Readers' letters - March 14

Royal Preston Hospital
Royal Preston Hospital
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Heartfelt thank you to wonderful staff

I write to give a public heartfelt thank you to the NHS, especially the wonderful staff of Royal Preston Hospital (RPH).

The overworked doctors and underpaid nurses deserve better from this Government.

I deeply appreciate the weekly care and kindness I receive from all the hospital staff.

I especially see how tired the nurses are.

They need a good wage rise and they need it now!

Many more nurses are needed.

The NHS was once the pride of this nation.

Too long it has suffered from lack of care and neglect.

This Government has sold off the treasures of this country.

Now, it seems, they are doing secret deals to do the same to the NHS.

And why should the sick and their families have to pay for hospital car parking?

It’s a disgrace when hospital car parking is free in Scotland. Are we still in the UK or not?

Who decided our poor hospital nurses should have to pay for parking?

And what about Blue Badge holders? Why are they paying for parking?!

The badge is issued by the EU, so charging for its hospital use may not be legal after all.

Once again, my thanks and prayers to rank and file of RPH.

Jim Aherne

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Why insult e-bike riders?

I read the other day that Lancashire is trying to become a cycling county.

Well, I ride an e-bike, which I purchased last September in 2017.

Living locally to Rivington, the rides are good for me.

I only ride for approximately five to eight miles a day as a way of exercise when the weather is okay.

On two or three occasions, I have met other cyclists who ride a ‘normal’ bike and have been called a cheat (on two occasions or more) and also a ‘free rider’.

You still have to pedal the bike and the electric is called for as ‘pedal assist’.

It’s not completely electric.

It’s not very nice, riding at your own pleasure and pace, and a cyclist you meet shouts across to you, “cheat”. I was very disappointed for them.

I cannot understand why cyclists want to insult each other and why a small minority have so much dislike for an e-bike rider, but I have found this out on various internet bike forums.

I don’t wear all the normal cycling gear, Lycra etc because I have the e-bike for my own pleasure.

I wear what I wish.

By the way, my age is 78 and I have not rode a bike for around 60 years – so some of the ‘younger’ cyclists just despise an e-bike as far as I can make out.

I have tried a normal bike but found it did not suit me at my age, but, saying that, there are a lot of elderly people cycling.

However, I decided on the e-bike for some exercise and it helps me to get out in the fresh air when I want.

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still rising

In defiance of public opinion, Theresa May claimed recently that “inequality has been reduced to its lowest level in 30 years”.

It is not that she is lying or massaging the figures, but she is cherry-picking her source, which is a report from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Many economists dispute these figures.

For its data, the ONS relies on surveys which are notoriously bad at extracting information from the super rich.

Research suggests that members of this group are likely to downplay their earnings by as much as 10 per cent to 20 per cent.

An alternative source of data is the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), which gleans information from tax returns.

This shows that inequality is much more extreme than the ONS estimate and contradicts Mrs May’s claim.

In line with the weak growth of GDP, falling real wages (and public perception) income inequality is still rising.

John Prance



Are you related to Sam Burke?

I am trying to trace relatives of Sam Burke, who was born in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, in 1906.

He moved to Preston sometime after 1935 and married a Kathleen McDonough.

If anyone can help, I would be very grateful.




If any readers can help Maria, please ring the Lancashire Post on 01772 554537 or email and we will pass your details on.