.

Sadly the opportunity to educate the fans was missed causing all this confusion.I did take exception to the author of the anonymous letter (letters November 10).As a retired police officer a lecture on the aspects of ground safety and potential hazards was totally wasted upon me.

At least we have something in common as I also first visited Deepdale in the halcyon days of the early 50s when I rode my bike to the ground from Longridge to admire my hero the late Sir Tom.

Without wishing to sound too cheesy or nostalgic I can still hear the roar and deep intake of breath from 30,000 spectators in eager anticipation as the ball reached Tom’s feet. I find this writer’s suggestion that PNE “can do without supporters like me” quite hurtful, unnecessary and regrettable. I was pleased to read the supporting letter from A Sanderson (letters November 12) who also considered his comments “rude and uncalled for”.He or she has restored my faith in human nature.

Finally I do hope the final whistle has been blown on this debate and I invite all participants to unite, keep the faith and support Simon and the lads for a season of consolidation in the higher division.

Jim Oldcorn, Great Harwood

Reports were a very good read

It’s not often you see praise for the LEP’s writers in these pages so well done to Nicola Jaques for her articles on the Battle of Preston (Retro November 11). They were both fascinating and informative.

M Roberts, Fulwood

Lobby MPs over Food Banks

Many Ribble Valley people are concerned about the wellbeing of low income households in our community. There is much warm interest in Ribble Valley Food Bank and its support for local people in need. They reported that since it opened in July 2013, it has assisted 3,170 people. At the Citizens Advice Bureau, we are the main local organisation that refers people to them for food parcels.

Our data shows that 42 per cent of food bank assisted people have children and 14 per cent are in employment. At present tax credits are an important support for people with children and low paid workers.

I know you will be concerned to see that child poverty and in work poverty does not increase.

Every day we meet people who are struggling with financial pressure. Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit are a vital support yet the Government seeks to make severe cuts in these two benefits next April.

There is no doubt the impact of this policy will be felt by people here. I would urge everyone to write to Nigel Evans MP to express their concern about cut in Tax Credits. They exist to assist people to make ends meet and without the assistance of Tax Credit income, families and workers around us in Ribble Valley will fall into worse difficulties.

There will be more hardship among us and as a community we will all suffer the consequences.

Please send a message to Nigel Evans to ask him to urge for a change of heart in government. His contact email is

Katy Marshall, manager Ribble Valley Citizens Advice Bureau

Help birdlife in your garden

With dropping temperatures and shorter daylight hours, please remember the birds who visit your garden and have given us so much pleasure throughout the spring and summer.

They need to spend all of the daylight hours feeding in order to keep their little bodies warm through the long cold nights.

You can help our feathered friends achieve this by ensuring there is always fresh food and water available for them.

If you do not have a bird table or tree in our garden, then seed holders, fat balls and bags of peanuts can be hung on your washing line and will be safely out of reach from cats.

Josephine Harwood, Bispham