Readers’ letters - December 15

A tram passes through Sheffield city centre. A reader suggests a tram system as an answer to the traffic jams in Preston
A tram passes through Sheffield city centre. A reader suggests a tram system as an answer to the traffic jams in Preston
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Could trams be solution?

Following last week’s chaotic traffic problems with cars trying to leave the city centre and Deepdale centre, isn’t it time that Lancashire County Council highways department relented in its opposition to city trams?

If Manchester and Sheffield, to name two of our major cities, are expanding their lines and helping to reduce the numbers of cars in their centres, surely it’s time for Preston to realise that this is the way forward?

It appears to me that someone in the highways department seems dead set against it, but for what reason?

I was informed that the main reason why the highways department would not consider it was that it would add several more seconds to the traffic lights at the London Road crossing point, but providing they are coordinated correctly, I, for one, can’t see a problem.

Why doesn’t the LEP ask its readers to have their say?

Cliff Fazackerley, Preston

Flood alerts are being ignored

I have followed with some interest your articles on the recent tragic flooding and the horrendous impact it has had on local communities.

I find it ironic and bemusing that some local authority planners are still, now, despite these events, considering large scale residential planning applications in areas deemed subject to flood warnings!

Over the past two weekends, I have seen areas marked as “under flood alert warning” on the internet, on graphics produced by the Environment Agency.

The very same areas extended over land currently subject to large scale residential planning applications.

This is the same agency that removed its opposition to these plans some weeks ago on the grounds it did not consider there to be a flooding issue! It is no wonder people are dismayed and confused.

Name and address supplied

Community pulled together

Although Storm Desmond was a tragedy to the infrastructure of Lancashire, I have to say that there was some aspects of it which were really humbling.

In our time of need, the local community pulls together and it is beautiful. There were so many local businesses such as the Sun Hotel, The Robert Gillow and many others who catered for many stranded members of the public. There were so many kind people donating food, candles and other essential supplies in Lancaster city centre.

Also, although many criticise our police and other front-line services, no one can deny their sheer efforts, working tirelessly to keep us residents safe.

Also, I would like to share my respects to the Salvation Army who had many trucks, providing food and drink to those who were running on limited supplies.

I am a proud Lancastrian and you should be proud too.

Joshua Brandwood

Morecambe town councillor

The mother of all potholes

I read the caption regarding “ the mother of all potholes” and raised a wry smile (LEP December 5).

As a biker myself, the presence of debris on a bend is like riding on marbles and extremely dangerous.

I wondered if Bill Nickson was a fisherman, as they have a habit of exaggerating the size of fish they have caught, or if it was just editorial licence, as it was reported the pothole was up to 10” deep.

The standard bike wheel is 26” diameter, so the water should have been about 3” down from the spindle or mid calf if he had stood in it.

Why not say it as it was, about 5” deep from the road level?

Garry Crabtree via email

Meeting Santa on steam train

Sunday morning and great excitement – we were going on the Christmas Train, grandparents, parents and two three-year-olds.

We went down to Riversway in order to board the Christmas Steam Train.

On board we were treated to mince pies and sherry or fruit juice and cookies.

Along came a guy playing the ukulele and we all joined in singing Jingle Bells amongst others, what excitement.

Then Santa appeared with his elves, giving out presents to the girls and boys. It was wonderful to see their little faces light up.

We arrived back at the station in time to explore the old steam engines and have a ride on the miniature railway.

We then had a hot drink in the cafe before departing for home.

What a joy to see our little grandchildren enjoying such an exciting experience.

This is run by volunteers and we must say a huge thank you to them all for this Christmas adventure and for the work they do all year round.

Christine Abram, Bobby Cartwright


Different way of doing politics?

A mob outside a Labour MP’s house. Ken Livingstone blaming Tony Blair for 7/7. A Trade Union Baron threatening Labour’s “momentum” party within a party’s lumbering representative of the people with emails. Corbyn’s disciples abusing anyone who dares to question their “messiah”.

Welcome to Corbyn’s new kind of politics and respect!

A different way of doing politics?

Graham Nelson, Preston

Thanks to all who helped us

May I, through your newspaper, thank the wonderful volunteers, social service and Preston Leisure Centre staff, who looked after the many people stranded on Saturday night, December 5, due to adverse weather conditions.

They provided us with everything we needed for a comfortable, warm night and were on­ duty for hours ­ providing hot drinks and nourishment. Also, in the light of current events, one of them was a very compassionate Muslim lady.

Margaret Mason, Kendal