Readers’ letters - November 13, 2015

Grimsargh Reservoirs future is uncertain (see letter)
Grimsargh Reservoirs future is uncertain (see letter)
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Threat to ‘nature reserve’

I was very disappointed to learn that Preston’s planning committee had refused the planning application which would have secured the future of three redundant reservoirs in Grimsargh as a nature reserve (LEP November 10).

Grimsargh Parish Council has worked very hard and very closely, over a considerable period of time, with United Utilities and local residents to produce the scheme presented to committee members on November 5.

There has been wide consultation but at no time has anyone suggested that this site should either be used or was actually needed for “affordable housing”. The chairman’s comments, as reported in your paper, that he has “....deep concerns about no affordable housing in rural areas” betrays his total lack of knowledge of the rural areas and of Grimsargh in particular. Hard working Grimsargh Parish Councillors, who represent a good cross section of the village, do have a detailed knowledge of their area and should have been trusted.

As well as securing a nature reserve the terms of the “deal” would have given to the city council a very significant capital sum, in excess of £210,000, to help provide affordable housing in Preston.

I am at a loss to understand the reasoning of the four councillors who voted to refuse the application. I challenge them to attend the next meeting of Grimsargh Parish Council to explain their reasons. I’m sure they will be made very welcome.

Coun Neil Cartwright, Preston Rural East Ward

Remembrance Day was spoiled

I attended the Lostock Hall Remembrance service last Sunday, nothing wrong with the content and proceedings which was very well attended despite shocking conditions. The fly in the ointment was the awful PA system, I was standing only 10ft away from the speakers and could just about hear by leaning and craning my neck, those at the back stood no chance, I know this as a fact because I asked a veteran who said he would be going into Preston next year as “That was a waste of time”.

What a shame such a prestigious occasion was spoilt by substandard equipment.

Eddie Wallis, Lostock Hall

Flag shame of social club

I feel compelled to send this after yet again observing the Empire Services Club on Hartington Road, Preston never commemorate any of the important days concerning the armed services.

A flagpole stands at the entrance to the club but the only time that the Union Flag is displayed is when a club member dies. While I do not have a problem with this, I do have a major problem with the lack of respect when it comes to those who have given their lives for our country.

Shame on you, how can you call yourselves “the Empire Services Club” when you do absolutely nothing to earn the title!

It is a joke when no-one can ever put their name forward for the presidents position unless they have served in the forces yet they do nothing else to honour them!

Maybe the Union Flag should be displayed at all times, it may then serve as a reminder to lower it on these special occasions but i won’t hold my breath!

A disgusted onlooker

Recreation was a great event

Congratulations to the street theatre actors who entertained the shoppers in Fishergate, Preston on Saturday November 7.

Young and old people were singing the old war songs, whilw marching, dressed in clothes similar to those worn during the 1914-1918 war. Although I was born towards the end of the Second World War, I found it very moving.

It was truly an uplifting night.

Marilyn Sumner, Preston

EU exit would not kill trade

The various groups fighting for staying in the EU have obviously detected a whiff of defeat as they are intensifying their campaign tactics with scaremongering statements.

And no wonder. When you view the list of 15 signatories of” Britain Stronger In Europe”, all of them are or have been EU bureaucrats.

They are stating if we vote “No” the EU would not automatically renew the same level of trading terms as we currently have and we would have no say in the rules and regulations. Furthermore that we could not negotiate better trading terms with the USA, China and other growing economies.

Actually we have less than 10 per cent influence in decision making in the EU. Are the Germans suddenly going to stop selling their cars and machinery to us? Or the French their wines and produce, or the Italians their luxury goods? No, they all represent jobs and revenue to their respective member states and the economy of their single market is in decline. Many large businesses have already stated a “Brexit” would make no difference to their trading or investment in Britain. They include General Electric, Nissan, Vauxhall, Lloyds Banking Group, JCB and many others. We are quite capable of negotiating our own trade agreements.

There are more than 158 countries which are not member-states of the EU and only 28 which are. Being outside offers far greater opportunities than remaining in, shackled to their rules, regulations and a system that is simply self-serving, benefits big-business and costs everyone else dearly through much higher prices.

Be warned, you will a lot more of their claptrap as we head towards the referendum, but if you believe in Britain and our independence do not be swayed, take confidence and vote to leave.

Philip Griffiths, North West President, UKIP

Day stars called into police HQ

With reference to the recent passing of the actor Colin Welland the above photograph taken at Lancashire Police Headquarters in 1964 when the cast of Z Cars paid a visit.

I am the Police Cadet at the front with Colin and my colleague Wyn Cross is at the back trying her hat on Brian Blessed. My name was then Jennifer Smith and my father was a well known fingerprint officer known as “Ossie” Smith.

Jennifer Greer, New Longton