Readers’ letters - December 24

A correspondent criticises Lancashire County Council for its decision to pay �6.6m  for consultants. See letter
A correspondent criticises Lancashire County Council for its decision to pay �6.6m for consultants. See letter
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‘Inability to decide sensibly’

In the face of major financial difficulties, we learnt last week that Labour-run Lancashire County Council had approved a decision to pay a team of private consultants £6.6m in a bid to help it streamline its adult social care services and help it save cash.

This underscores its inability to make sensible financial decisions of its own and indeed its willingness to spend more of ‘our’ money to counter what is self-inflicted profligacy. Where are its own well-paid officers in all this?

Departmental leaders should be identifying such cost-savings as part of their day to day duties.

However, instead of admitting to large-scale financial mismanagement, LCC – mimicking a scratched record – cites government cuts as the cause. The truth is ALL local authorities have been subject to huge cuts and have had to cut their cloth accordingly and forward plan for every eventuality.

Labour cares little about rural areas such as Garstang – preferring to spend money in the Labour-voting heartlands such as east Lancashire and Preston.

The council’s decision to cut all bus subsidies is a good example of how rural areas such as Garstang will suffer more than most as unprofitable bus services will simply be pulled.

It irks me that money raised in Garstang via council tax receipts is literally blown by LCC elsewhere. Our need for more highways, transport and education infrastructure is every bit as desperate – if not more so – than for these other places.

But in the end none of this matters as Labour runs the LCC pantomime and, in its wisdom, it believes it is right to spend an eye-watering £6.6m to a firm to make decisions its staff should be making themselves.

As they say, a fool and his money are easily parted – or should that be a fool and ‘our’ money are easily parted!

Shaun Turner, 
Ward Coun Brock with Catterall

‘Inconsistency in MP’s views’

Given one of our local MP’s enthusiasm for local decisions for local people on local fracking applications in Fylde, a decision recently adjudged to be of “major importance having more than local significance”, I thought he might like to reflect on the following barnstorming speech made in the House Of Commons on local opposition to a proposed new runway at Heathrow Airport.

On November 26, it was stated in the House: “it is frustrating that we have spent all this time prevaricating and being sucked down by, in effect, glorified nimbyism. I say to Members from west London: It is not about you, it is about the future of the United Kingdom”.

And again in the same session: “It is frustrating that national infrastructure issues that affect not just London, but my constituents in Fylde, are being sucked down to the lowest common denominator of what is right for a handful of constituencies in west London”.

This impassioned call for brave decisions to deliver projects which are of more than local significance was made by…. one Mark Menzies MP for Fylde.

A bit of inconsistency in his views on these similar topics…

Name and address supplied

Parking dispute has no merit

I read with interest your story about the dispute between Asda Superstore and Chorley Borough Council regarding car parking charges at the Chorley store (LEP December 9).

Does Alistair Bradley, leader of the council, really believe that Chorley residents would be prepared to pay for car parking in a supermarket in the 21st century?

Such a dispute has no merit, especially as the council claims to be encouraging business to come to Chorley.

David Jolly

Old Chorleian

Christmas Day – a festive poem

Wishing the readers of the Evening Post a very Happy Christmas.

Open a present,

What’s under the tree?

A new toy, an old book,

And a dress for me.

Raiding the stocking,

What’s in there for me?

Some sweets, some pens

And a new dictionary.

Dazzling wrapping under

the tree,

What is that?

Tangerine, an apple

No, a sparkling hat.

Delicious Christmas dinner,

What’s to eat?

Potatoes, stuffing

Succulent meat.

Scrumptious Christmas pudding,

What’s inside?

Fruit, roast nuts,

A penny to hide.

Elisabeth Hyde, nine, goes to

Lostock Primary School

(Sent in by proud grandmother Anne Hyde)

Baha’is: ‘Have a happy holy day’

The Baha’is of Preston wish all readers a happy festive season and hope the spirit of goodwill strengthens all family and friendship ties.

Baha’is believe in the oneness of God, of religion and of humanity.

To our brothers and sisters in faith, we also hope they have a very happy Holy Day.

The Light of the Christ, His knowledge and His love –manifest in all those who love Him and keep His commandments – still continues to shine in the darkness of ignorance and prejudice.

Malcolm Craig

Chairman and secretary

Preston Baha’i Community

Greetings from Hindu Society

Gujarat Hindu Society, on behalf of the whole Hindu community of Lancashire, would like to wish all Lancastrians a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and wealthy New Year.

We pray to god to allow all to live in harmony.

Peace be upon all.

Gujarat Hindu Society