Readers’ letters - May 6

Hedgehog numbers are falling and the animals need all the help they can get says a reader. See letter
Hedgehog numbers are falling and the animals need all the help they can get says a reader. See letter
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Use money for our country

What does our Government pay to be a member of the EU Club?

I’m advised that it is around £50m each day – which is £350m per week and £1.4bn per month.

Would it not be plain economic sense not to be a member of this club, and for our Government to use this money for the benefit of ourselves not others?

For example, build hospitals and schools and, more importantly, pay those employed within these services decent wages.

Even more important, our school leavers could benefit from Government-backed, traditional apprenticeships.

We need our young to serve real apprenticeships before we lose all of our skills as a country.

I do believe this would create jobs, and not cost jobs, as the ‘Stay In EU campaigners’ would have us believe.

I don’t hear the In campaigners reminding us of the 500,000 (and rising) jobs it has cost us being in the EU, for example, our decimated fishing and farming industries, and, more recently, a medal-making firm in Birmingham which has just gone bust.

Now our military and Queen’s Honours medals will now be made in France!

This has come about because of the unfair competition from EU countries. We play to the rules whilst others play to their own interpretation of the rules.

Mr Cameron has insisted he has got us all a good deal with his re-negotiations.

Absolute rubbish!

He’s not even got back what Tony Blair gave back, what Mrs Thatcher had originally got from the EU when she was Prime Minster.

There are other relevant points.

When was the last time the EU’s accounts were audited and signed off as being correct?

Answer? More than 20 years ago.

How much contribution to the EU goes towards the pension funds of unelected bureaucrats?

I am advised it is around 46 per cent. How many billions have been wasted?

We always have a trading deficit with the EU, therefore we need the EU less than they need us. Big business and other non- EU members want us inside the EU for their benefit, not ours.

For David Cameron to say we are better off in the EU is disgraceful. All he does is pour out doom and gloom, and is not fit to be our Prime Minister. We are in the top 10 of the world economies, and are quite capable of standing on our own two feet and making our own decisions.

And therefore being in control of our own destination.

Brian Robinson via email

Be aware of hedgehogs

This week is Hedgehog Awareness Week.

Hedgehog numbers are falling and so they need all the help they can get.

This year the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS is highlighting the dangers posed to hogs by cutting machinery in particular garden strimmers.

Hedgehogs have been scalped or lost a leg because of these pieces of equipment.

Please check long grass before using any cutting machinery to ensure you are 
not putting a sleeping hog at risk.

Most people seem to know now, but please do not give bread and milk to hedgehogs.

They love the taste of milk but are lactose intolerant and will get severe abdominal pain if they drink much milk.

There are many other issues surrounding protecting the future of hedgehogs.

You can sign a petition online.

Go to

So far, 31,000 people have signed on line but 100,000 signatures are needed by August 11 .

Please sign up if you possibly can.

Ruth Yates,

address supplied

Care home was wonderful

Eighteen months ago it became necessary for our 92-year-old mum to leave her home, where she had felt comfortable, safe and secure for more than 60 years, to move into a care home.

She had lived alone since my dad passed away but she could no longer manage, even with frequent family visits.

She was afraid of hospitals and always declared that she would never go into a home.

What a dilemma!

In these days of frequent media exposure of poor service, and even abuse of the elderly, we were so lucky to find the haven that is Lostock Grove Care Home, in Leyland.

Every member of staff is kind but encouraging, has time to spend with the residents, is supportive to family and friends and really makes it a genuine “care” home.

Every need is catered for, both physically and emotionally.

The amount of refurbishment work going on is a further clue as to the thoughtfulness and dedication of the owner and manager.

Mum felt safe and cared for in the last 12 months of her life and it is thanks to these wonderful people that she didn’t feel lonely or worried. The family will always be so grateful for their kindness and support.

Mike Watson, Leyland

Anniversary of two great wins

On May 7, 1966, the Preston & District Youth League won The Lancashire Youth Inter-League Shield, beating Wigan in the Final at Chorley Motors ground.

So 50 years have elapsed since the victory and it also coincides with another game played on the same day, which was Preston North End’s last match of the season against Cardiff when Preston won 9-0. Preston’s goals that day were scored by Hannigan 3, Godfrey 3 (1 pen), Greenhalgh 2, and Lawton 1.

The funny thing was that, after our match was over, one of the players shouted to a spectator “How’s North End gone on?”

“Won 9-0!” was the reply.

Obviously not believing what he had heard, there were a few derogatory expletives by the player. It was only when we got our copy of The Last Football when we arrived back in town that we learned that Preston had in fact demolished Cardiff 9-0!

So May 7, 2016 is the 50th anniversary of two great victories.

Dennis Higgins via email