Readers’ letters - November 10

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Injury crisis causing North End’s decline

Preston North End are slumping because goals are suddenly pouring in because of an injury crisis (there are nine players out injured).

Nearly all injured players are defenders and this is one kind of decline in team form that is neither the fault of the manager (head coach) nor the team.

This kind of situation forces the best of managers to play some players out of position, especially when 
the squad is lacking in

I can see this decline in form lasting at least until 
the January transfer window.

The way they are leaking goals (15 in the last six games) and the fact they have been on a four-game losing streak immediately after the back-to-back draws means they could end up into the thick of a relegation battle before the transfer window.

I already think we are no match, even for the likes of Bolton Wanderers, until the team gets healthy.

R N Coupe

Lostock Hall


Countryside destroyed

Re: Development of land at School Lane, Forton. This was refused by Wyre on the following grounds:

1. Due to the loss of 39.5m of important hedgerow to the majority of the frontage of the application site to School Lane, the proposed development would have a detrimental effect on the local landscape to the detriment of the appearance of the area, as such it would be contrary to the NPPF, and Policy SP13 of the Adopted Wyre Borough Local Plan.

2. The development would be contrary to the NPPF and Policy SP13 of the Wyre Borough Local Plan by reason of its location in the countryside and outside of the settlement of Forton to the detriment of the character of the area.

It was then passed on appeal. The appeal stated: “This not a particularly sustainable location, but the surrounding area is characterised by such settlements and the identified need for affordable housing is specific to this immediate area.”

It’s now clear from this modification that there either isn’t a need for this type of housing, or that the housing built isn’t affordable. The details show a price for a three-bed semi at £175,000 and yet you can buy a three-bed semi in Coronation Avenue, Forton – a much bigger property than the boxes being built – and the asking price is £170,00. How can anyone object now to this modification as the “detrimental effect on the local landscape” has already been done and the beautiful ancient hedgerow removed?

All this to now provide housing for anyone and not to local people. I would rather have kept our beautiful countryside. Why is Wyre providing affordable housing for wards outside of Wyre?

Surely they should be providing their own affordable housing? Our countryside has been ruined for nothing more than the greed of landowners and builders and to satisfy a tick box in Wyre’s house building.

Alice L Jesmont

via email


I worked for BB Motor Services

Following the LP article, I give below a brief resume of my association with the company Bamber Bridge Motor Services (LP Looking Back, November 1). I was related to one of the founders of the company, Tom Prescott, via his marriage to my mother’s sister.

From the age of 14, I used to call into the garage on my way home from school and made myself useful, however possible.

For instance, I would assist with cleaning the interior of the vehicles, helping inside the garage and so on.

I left full-time education at the age of 15 and became a full-time employee of the company until I had to do my National Service at the age of 18.

Following my discharge from the forces, I returned to BBMS and, upon acquiring my PSV qualification, I shared the day-to-day running of the company with my uncle, including driving the buses conveying workers to Leyland Motors, Preston Bus Station in Tithebarn Street, and wherever else necessary.

Norman Ellis

New Longton

armed forces

On the Grey Funnel line

Did you serve on ‘The Grey Funnel Line’ – HMS Bulwark?

The Albion & Centaur Naval Association welcomes personnel who have served any time on the former carriers, R06, R07, R08 and the current Albion and Bulwark, L14 and L15.

Membership is currently around 500.

A journal, The R08, is produced three times a year and annual weekend reunions are held at various locations around the country.

This year we were at The Royal Beach Hotel in Southsea. Next year, 2018, we are at the Lord Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth, with the A.G.M. being held onboard the current HMS Bulwark.

The association has active regional reps. We sponsor sea cadets from our affiliated units.

Some members and their wives have regular meetings at local pubs within their area.

Annual membership is just £10 for full and associate members.

Enquiries to the secretary Denis Askham on 01226 384283, membership secretary Harry Roddis on 01709 816667 or visit www.

Harry Roddis

Membership Secretary