Readers’ letters - December 4

Passengers get on a magnetic levitation train, the Maglev, in Shanghai, China. See letter
Passengers get on a magnetic levitation train, the Maglev, in Shanghai, China. See letter
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Maglev is the way ahead

I watched with interest the other day when the Chancellor informed all and sundry that the promotion of the new HS2 railway system was being brought forward to benefit the north.

I gave this matter some thought and recalled back to 1955 when the last major “modernisation” of the railways took place.

It was seen that, throughout Europe, nations were revitalising their railways and implementing electrification to provide more efficient and cleaner trains.

The UK decided that this was too expensive.

To bring our railways up to date, the Government of the day decided that we should opt for the introduction of diesel locomotion.

The result of this was that a large number of the new locomotives were purchased, many steam locomotives were withdrawn prior to the end of their working life and, in some parts, electrification was implemented.

Eventually, it was accepted that electrification was the answer to many problems that had arisen with diesels.

Vast sums of public money was wasted with the purchase of diesels, the removal of steam locomotives with plenty of life in them, and the eventual acceptance that electrification was the way forward.

Once again decisions are having to be made regarding the rail network and, lo’ what do we have?

A repeat of the 1955 situation pending squandering vast sums of public money.

This time, of course, the move towards the new HS2 with electrification is being made when the world is making vast inroads with the new Maglev. This is a more efficient and cleaner mode of transport, well tested in Germany and eagerly introduced in Japan, and now a proven success.

Will we consider this option or will we spend vast sums of public money on an outdated system?

I will leave that one for you to ponder and perhaps question your MP.

K D Ashton via email

Let’s recover from addiction

Are the current gale force winds and floods due to climate change? Prince Charles and world leaders certainly think so!

With a view to ‘fixing’ climate change, and indeed terrorism, maybe we could think of a vicious circle.

A car produces CO2, which is then followed by climate change, storms and floods, and uprooted trees which take 200 years to grow.

To simplify it, let’s look at alcohol. According to scientists, a glass a day, along with a balanced diet, can prolong life.

Alcohol to excess, on the other hand, can shorten it.

If a person becomes addicted, it can follow that, in order not to feel bad – hungover – they continue to drink and the liver starts to rot.

While the liver has the ability to recover, if it gets past a certain point, for instance sclerosis, it’s terminal.

There’s no two ways about it, we’re addicted to oil, and with Islamic State using it to fund their war against us, it’s killing us.

However, if we ‘drink’ less, it will mean a massive hangover, not least in upsetting the oil and motor industry and leaving some rich people with a massive headache. Are they willing to ‘bite the bullet’? Or is Mother Earth’s ‘liver’ past the point of recovery?

Similarly with war. Recovery means going ‘teetotal’ and allowing Mother Nature and humanity to work their magic, rather than continuing to ‘drink’ the devil’s brew, for instance bullets and bombs, and still to come, ‘The Dark Web’.

Just as nature dictates an alcoholic will shrivel up and die, so too will humankind if it doesn’t abstain from war and embrace a more balanced and holistic approach.

Allan Ramsay, Radcliffe

Not keen on entertainers

While I was watching a TV programme about easy listening music, it showed a woman singing. When her name came up on the screen, it was someone called Adele.

I thought: “Is this the singer the media seems to be hyping on about?” To be honest, I actually don’t rate or like her singing. I have heard better. I think Adele is highly ‘over-rated’ – and is most certainly ‘over-hyped’.

In my own opinion, Susan Boyle is a far better singer, and I’m not a fan of her either. However, it does seem she’s making it big in America, and she’s raking in all the mega-dollars.

I only like one lady singer and she was a Scot. Her name was Lena Martell.

I also listened to some geezer, Michael Buble, I think he too is also ‘over-hyped’, and he most certainly ruined a song by the Drifters – Save The Last Dance For Me.

Can these so-called singers not write their own songs?

Apparently not!

And where have all the good comedians gone?

There most certainly aren’t any appearing on the box. I can’t think of one good comedian today. The reason for this could be the invasion of political correctness which has ruined everything in comedy and variety.

Of course, this is only my own opinion!

On Sunday, I am to audition in Manchester for Britain’s Got Talent. I’ve passed the phone audition and interview, now I’m going to perform my act. Stay tuned for some real comedy and entertainment!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Confusion over Prom decision

I’m confused. Some months ago we were advised by they who must be obeyed (aka known as Lancaster CC), that the work on the Promenade must be completed during the summer season, so as to be finished in ample time not to affect over-wintering birds.

One took this with a huge pinch of salt, but hey ho. It still isn’t finished by the way lads?

Witness now, work to be carried out on the sea wall during the winter season and, presumably, no consideration for the birds at all. One despairs of local authorities. Be interesting to hear what ‘a spokesman’ from LCC has to say about this if they can concoct some reasonably plausible excuse which doesn’t have us all in tucks of laughter.

Mel Rawnsley, Morecambe