Readers’ letters - January 11

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn  with shadow rail minister Jonathan Reynolds, who has resigned from the front bench. See letter
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn with shadow rail minister Jonathan Reynolds, who has resigned from the front bench. See letter
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Renationalise water firms

Your correspondent Judy Goodwin mentions remembering clearing drains and dredging canals (LEP Letters, December 31).

Before water was privatised, the water boards were made up of local councillors and MPs who were responsible for seeing rivers dredged of mud and silt.

After privatisation, the officials were replaced by entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from the city, who were told to make profits and found you couldn’t run a public utility for profits without dumping vital functions like dredging, but still awarded themselves huge salaries and gave massive dividends to their institutional investors.

The fat cats live like Roman emperors and people watch their houses become uninhabitable.

The obvious solution is to renationalise water immediately and without compensation, as they have had enough already.

If anyone wants comp-ensation, the fat cats must pay.

They spend our cash on mansions, jacuzzis, second, third and fourth homes in Bermuda and buy themselves Rolls Royces and Bentleys.

The PM hasn’t learned the lessons from the floods of 2013/14.

Five months ago they threw another 1,000 environmental jobs on the scrapheap, yet he tells TV cameras he is doing everything he can to prevent floods.

Royston Jones, address supplied

Fracking just too dangerous

Regarding the letter from Backing Fracking (LEP Letters, January 6).

The letter says we are backing fracking and we are not alone.

No you’re not alone, just completely out of touch with the democratic overwhelming majority, who say it is not only dangerous but futile. Even the few supporters for fracking know it isn’t economic to drill within two to three years.

Why do you think about 10 countries stopped fracking?

It is just too dangerous and not worth the investment.

Mr C Victor de-Nagy via email

MPs’ behaviour is disgraceful

The behaviour of some Labour MPs and Labour Shadow Ministers since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party Leader has been disgraceful.

Listening to these dis-contents you wouldn’t believe Labour failed to win two general elections and, in the process, lost an entire nation, Scotland, to the SNP.

Were these political disasters the fault of Jeremy Corbyn?

Clearly not.

The Parliamentary Labour Party became completely out of touch with its traditional supporters, to such an extent traditional Labour voters switched en masse.

Mr Corbyn has been elected by a huge mandate of Labour Party members.

He won the leadership contest promoting certain policies including anti-austerity and anti-war.

I am in no doubt Labour’s by-election win in Oldham West and the increase in its share of the vote is as a direct result of Mr Corbyn’s stance in opposing war in Syria.

This is despite the open revolt within the Labour ranks.

It is a disgraceful way to behave.

The simple truth is many of these out-of-touch Labour MPs do not like the fact Labour Party members have spoken and are now being led by an ordinary fella who believes in equality, opposes discrimination, believes in peace, opposes austerity and is not and never has been a political careerist who sacrifices his principles for personal and political gain.

Michael Moulding,

Address supplied

Building here will not help

I’ve been accused of nimby-ism because I don’t want building to happen on the green belt close to home. I remember when an Englishman’s home was his castle, so yes, I’ve worked hard all my life to live in a bungalow, in semi-rural England.

However, if I believed the project would, truly, benefit long-term employment, industry and community in the UK I might be less opposed to it, but I don’t.

We are in a deep recession.

Lancashire County Council is cutting jobs and there is no growth, except in incompetent bankers’ bonuses. Incidentally, the county deficit is projected to be £2m, the generous British taxpayers bailed out HBOS to the tune of £25.5bn.

Nimby, Slyne-with-Hest

Great days at Wally Hobkirk’s

It was an interesting article on the dance halls (LEP Retro December 16). The Public Hall held the Grand Guild Ball in 1842. I have an original lithograph by Hullmandel and Walton. The view is from the stage and everyone is in fancy dress.

“Wally Hobkirk’s” brings back memories of brilliant Rock and Roll nights in the late 1950s. I still have a propelling pencil given by Wally at Christmas to the regulars. Great days.

H Billington, Walton-Le-Dale

Darryl and Allan have solutions

Two regular letter writers to the LEP, Darryl Ashton from Blackpool and Allan Fazackerley, seem to have the answer to every problem. If those two had been on the Titanic, it wouldn’t have gone down.

John Gordon, Deepdale