Readers’ letters - December 28

Glenridding after the river in the town in Cumbria burst its banks in the recent floods. See letter
Glenridding after the river in the town in Cumbria burst its banks in the recent floods. See letter
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Community rallies round

Since we have had floods in the North West, especially in the Lancashire and Cumbria areas, I feel that it should be said how well everyone has dealt with this onslaught from Storm Desmond.

The Cumbrian folk, alongside with the Lancastrians, have been resilient in all of this as both residents and businesses have suffered washed-out homes, with furniture and carpets ruined, and a lot were cut off from their electricity supply due to their substation being submerged with rainwater.

Folks, both in these areas and close by, have helped raise funds to provide for new and good condition furniture replacements, and we have our Muslim friends in Preston to thank for their generous contribution towards all the victims of these floods.

My own work involves visiting certain places in Cumbria and I have seen how these people have diligently coped with these circumstances.

Further to this, I recommend that the government of the UK will provide the help that they have promised for Cumbria.

John A Smith, Penwortham

Mickey Mouse science on TV

I have a scientific, technological and engineering background at very senior level and have worked with and employed sufficient so-called experts to know that one shouldn’t accept, as gospel, certainties promulgated as fact, no matter how erudite the source.

The BBC, which claims to be the broadcaster with the most integrity in the world, has much to answer for in the propaganda relating to global warming.

Some months ago, there was a programme in which the BBC intended to convince sceptics of the fact that CO2 caused global warming. Fifteen people, said to be sceptics, were brought into the studio where an experiment was set up to convince there doubters. The experiment consisted of two large plastic containers, with thermometers, on which bright lights were shone.

The “scientist” then introduced an acid and a carbonate to produce CO2 in one container and – lo and behold – there was a greater rise in temperature in that with the CO2.

As any 15-year-old in my grammar school would have been aware, this would not have been surprising as the chemical reaction was exothermic.

Perhaps the “mickey mouse” science of the BBC is indicative of the decline in standards of basic science of the general population of the UK and, in particular, the lack of any scientific background in politicians and polemicists.

G Wright via email

Update our rail network instead

Updating our existing rail network makes far more economic sense than creating HS2 and would be a greater benefit to a wider section of the population. Projected fares on HS2 would be afforded only by the few and some others travelling at public expense.

The extensive disruption in both urban and rural areas to create a system which is not vandal-proof and not accident-free, as recent tragic events have shown, cannot be justified.

Ian Oglesby, address supplied

BBC ‘getting £2m from EU’

The BBC has recently admitted to raking in a massive £2m of funding from the European Union in the run up to the referendum.

That the EU part funds our national broadcaster has long been known and explains why virtually no stories portraying the EU in any negative way are permitted to hit the light of day.

We desperately need voters to recognise this situation in the coming referendum.

June Warner via email

Religious belief: overpopulation

I agree with both recent LEP contributors, Andrew Suter and Jane, that a principal cause relating to climate change is the overpopulation of this planet (LEP December 22).

Little or no mention was made of this at the recent Paris Conference.

If they had they would have had to touch on the powerful influence that religious belief is the stumbling block in tackling this increasing problem.

Unbelievably, in this, the 21st Century, we have the head of the Catholic Church announcing that an ignorant nun, who lived in a country that has the fastest growing population in the world, who preached against birth control, is to be canonised!

The one problem will not be solved without the eradication of the other.

Denis Lee, Ashton

Face the reality of child poverty

It is said that Iain Duncan Smith is devising a way of ‘burying’ our child poverty statistics.

The last child poverty figures showed that over two million children were suffering poverty in the UK.

If the Government can’t face the reality of child poverty, then how then how can it hope to improve things?

Duncan Smith should fess up and boldly face a few unflattering headlines on the subject.

Tell the truth on child poverty, IDS, and shame the devil.

Then in 12 months’ time, children in poverty can have a happier Christmas.

Max Nottingham, Lincoln

No humour in the TV listings

Ann was reading On this Day, and announced the joyous news that the violin maker Antonio Stradivari had lived to be 93 (LEP December 18). “Did he?” I said. “He must have been fit as a fiddle!” No, she didn’t think it was funny either. “You have a very weird sense of humour,” she said.

Later that day, I looked up the Christmas TV offerings. Well, if that is their version of humour and entertainment, I am glad that my humour has gone! Mrs Brown? Ant and Dec. I don’t need to tell you what to do with them!

Allan Fazackerley via email