Readers’ letters - December 18

Tyson Fury has been causing controversy ' but he has a right to free speech says a reader. See letter
Tyson Fury has been causing controversy ' but he has a right to free speech says a reader. See letter
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Flooding and nuclear fears

When the lights went out throughout Lancaster and District, at 10.40pm on Saturday December 5, we looked across Lancaster from our home located on high ground on The Ridge.

There was only one source of light showing across the whole of Lancaster and Morecambe. To my heartfelt relief, all the lights were still on at Heysham Nuclear Power Station.

Power is essential to keep the four AGR nuclear reactors on the shoreline of Heysham under control and safe from meltdown.

Any extended loss of control of the reactor core, due to flooding caused by rising sea levels – as occurred five years ago at Fukushima, Japan – will result in meltdown of the four reactor cores, with a consequent release of levels of life-threatening radioactivity across Heysham, Morecambe, Lancaster and beyond.

EDF Energy, which manages and runs six nuclear power stations around the coastline of the UK, including Heysham Power Station, keeps us safe from a major nuclear accident by providing a degree of flood protection and, although connected direct to the National Grid, also provides a 72-hour power back-up at these nuclear sites.

When we found batteries here at home, and eventually heard via Bay Radio’s broadcasting team, that we were likely to be without power until late Tuesday evening. I could only feel horror.

We were to be 72-hours without power – with flooding throughout the North West presumably affecting the bringing in of support and staff to Heysham Power Station.

I appeal to all responsible people in Lancaster and District and beyond, to demand that, with undisputed evidence of rising sea levels and increasing incidence of flooding, priority must be given and money must be spent on flood protection.

It has to be a priority in an area where there is even the most remote possibility that loss of energy due to flooding may threaten the safe and responsible running of nuclear reactors and nuclear installations.

Mo Kelly, architect and resident

of Lancaster

Tyson causing fury to critics

Genuine free speech means having the right to cause offence, as well as to take offence.

That’s what the self-appointed Twitter trolls, the ‘hate crime’ industry and the ‘safe space’ wimps of academia fail to understand.

In hounding world heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury for expressing his quaint, outmoded world view, they’ve turned him into a cause 

It would serve them right if he was voted BBC Sports Personality Of The Year.

And if Fury ever comes face to face with any of his self-righteous tormentors, he’d probably send them halfway to paradise.

V Sheparde

Address supplied

Euro railways are much better

I have just had a go on Belgian state railways, travelling from Brugge to Oostende and back.

The first thing that impressed me was how clean the trains were. They were also speedy, reliable, punctual, spacious, cheap – all the things our trains are not.

They even had wi-fi.

I am also told that German, French and Dutch state railways are just as impressive.

It makes quite a change when foreign governments realise the value of strategic industries like the railways. It is a great pity that the British government cannot run the shambles which is our railways which still run with rolling stock built in the 1980s.

Mr Cameron take note.

Melvyne Smart via email

Engage brain before mouth

Like thousands of others in Britain, I strongly disagree with the decision taken to extend air strikes into Syria.

Having said that, I fully respect the 397 MPs who voted in favour, however, I would very much hope that they also respect the views of those who are against, both inside and outside Westminster.

What a pity the whole issue was clouded by our Prime Minister David Cameron.

It appears that he believes that anyone who opposes military action are, in his words, ‘terrorist sympathisers’.

I, for one, am certainly not.

Slip of the tongue, call it what you like, (he seems to make a habit of this), it is in my opinion extremely offensive.

In future, perhaps Mr Cameron should engage his brain before he opens his mouth?

John Yale, address supplied

‘Buses now unreliable’

Stagecoach Buses?

Come back Fishwicks!

Since Stagecoach took over the routes, I have been late for work several times, with the buses turning up 15 to 20 minutes later than they should.

Sometimes three buses turn up at the same time.

Many passengers have complained to the company about the current situation over recent weeks.

They do have a timetable, but it’s for display purposes only!

Name and address supplied

Government doesn’t care

I think some people in this country need educating. When you ask: “Who did you vote for?” You get the answer “Tories”.

Is it any wonder we are saddled with this lot for another five years?

I remember Thatcher coming in, first she smashed the unions, then hit the steel workers, coal and dockers.

Blair and Brown followed, only to find out they were more Tory than the Tories.

My worry is for the young people.

My grandson is 14 years old, he sits his GCSE next year. He is a brilliant academic, but will he get a job?

This government doesn’t give a monkey’s.

Mrs Rose via email