Readers’ letters - December 1

Church Street needs money spent on it says a reader. See letter
Church Street needs money spent on it says a reader. See letter
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Spend cash on Church St

Money needs to be spent in the Church Street area of Preston to bring it back to its former glory.

It’s all doom and gloom and better lighting needs to be put up.

The derelict shops need revamping and re-opening so we can have individual shops.

No more takeaways.

Character needs bringing back into this area because it’s been a mess for a long time.

We need something other towns haven’t got: Victorian seats and lighting and canopies outside shops.

We don’t want to be clones like other towns.

The roundabouts at the top of Church Street and Stanley Street have seen better days.

The cobbles need to be removed and something nice needs to be displayed on them like “Welcome To Preston”, and a statue of some kind about the cotton mills or even Ernie Grimes.

P.s The buildings on Manchester Road are disgusting.

Concerned Prestonian

It’s unsafe to walk or drive

I am wondering when Preston City Council and Lancashire County Council are going to waken up to the disgraceful road situation in Cottam and Higher Bartle?

Nobody cares that we residents are virtually trapped in our homes. It is unsafe to walk and also to drive.

The developers have a cavalier attitude and, as for the HGV drivers, well, I cannot understand why we cannot name and shame them.

I have never experienced such blatant ignorance and disrespect for pedestrians and other road users.

The roads they appear to be using are Tabley Lane, Sandy Lane, Hoyles Lane and Lightfoot Lane. They have been seen going through Woodplumpton Village, and also on Blackleach Lane and Bartle Lane. Is there no road or lane safe?

The post office at Cottam is suffering due to the closure of Hoyles Lane, as stated by the postmistress Emma Brown in the (LEP November 24 ).

What I would like to know is why nothing can be done to try and alleviate this situation?

The councillors have gone to ground. They have not gone to ground when they are taking our council tax.

They should all be ashamed of themselves.

As for the faceless person who commented on the Emma Brown article, saying we should walk to the post office (LEP November 27), I would like to point out I took my life in my hands to do just that this morning.

Ellen Moon via email

We’ll miss the NHS if it goes

There is a lottery win standing at £152m. Just half of that donated to the NHS would still leave a good win for someone.

Runs for charities are held all over the country and collection boxes are everywhere for different causes – but not a single thing is done to help out our own NHS.

If it folded for lack of funds, where would we all turn for help? After all, even if we are very lucky and only need the NHS at the beginning and end of our lives, what would we do without their care?

Some of us can still remember the days of no NHS when we had to rely on the elderly lady down the road or the overworked local doctor who had to be paid for his services.

God help us if those days ever returned. I can remember when my mam paid the doctor’s collector man a few pennies a week so that we children and our parents could be treated when accidents happened.

If anything was very serious, one got sent to the local infirmary, but one was kept waiting hours before one got help.

Olga Twist, address supplied

An insult to our way of life

Will the terrible atrocities carried out in France finally make our lily-livered politicians at last realise that Islamic Muslims have been given far too much consideration for their faith in this country?

We mustn’t offend them in any way… why?

Politicians seem scared to death to offend them.

They choose to come and live in a Western Christian country and to enjoy the benefits freedom gives them, but it is obvious over the years that some have no intention whatsoever in “integrating” into our way of life.

An example of politicians bending over backwards to appease is the refusal to ban the wearing of the full black drab one-piece garment, the niqab.

It is an insult to our Western Christian way of life and to women in general.

How do I know if a person wearing that attire is a male or female?

Or if they are a terrorist in a very convenient disguise with a suicide vest on?

If I go into a shopping store, bank, theatre or any other crowded place wearing a balaclava, with just my eyes showing, I would be arrested on the spot.

Or at least be told to remove it, wouldn’t I?

So why are they allowed to get away with basically the same thing?

With the ISIS threat now more serious than ever, why are we still allowing this medieval form of dress being allowed in this country?

France had the guts to ban it. Britain will only do it when ISIS carry out more atrocities in this country using this convenient dress mode as a way of hiding guns and bombs under it. By then it will have been too late for some poor souls.

TK, Penwortham

MP absences in debates say it all

MPs recently debated climate change and only 10 per cent turned up for this important issue.

And the place was half empty for a debate on Syria.

The place was full to brimming for the pay award debate.

Says it all ?

Just what do we get for our tax?

R Kimble,

Address supplied