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Eoin Doyle signs Amelia's autograph before last Saturday's match. Amelia writes in after seeing her picture in the LEP. See page 19
Eoin Doyle signs Amelia's autograph before last Saturday's match. Amelia writes in after seeing her picture in the LEP. See page 19
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This attack is a war crime

Everyone agrees the recent diabolical attack by Syria (or Russia) on the Relief Convoy, scheduled to feed the starving Syrians in Aleppo, is a war crime.

Unfortunately this is not the first carried out by the Assad Regime, where he previously used poison gas to assault his own Syrian citizens, despite prior warnings from President Obama that any poison gas use would result in a retributive attack from the West.

The fact that this never occurred was undoubtedly instrumental in emboldening Russia in deciding to support President Assad militarily and the general escalation of the war and increased casualties which have followed.

This situation where two war crimes have been committed by Assad’s regime without any demonstrable retribution or official judgment from the West ought not to be tolerated.

Where Obama is not prepared to act, surely the United Nation’s Assembly should do so, in the name of world justice for war crimes committed.

All that is needed is for Assad’s airfields to be bombed to prevent their continued use in attacking his own citizenry.

If Russia then continues these bloody Syrian air attacks on its own, it will be shown to the rest of the world as Putin’s real agenda, which will be to use Russia’s military strength to continue to subdue any opposition to his future expansionist ambitions elsewhere.

A simple solution, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

E J TIlley, Chorley

Playing the blame game

I know the Tories are ruthless when it comes to the vulnerable and poor, the NHS and public services, hence the reason why I would never vote for them.

But, and it pains me to write this, I don’t think I care much for Labour on a local level.

As far as I can make out, this is how it goes: the national Tory Government gives less money to Labour councils and Labour councils cut more services in Tory areas.

It seems it’s not about the people who use these services. It’s about getting votes and punishing those who voted for the other party (or people who live in those areas).

And then, when people complain about the cuts, blame the council (if you’re the party in opposition) or the Government (if you’re the party in opposition). Don’t take responsibility, keep playing the blame game and no one will be ever the wiser.

It means you can keep on wasting money – unnecessary city centre road schemes, consultants (£6.6m) and waste treatment schemes which are then closed down (£2bn).

Nationally you can turn a blind eye to super-rich companies and the tax they could and should pay. Imagine if big firms paid the amount of tax they’re supposed to pay – we might not even need ‘austerity’!

You can also waste money on Hinkley Point (£18bn), HS2 (£42.6 bn) and a Garden Bridge (£60m). So we have plenty of cash for certain things but not for others.

I will continue to vote because of the Suffragettes (maybe Greens next time?), and I appreciate the good politicians who fight for their community and public services. But I am feeling fed up with party politics.

Disillusioned Jane, Lancashire

I’m the Face

in the Crowd

Hi, my name is Amelia. I’m seven years old and I’m the girl in the Face in the Crowd picture. I’m also pictured getting Eoin Doyle’s autograph. I really love watching North End and go to all the home matches. I loved the game on Friday, especially as we won.

Amelia via email

I also don’t care about Bake Off

I wholeheartedly agree with Paul Morley (LEP, September 26) about Bake Off. It’s cheap TV!

As far as I am concerned, I have never watched it, and could not give a hoot if it disappears forever!

Mike Smith, Lea, Preston