Reader’s letters - Wednesday September 24, 2014

Connor and Leo Lambert, winner of the best dressed competition at Morecambe's Vintage by the Sea festival (see letter)
Connor and Leo Lambert, winner of the best dressed competition at Morecambe's Vintage by the Sea festival (see letter)
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Smokers blight square too

About three years ago (the same time we were told we would be having tinsel hanging from the trees) I asked in this column why Heathcotes in Winckley Square should need planning permission for an internal sign when if you looked out of their door there were massive for sale boards all around the square that appear without any consultation. At last I am glad to see Preston Council is doing something about it (LEP September 22).

My other concern is that as a local resident I walk through the square most days and have to negotiate around all the people from local offices stood outside smoking.

They seem to think it is OK to throw their cigarette end into the square without a thought to the mess they are creating.

I am sure if the town centre litter wardens spent a day around the square they would have a field day as most of the culprits are wearing ID badges.

I assume the consultations about the square are still progressing. Perhaps I will write again in another three years just to make sure.

Terry Casey, via e-mail

Equality fails to fit with church

I would like to reply to the letter from H Smith, (letters September 22) regarding feminism. She criticizes me for writing in support of women, (letters September 16).

In her letter she states: “The entire point of feminism is not that women are encouraged to ‘act like men’ “. This reminds me of a comment made by the Duke of Wellington to a gentleman who approached him and said: “Mr. Smith, I believe.” “If you believe that,” said the Iron Duke, “you’ll believe anything!”

The one Holy and Apostolic Church teaches that: Men and women are equal in dignity, yet separate in role and function, and that those roles and functions are complementary.

What feminists have to ask themselves is – how does their philosophy square with church teaching, I know that Dr Alice von Hildebrand’s does because she was made a Dame Grand Cross of the Equestrian Order of St. Gregory. This is the highest honour a Pope can bestow upon a layman, Oops, layperson.

P Glover, via e-mail

Frack decision is correct one

Cuadrilla is crying foul because they (and their consultants and PR team) were given only five days to respond to planners’ objections.

Given the resources at their disposal and the attempt to drown officials in paper this is a bit rich.

The Environmental Statement is riddled with assertion, inaccuracy and inconsistency and even suggests traffic exit the M55 via exit four for Roseacre.

Arup and Cuadrilla have failed to secure approval even from councillors who support shale gas exploration, because they have treated the reality with contempt and attempted to push the boundaries of acceptable and appropriate development to a ludicrous conclusion.

If Roseacre Wood became a fracking site, nowhere would be deemed inappropriate save possibly Lytham Green, and even there the roads are better!

Barry Warner, via email

Top marks for a vintage event

What a really great Vintage weekend in Morecambe. Glorious weather, thousands turning out and a wonderful atmosphere. Many thanks to both Mr Hemingway for his efforts and, our much maligned council for the funding. Let’s hope it becomes a permanent feature.

I’ve written this as a tribute to our wonderful vintage weekend, thought I would share it.

Ray Crowther, Morecambe

Proms sounded poor final note

The final part of the great traditional music event Last Night of the Proms was very disappointing this year.

The director and cameraman during the ‘community’ singing both seemed obsessed with the spectators at Hyde Park in London, with just a fleeting glimpse of the gatherings at Belfast, Glasgow and Swansea.

We were then treated to a truly awful rendition of British sea songs where I struggled to pick up any of our great nautical tunes.

The final straw was the performance of Jerusalem after Land of Hope and Glory.

The English must shake off the obsession with this little town which has been nothing but trouble for a thousand years.

No way can this hymn become the ‘English’ national anthem, I would rather have The British Grenadiers!

G Reed, address supplied

Jobless figures falling in town

The Conservative plan is working evidenced by the dramatically falling numbers of those needing to claim job seekers allowance and the record numbers of people in employment.

There’s more to do as the government still works through its plan dealing with Labour’s Great Recession.

In Chorley, for example, the number of those claiming job seekers allowance at 974 is now at the lowest since December 2007, and 38 per cent fewer since the constituency MP’s Labour government was in power. Not just that though, also 1,109 fewer than Labour’s peak of 2,083 in April 2009.

Peter Malpas, Chorley

Parents are hit by holiday rule

I will not be voting in the next General Election, the reason is this: my husband is in an industry where they have fixed holidays and these unfortunately are outside of school term time.

This means that we have to take our children out of school if we want to spend a week together as a family.

Now we face hefty fines from the school if we do.

It seems to me more about getting good attendance records for the league tables than improving children’s education.

C Smith, Blackpool