Readers’ letters - July 10, 2015

Rules should be revised for motorway driving, says a correspondent. See letter below
Rules should be revised for motorway driving, says a correspondent. See letter below
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Time for joined-up thinking

Having major plans for house building in Preston and out along the A6 toward Lancaster is all well and good, but what about the greater number of vehicles that will accompany them?

Surely there never was a better time to build an improved transport infrastructure for the future. This could be achieved with a Manchester-style express tram system running between Lancaster and Preston bus and train terminals, with park and ride stops at strategic points along the A6 route.

Preston is more famed for its premier league congestion than the glory-days of PNE, so why has this not been addressed in the published Local Plans for the City and Wyre, etc?

This will only get worse when the houses are built and the families grow, resulting in more and more car journeys.

Getting cars off the roads is what is needed, rather than building bypasses for even more cars to clog up.

Where is the joined-up thinking?

Name and address supplied

Fracking will still go ahead

Man has been extracting minerals from the Earth since the days of Fred Flintstone.

I can’t see any essential difference between fracking or mining and quarrying.

I imagine the residents of the Fylde would have been terrified in centuries gone by when large and unsightly windmills started to pop up all over the place.

Those that remain are now desirable detached residences or carefully preserved museums.

Just imagine the prestige at some time in the future of having an address at Plumpton Rig No.1.

I couldn’t believe it when a protester said the drilling rigs would be offensive to the eyes of tourists going to Blackpool.


What about the massive advertising hoardings on wheeled trailers in farmer’s fields along the M55?

There are also objections about sound levels. Nonsense again!

What about BAE Typhoons roaring over Little Plumpton and Roseacre?

People accept this because the aircraft industry brings employment and prosperity to the area.

Fracking would appear to have a minimal and temporary impact on the countryside balanced against the potential benefits.

Lancashire County Council will have to revise their faint- hearted attitude.

They know it has to 

It’s no use them doing a Pontius Pilate – washing their hands of it and leaving it to others to make the brave decision to go ahead.

R Smith, Leyland

Change rules for motorways

Our motorways have become very overcrowded. The old Highways Code rules of driving on the three-lane motorways need to be revised in order to stop congestion.

The inside lane should be for large lorries and articulated trucks that are governed to 60mph and traffic entering and leaving the motorways.

The centre and outside lanes for cars and vans that are able to travel at 70mph.

The speed limit on the inside lane is governed to 60mph by the large lorries and articulated trucks.

If these trucks try to overtake each other at their governed speed, they convert the motorway into a single lane road for a mile or two, causing congestion.

It thus becomes unnecessary to widen our motorways any further.

Paul Muller, address supplied

Marking Armed Forces Day

May I express my thanks to the many ex-servicemen and women and members of the public and local councillors who supported the Armed Forces Day Parade in Morecambe, despite the atrocious weather conditions on Sunday morning, June 28.

Thanks must also go especially to Evelyn Archer who, following a last minute phone call from myself, opened up the Winter Gardens to allow us to hold the Drum Head Service inside, free of charge.

I was, however, once more disappointed by the lack of support from any of the Morecambe Cadet Forces.

Armed Forces Day is a national celebration of our service men and women, past, present and

future, and without the support of the younger generation there will come a time when there is

no one to ‘remember’ either.

It is hoped that this will

become an annual event, but it can only happen if there is enough support and financial backing to continue.

Mrs Maree Brown, Branch Chairman, Royal British Legion, Morecambe and Heysham Branch

Friendliness of Garstang folk

We run a small narrowboat hire company, and I would like to thank all of the shop workers, hotel staff and local residents of Garstang on behalf of one of our customers.

Returning from a week cruising on the Lancaster canal, they said that the holiday had been made extra enjoyable by the

polite, cheerful and helpful attitude of the people they had met in the various towns and villages along the way. They especially appreciated the friendliness of

everyone they met in Garstang.

You should all be proud of yourselves. Keep up the good work!

Sylvia Greenwood via email

Vision lacking the parked cars

The artist’s impression of the new City’s Vision (LEP July 8) is lacking scores of cars parked on every grass verge and pavement.

I recently visited both Pittman Way, Fulwood, and the Matrix Park at Euxton. How you can start with open fields and a blank drawing board and end up with such chaos beggars belief.

The Ashtonian