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A correspondent remembers the confusion over a cat's gender ' until 'he' had kittens. See letter
A correspondent remembers the confusion over a cat's gender ' until 'he' had kittens. See letter
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Let’s learn from history

What infuriates the Russians about us is our hypocrisy.

Who destroyed Middle East stability?

We did.

Who destroyed Libya’s Government, then walked away, opening it up to ISIS?

We did.

Who backs and equips Saudi Arabia’s war against Houthi civilians in the Yemen?

We do.

What has Russia done in Crimea that we didn’t do in the Falklands?

It was reclaiming its own territory.

Taking NATO right up to Russia’s borders was the mirror image of the USSR taking the Warsaw Pact to the borders of the U.S.– and nuclear war was only narrowly avoided during the resulting Cuba crisis.

Do we learn nothing from history?

Alan Thompson via email

This situation is all win win

I have an idea for addressing the problems of childhood obesity and parking mayhem around schools and help cash- strapped councils.

There should be red line road markings for a 200m radius centred on all schools and councils should charge parents £52 per year for a pick-up/drop-off permit.

The result would be more kids would have to walk to school, or at least walk 800m a day, councils or schools would get some money to spend, and residents who live adjacent to schools would be able to access their drives.

Traffic in general will be eased during the twice daily school run rush hour, saving journey times and reducing air pollution and it would get parents exercising as well.

A win, win, win situation.

R Spreadbury via email

Ed’s beyond
a joke now

What is wrong with people? Lesley Joseph at her age showed the same sort of spirit that Petula Clark did the other night when we saw her live at a concert. That politicians are narcissists is obvious but the narcissism of Ed Balls seems to know no bounds.

“I am improving” he asserts. Such lack of insight borders on the illogical. And yet viewers have voted him back.

It might be mildly amusing for one week to make fun of him but when Lesley and Daisy Lowe end up in the dance-off, it just becomes irritating. On a serious level I think the BBC should question the practice of the “idiot dancer”. It is a dance competition and people who can’t dance and clearly demonstrate they will NEVER be able to should be cleared well beforehand and not included in the first place.

Yes, I know there are more important issues but come on!

Terry Maunder, address supplied

of refugees

Regarding the closure of public amenities, libraries, leisure centres and so on, are these closures the result of the resettlement of refugees in the Preston district? Or are these refugees being funded by central Government funds?

Please will somebody tell us the truth? People of Preston would like the truth, if you dare disclose it.

Mr J Simpson, Preston

When Ben the cat became a she

Reading Aasma Day’s column on gender confusion (LEP October 22), reminded me of an old joke when someone asked what the cat was called. When I replied “Ben Hur”, they said it was an unusual name for a cat. I explained that it was simply BEN, until it had kittens.

Malcolm Boyce via email

Let’s build a new Britannia

The Queen and Prince Philip have simply been outstanding in their service to this country and the Commonwealth.

The Queen has also been an outstanding Head of State respected the world over, perhaps I could say our greatest monarch ever. With Brexit meaning Brexit, we can now concentrate our efforts on the Commonwealth and at a fraction of the cost. I watched a programme on the Prince of Wales and was amazed at his workload, along with the energy he displayed executing his duties faultlessly day in and day out.

Let us select a team of Royal appointed craftsmen from Britain and the Commonwealth and build a new Britannia reminding the world why Britain has a Great in front of it! Have we not wasted millions over the years supporting those who have been allowed to be so negative about our great country?

Christopher Clapham, address supplied

Why do celebs get the gongs?

Ruthven is quite right in saying chewing gum doesn’t stop, even when people are receiving a major award from a member of the Royal Family (LEP Letters, October 25).

One thing though, why is it always celebrities who get gongs?

I was watching TV and there was a wonderful doctor who worked in war zones helping those in dire need. He is now back in the UK training doctors in war zones via the internet.

Will he or others like him receive a gong?

No, of course not. They are not famous.

tiredallthetime via

Searching for WW1 relatives

I am a volunteer with Aldridge Great War Project. We are trying to find as many relatives of Aldridge men and women who served in the First World War, in order that we may honour their stories in a non-profit book to be published in 2018.

The relatives may well have left Aldridge (then in Staffordshire) so we are trying to reach them through local newspapers in the hope we may find those missing from our research.

Karen Ross, c/o 270 Walsall Wood Road, Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands, WS9 8BH, http://aldridgegreatwar.