Readers’ letters - April 22

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True cost of staying in

The latest onslaught from The Remain Campaign, purporting to show the actual costs of a BREXIT to the UK, needs a point by point rebuttal from the Leave Campaign for the benefit of the voting waverers, otherwise many will accept these costs as being kosher coming as they do from the present Government.

We all know that these figures are total rubbish from a civil service department famed for their inability to make a correct forecast regarding the UK economy for the last 12 months past, never mind as far ahead as 2030.

Unfortunately many of those voters with short-term memories will accept this forecast as gospel truth, fulfilling their oft-repeated mantra that no one has really explained to them what a Brexit would look like.

So it is essential that the true cost of us ‘staying in’ is presented to them which has been so conveniently omitted from Osborne’s forecast.

Many of the older voters will remember how the electorate were conned in 1973 when we were persuaded that joining ‘a loose federation of Common Market trading nations,’ comprising of France, Germany and Italy, was a good thing.

Many of the younger voters do not understand that we now find ourselves in a 28-nation EU superstate and, after 43 years of UK membership attempting to change its corrupt, undemocratic practices, we have never done so, and are now even less likely to do so in the future, amply demonstrated by Cameron’s recent attempted EU negotiations.

We are expected by the EU, with our present £55m daily contribution (likely to rise shortly), to assist these poorer nations and accept an open border situation where all immigrants are welcome to come here, regardless of our limited geographical space to house, educate and heal our present population.

For us to remain in the EU will certainly have the effect on the UK that Osborne has so prophetically outlined by 2030 in his assessment of the true cost of us withdrawing. In fact assessing us as a third-rate nation incapable of improving upon our present position as the fifth largest economy in the world, unable to survive outside the EU. When our leaders lack vision, the people perish!

E J Tilley, Chorley

Take a flight into the light

It was in January 1973 that Britain took ‘a leap in the dark’ and joined Europe, entering a land flowing with milk and honey – or so we were led to believe.

Over the following 40 years, our culture, identity, humour and Britishness has almost disappeared. Not facts you can prove, but older people are very aware of the change.

The following facts however can be proved:

a) Thousands of qualified workers and graduates have chosen to leave our country.

b) EU law has overridden British law, which meant we could not control immigration or our borders. Basically we are ruled by Germany and her European allies.

c) Virtually all our manufacturing and productive industries have gone. Those that are left are owned or run by foreign investors. Practically all our utility and media companies are also owned by foreign investors.

On June 23, we have the opportunity to take ‘a flight into the light’ by voting to leave the EU.

I remember life as being much happier and more rewarding, both in business and at home, before getting involved with the EU.

If you feel intimidated by all the scare stories and pro EU propaganda by George Osborne and others, just think if we left the EU every family could be £5,000 better off – based on greater world trade and saving £20bn we pay the EU every year.

Of course ALL these figures are picked ‘out of a hat’ as neither George Osborne or myself have the slightest idea of what the future may hold IN or OUT of the EU.

Harvey Carter, Kirkham

Why I will vote to stay in union

It’s no use those in favour of leaving Europe saying that people like Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill would vote for exit because we don’t know.

We have to deal with those that are living now.

Jeremy Corbyn made a very good speech on why he wants the UK to stay in Britain because it’s the best framework for trade, manufacturing and cooperation in the 21st Century.

He also made a special appeal for young people to get involved because the decision on June 23 will affect their future.

More and more people, particularly those in work, are in favour of staying in to protect workers’ rights, equal pay for work of equal value, part time workers’ laws and guaranteed holiday pay. I have never been a purist. The EU is not perfect by any means, most organisations are not, but it doesn’t prevent us from participating in argument and discussion.

That’s why I will be voting to remain in the EU.

John Appleyard, address supplied

We could help with clean water

There are so many requests on TV asking for donations to help so many causes, I doubt many have received help.

I have just watched the appeal for clean water advert.

We all need water and are in such a panic if water is off, even for an hour or so.

As every household receives a water bill every three months, would people mind if a very small amount was added to that bill for the world to have clean water and that the amount was specifically for that purpose?

Anyone who disagrees to the small amount could make their wishes known and just pay the bill without the extra amount that’s added.

Olga Twist via email

Put kettle on – but don’t overfill

Why do British people overfill the kettle to make a cup of tea?

Research into households say that nine out of 10 families needlessly add to their electricity costs by boiling more water than required.

“It’s been a long day, put the kettle on luv, I’m parched.”

EB Warris via email