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More than 300 libraries have closed  in the UK since 2010 says a reader. See letter
More than 300 libraries have closed in the UK since 2010 says a reader. See letter
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Shocking decline of libraries in UK

I write to highlight the shocking decline of libraries in the UK since the start of the ConDem coalition government in 2010, which has seen 343 libraries closed with a further 111 planned this year.

This has meant a staggering 7,933 library staff (around 25 per cent of the total UK library workforce in 2010) losing their jobs.

A further 174 libraries have been transferred to volunteer or community run in the same period. (Source: )

Libraries are needed now more than ever.

They support so many people and contribute so much to local communities.

Aside from the books and free internet access, the social support staff can give to isolated groups such as the elderly or those with physical and mental health problems is invaluable.

As with so many vital services, it is a sad truth that libraries and other local services will continue to be cut.

Matthew Smith, address supplied

Government’s no dictatorship

I feel I must challenge Labour activist Roy Lewis’ stinging attack on Theresa May (LEP November 7).

Mrs May does understand democracy, and Mr Lewis referring to her Government as a “dictatorship” is something I find offensive.

The Government was democratically elected last year with a majority.

With regard to Trident, Mr Lewis seems to forget the majority of Labour MPs rebelled against Mr Corbyn and supported Trident.

Also I never tire of hearing scaremongering that the NHS is being “privatised”.

The Conservatives are not privatising the NHS. Private companies running NHS services is nothing new and this was introduced by Labour.

As for Brexit, democracy took place and 17.4m people, a majority, voted to leave the EU.

That result must be honoured and I think it is shameful there are a number of Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs who have pledged to block Brexit.

They are the ones who don’t get democracy.

Mrs May is simply honouring the will of the public, despite voting Remain herself, and for that I respect her.

Christian Cox

via email

The people have spoken

The American people have spoken, and spoken against the political establishment, pollsters, rag-bag pop stars, the left-leaning press and media coverage, including the appalling Clinton-biased coverage by our leading broadcaster, the BBC.

I watched the early news where a BBC presenter had the impudence to indicate the presidential election was swayed by the “uneducated” against the “educated voters”.

How patronizing can you get?

The similarity of the American presidential election and our EEC referendum is incredible.

The people of this country are not stupid.

They, like the Americans, saw through the appalling “vote this way” or “stay in” propaganda expressed by the so-called intelligentsia, the left wing press and the BBC.

The peoples of both countries do know what they voted for.

They voted for what they believed in, not, I repeat not, what they were told to vote for.

That is what freedom-loving people over time have fought for and died for, it’s called universal suffrage.

Thank God democracy is alive and kicking, so I say to the intelligentsia “Live with it”.

Your day has gone.

Bernard Darbyshire

via email

My three issues with club plans

Re: The proposed development of Ingol Golf Club. Three things seem strange:

1. State-of-the-art training facilities do not make good players. Look at all the clubs outside the Premier League, they spent fortunes on their centres – Blackburn Rovers, Wigan and Leeds.

2. Does the council need another park to maintain, since it is relying on volunteers to maintain the parks around the city? And these parks are mainly used for anti-social behaviour and other minor crimes. Also, people can walk their dogs already on the golf course.

3. The only part of this plan not mentioned is the number of houses being built. That is where the real money is involved in.

T Cleary, Ashton

In support

of Elizabeth

It is a joy to read the progress and journey of Elizabeth Grant as she prepares for the Miss World contest. Our son was in the same school class as Melanie (Elizabeth’s sister) to whom Elizabeth has dedicated her title and focused her fundraising.

Since losing Melanie, all of Elizabeth’s family have continued to fundraise over the years and they deserve this pleasure and happiness of seeing Elizabeth represent the UK, and we wish them all well.

Name and address supplied

Happy days at Preston Docks

I was interested to read the article in the Lancashire Evening Post about the Preston Docks (LEP November 2).

As a child we lived on the Larches estate and we spent many hours down there, playing in the old air raid shelter and watched the banana boats coming in and out.

We were invited on one of the boats to have a look around.

Oh, happy days.

Dot Kirkby, Preston

No sacrifices – no Fifa games

How dare Fifa brand the poppy as political? It is only through the sacrifices of those whom we remember at this time of year that Fifa is free to rake in its millions.

Elisabeth Baker,

Address supplied