Readers’ letters - August 18

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I’m confused about what car to buy next

My B Class Mercedes diesel car is due for changing in May 2018.

I bought this car with a diesel engine because we were told that petrol engines, which I have always had before, were bad for the environment and not as efficient.

The Government at this time were promoting diesel engines.

Now both petrol and diesel engines appear to 
be bad and are to be banned.

So what now?

Electric cars are much more expensive, charging points limited, travel is limited between charges and I worry about the batteries that are used.

Battery life, cost, old battery disposal and material supplies for 
battery manufacturing – all a worry.

Not sure what to get next, a petrol, a hybrid or an electric car.

I think people need some guidance from car manufacturers and the Government specialists.

Electric and hybrid car costs need to be affordable, battery charging made easier and battery reliability needs to be looked at and assured.

Jim Stockwell

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Open Salt Ayre on holidays

Lancaster’s Salt Ayre is now a world class sports centre, but it’s not used enough.

We have a wonderful sports facility but seem incapable of generating the maximum income from this facility.

For example, on the Bank Holiday at the end of this month, everything is booming.

Young families are looking to enjoy themselves.

Looking for somewhere to go.

So what does Salt Ayre do?

It remains shut.

These families are not usually season ticket holders.

The income generated from these would-be customers is real money.

A true win-win situation.

Monday, August 28, would easily be the busiest day of the year, if it opened.

The arrangements we currently have belong to the age of the dinosaur.

All competitors will be open.

Of course, the same applies to the community pools.

My local pool, Heysham High, is threatened with closure, when what we ought to be doing is maximising income from such a wonderful facility.

Stan Hewitson



Why we can’t trust Corbyn

Corbyn’s public statement that those who support the evil terrorist group ISIS should not be punished simply ‘because they have a different political view’ is monstrous.

It defies belief.

He is supporting a group who have tortured and butchered the innocent, enslaved women and destroyed homes and priceless artefacts.

His contemptible utterance confirms that he is totally unfit to ever be


Does anyone imagine that, in a major crisis, the Chief of the Defence Staff and the three Service Chiefs would be prepared to brief such an individual with highly sensitive information?

They would resign and so would their deputies.

Corbyn and his clique have no love for this nation.

They could never be trusted with its safety.

Colonel (retired) Barry Clayton

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health service

Dedicated and caring surgeon

I am really annoyed at all the negative things I read about the staff who work for our National Health Service.

Since my husband became ill in early February, we have received nothing but the best and most courteous treatment from the many doctors and nurses at Blackburn and Burnley Hospitals.

But most of all I must praise the consultant, Daren Subar.

He is the most honest and dedicated surgeon.

Nothing is too much trouble for him. We have seen him for test results on many occasions and he has discussed everything in detail to myself, as well as my husband.

Surgery was performed by Mr Subar and he has visited my husband most days after his surgery, some days twice a day.

I am sure he does the same for all his patients.

He is a wonderful, caring man.

Sheila Whiteley



Unnecessary road works

Having read about the grot spots of Preston, I would also like to criticise Lancashire County Council on its unnecessary work at the Pope Lane roundabout which joins the Penwortham bypass.

This has been going on for months and a road has even been blocked off.

I cannot justify the time and money being spent when most of the roads are not fit to drive on.

After it has been finished, what will they have achieved?

I would not like to see them do a big job. It’s a joke and inconveniencing a lot of people.

I am an experienced driver and ex-biker, and what the council has done to the road system is bad for safety.

I am surprised nobody has been killed.

Mr C Bibby



Used stamps can help charity

I am collecting any used postage stamps, old mobiles, stamps albums and cigarette cards for the Blue Cross charity.

The Blue Cross is a charity that relies on fundraising to help look after unwanted and abandoned animals.

Without our help to support them, most of the animals we all love would be put to sleep.

Therefore I would be grateful for your help on sending the above items that can be turned into funds for a good cause.

Please send your items to David Cleggett, 75 Kingsley Road. Maidstone, Kent, ME15 7UP.

David Cleggett