Readers’ letters - December 10

Rescue teams help out following flooding in Carlisle. A reader says overseas aid should be used to solve  the UK's problems like flooding
Rescue teams help out following flooding in Carlisle. A reader says overseas aid should be used to solve the UK's problems like flooding
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Charity begins at home

In the light of the recent tragic events in the UK, due to the severity of the adverse weather conditions, along with problems with the NHS funding, people living rough on our streets (including ex-servicemen), families forced to use food banks and benefits being cut... the list goes on, yet we the working people of the UK are giving £12bn in overseas aid, and that’s not a one-off, that’s every year!

It’s money earned by us and we should have a say where this money is spent.

We are even giving to countries that have found enough money for a space programme, but still need aid from the hard-working people of the UK.

It’s time this money was used to solve our own country’s problems. Charity needs to begin at home and when our problems are sorted, then send money overseas.

Will any aid from overseas be arriving to help the people of the North West during their time of need?

G Martin, Preston

Avoid the cars, come to Chorley

It’s interesting to see the letters in your newspaper about the frustration people have in trying to get into Preston city centre by car.

Instead of getting snarled up in traffic and spending more time in your car than in the shops, why not come and check out Chorley and see what we’ve got to offer?

We may not have all the big name stores but we’ve 
got plenty of independent traders who offer a fantastic service and you’ll be sure to find some unique Christmas presents.

You won’t be stuck in traffic like the big cities and you’ll receive a very warm welcome.

Plus we’ve got our giant 100ft ferris wheel in town from Friday, the Santa Express and free parking after 5pm each weekday, after 1pm on Saturdays and all day Sundays.

Coun Peter Wilson, deputy leader of Chorley Council

Fight to keep vital resource

It was disheartening to learn recently that Lancashire County Council was considering the closure of Garstang Library as part of a raft of cuts in order to balance the books.

This is a vital and well used resource in our town – serving people of all ages – and something we should fight tooth and nail to preserve.

Seventy four per cent of our annual council tax bill makes its way to Lancashire County Council, but very little of that is actually spent here in Garstang or indeed in Wyre Borough.

Instead much of the money raised here makes its way over to the east of the county where it is argued need is greater.

It’s quite shocking that once again we could lose something so vital in the Garstang area at the behest of county councillors from east Lancashire and Preston.

We don’t have anywhere near the level of services that other places enjoy, yet they seek to run down what we do have still further.

This is totally unacceptable and I would urge everybody to strongly express their opposition to this proposal by LCC before its too late.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Shaun Turner, Ward Councillor Brock with Catterall

Spend money on flooding

Perhaps the government ought to disband the Department for International Development and in its place create a Department for the Regeneration of Flooded and Derelict Areas in the UK, thereby diverting cash away from India’s space programme to where it is most needed.

Peter Hyde, address supplied

Ignoring values of Great Britain

It is nearly 43 years since we joined the EU (then the Common Market) and we were told that joining it was to help our businesses and boost our economy, nothing more.

Since then, however, we have continued to lose control of our country by surrendering our sovereignty, and everything that entails, to the faceless bureaucrats of the EU.

And for that privilege we pay £55m every day, and far more when you take the added costs to our businesses and local authorities.

Now, following a two-year commission, chaired by a former senior judge, Baroness Butler-Sloss, along with senior figures of other religious faiths, we are told that Britain should stop acting as if it was still a Christian country.

This we are told is based upon the rise of Islam, other faiths

and a decline in church attendance.

Just as the “Establishment” surrendered Britain’s sovereignty, and therefore our governance to the EU, they are now doing their utmost to complete the destruction of Britain, by abandoning Christianity and giving in to those with opposing views to ours.

There is something sinister about these liberal-minded apologist do-gooders, who, instead of standing up for the values that the majority believe in, they would simply sooner surrender to the minority, ignoring the rest in the process.

Philip Griffiths

North West President,

UKIP (UK Independence Party)

Reunion for hospital staff

A Whittingham Hospital staff reunion is to be held on Friday, January 22, at the Goosnargh & Whittingham Sports and Social Club, formerly the “Staff Club” on the Whittingham Hospital site.

Tickets are available at £5 each (please add 80p to total for post and packing) and can be obtained from Paul Newton, Phil Knapman or myself via the Facebook page for Whittingham Hospital or via the website

Tickets are limited and will be restricted to a first come first served basis.

This unfortunately is a requirement to comply with the fire regulations and the rules of the club management.

K D Ashton via email