Readers’ letters - November 12, 2015

Map of the Guild Wheel with LCC's planned junction locations number 1-8 produced by the Save Our Guild Wheel Campaign
Map of the Guild Wheel with LCC's planned junction locations number 1-8 produced by the Save Our Guild Wheel Campaign
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Added perils for children

We read the piece in the LEP from the leader of Lancashire County Council about their plans to protect the award winning and popular Guild Wheel (GW) with dismay and disbelief (LEP Novermber 5). 

First the council tried to play down the impact of the plans to direct more traffic including big construction lorries, on to the GW along the narrow D’Urton Lane, which has not got a footpath to protect pedestrians. 

The article omitted to mention the dangerous junction already built on (old)Lightfoot Lane. This bad design alarmingly gives right of way to the motor vehicles, including construction lorries, to cut across this formerly quiet country lane and GW route.

Worse still this lane is also a designate Sustran’s “Safe Route to Schools.” It was until now, deemed safe enough for children to cycle and walk unaccompanied to two local schools. It begs the question would those who sanctioned this junction be prepared to let their own children or grandchildren walk or cycle to school, along this lane? 

The article surprisingly fails to mention there is not one hazardous junction being planned but up to eight which together will destroy the main safety and environmental qualities of the GW, bringing cars and lorries on to these quiet lanes.

This is contrary to Preston Council’s planning committee which not long ago threw out the planned junctions as unsafe, won by a big majority of councilors from all parties. Surely the LCC leader is aware of this? 

The GW designers from the LCC, Preston Council staff, plus the GW Users Group, including its chairperson Peter Ward took years and spent hundreds of thousands of pounds to make the GW’s road crossings safe.

Great care was taken to protect GW users; especially those most vulnerable, by ensuring none of these crossings and junctions directed any more traffic on to the quiet country lanes used by the GW.

It seems LCC councilors of Preston are ignoring the 10,000 petitioners and the many passionate letters printed in the LEP. We recommend they read the comments registered on the Save Our Guild Wheel campaign in order to understand how strong public opinion is and what is expected of the LCC and planners. 

Time is of the essence. More of these planned new junctions are to be constructed very soon. We ask LCC leaders again and long overdue, to urgently meet with the GW Users Group in order to quickly discuss the plans already drawn up showing clearly safer and better alternative routes for these planned new estates.

Further, we request all concerned LEP readers to keep up the pressure to ensure a safe GW by signing the ‘Save Our Guild Wheel’ petition online. 

Follow @guildwheel on twitter or Save Our Guild Wheel Facebook page for official updates on the campaign and share with family and friends. Every person counts. 

Members of the Save Our Guild Wheel Campaign

Spell out rights for workers

The Prime Minister has gone quiet on rhetorical threats to the paid holidays and family-friendly rights that Europe brings, but we need to see the small print.

David Cameron must spell out his position on workers’ rights. People are more likely to vote to stay in a Europe that balances benefits for business with strong rights and protections for workers.

If Cameron’s renegotiation turns out to be a way to roll back rights for agency workers or to remove protection from excessive working hours he risks boosting the leave campaign, which would be bad news for investment and jobs.

The real way to win public support for the benefits our European Union membership brings is to campaign for better employment rights – not worse treatment at work.

Derek Barton, Preston and South Ribble Trades Council

Rude reply was uncalled for

I have read with interest the recent correspondence regarding Preston North End’s policy of using random voucher numbers on match days.

I must admit that I was in complete agreement with Mr J

Oldcorn’s letter ‘A short sighted policy’ (letters, November 1)

However,after reading the letter ‘Voucher policy makes sense’ from ‘An aggrieved PNE supporter’ (letters, November 10). I must admit his arguments seem completely valid and logical.

However, as the issues raised in this letter, especially those concerning the emergency services, are not immediately obvious (to me at least and possibly to Mr Oldcorn and other PNE fans) I consider the final sentence ‘PNE can do without supporters like you’ to be extremely rude and completely uncalled for!

A Sanderson, lifelong PNE fan

Benefit cuts are not a problem

David Cameron should have no problem in negotiating with European Union Officials to cut the benefits of foreign nationals working in this country.

After all, he, along with George Osborne and Ian Duncan Smith, since their election in 2010 have been cutting the benefits of British workers, born and raised in this country, who have payed taxes and National Insurance all their working lives.

Contrast that with the nine per cent pay rise they gave themselves following their 2015 election victory.

Denis Lee, Ashton

Steam journey a great day out

On October 24 my sister, brother-in-law and I went on the great Brief Encounter Steam Special from Carnforth to Chester.

What a brilliant day. We would recommend this trip to anyone.

We had a great steward looking after us. He kept us informed of all things of interest on the trip.

His name was Chris and he was a volunteer. What a great job this young man did.

We had a great train ride and a great day in Chester.

I’d like to thank everyone from the Heritage Centre in Carnforth for a fantastic day.

I am sure I speak for everyone who was lucky enough to also enjoy this trip.

Ms M Davies, Croxteth, Liverpool