Reader’s letters - Wednesday, September 16

Cyclists on the Guild Wheel. A reader is concerned over the safety of part of the  cycle route. See letter
Cyclists on the Guild Wheel. A reader is concerned over the safety of part of the cycle route. See letter
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Make it safe for road users

Being a proud Prestonion, and having lived and educated here for most of my life, this gives me great respect and use of the Guild Wheel.

In my early teens, I was a keen cyclist, enjoying riding through the fascinating scenery around Preston and beyond.

Now, although I have been retired for many years, I still enjoy riding my bike, either on the many quiet country lanes, or around the delightful Guild Wheel.

When my two young grandsons from the Midlands visit me, they either bring or borrow their bicycles. They always say “granddad, let’s ride the Guild Wheel”, they both enjoy it so much.

While recently cycling around the Guild Wheel and through the old Lightfoot Lane from Tabley Lane, I was disturbed about the new dangerous access and exit road from the new housing development on Lightfoot farm area.

It makes this road into a busy highway and is extremely dangerous to cyclists now trying to traverse this dangerous road work area. It is particularly dangerous to cyclists travelling from Tabley Lane to cross the main entrance/exit area, especially from vehicles leaving the site, with the sharp corner making a visual problem area for cyclists coming from the right from East Way.

There is a site information sign provided by Redrow, stating: “Considerate contractors secure every one’s safety”. I wonder?

As vehicles entering or leaving the site have been given the right of way into Lightfoot Lane, surely the right of way should be to traffic on Lightfoot Lane.

For the safety of pedestrians and cyclists passing the junction, especially the younger ones, the contractors have made this junction anything but safe.

As far as I am aware, there has been no preliminary consultation from the planners, highways authority, or Redrow (the building contractor) to the Guild Wheel users group, or local authority experienced cycling representatives, either before planning, issue of plans, and the subsequent road works.

The Guild Wheel cycling and walkers route has been very successful since the official opening at Preston Guild Week 2012. This 21-mile scenic and safe route is enjoyed by thousands of walkers and cyclists each month.

It should be noted the award winning Guild Wheel was instigated and largely designed by volunteers led by Peter Ward and the late Mike Atkins.

I am aware they were strongly supported by Sir Tom Finney and others, raising over £60,000 in donations for the Guild legacy project. This significant fund raising effort still continues to fund route safety improvements, with wildflower and tree planting each year to enhance the route.

It should now be a priority to all those concerned with the construction of road works to come to a conclusion and arrangement to make this site access/exit safe for all users.

The new house building programme along Durton Lane, along with the above, needs to be initially discussed with the cycle liaison group before the start of any final plans and work arranged.

Jack Stokes (Preston Wheelers & Preston & District Walking Club ex-member)

Well done to Jeremy Corbyn

May I, through the Lancashire Evening Post, express my hearty congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn.

Had Jeremy been the Labour leader instead of Ed Miliband – maybe the result at the general election just might have been so very different.

I also note that all the top job positions in Jeremy Corbyn’s cabinet have all been given to the men.

Oh, I bet this will rattle the vocal chords of those feminist preachers!

Good luck to you, Jeremy Corbyn.

Hopefully, we’ll see you in 
Number 10 Downing Street in 2020!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Get in touch with shipmates

I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that many of your readers would have served in the Royal Navy at some time or other.

They will think back and remember the camaraderie and friendships formed at the time, only to be broken when moved to a different ship or shore base.

There will be the occasional thoughts being cast back to “I wonder what happened to old Chalky White on H.M.S. Rustybucket?”

Well, a lot have found out what happened to their ‘Old Chalky White’ because lots of the ships have associations, full of their old shipmates, and a new monthly service has recently started to help find all of the other ‘Old Chalkies’ or whoever is being looked for.

Many of the ship’s association secretaries are sending details of their reunions to R.N.Shipmates for the monthly listings of reunions and other notices. This monthly service is totally free because it is all done by email.

Ship’s association secretary, are you on my monthly mailing list? Nearly 400 are. Looking for someone? This is a good starting point in meeting up at a reunion. Get in next month’s email. Get the latest news. Did you serve in the Electrical Branch in the Royal Navy? Exciting news coming up soon if you did!

And for those who just want to live the camaraderie again, R.N.Shipmates are having another reunion next April.

Interested? Set your memory going again? Send brief details to mike.crowe1@btinternet.com

I look forward to receiving your email.

Mike Crowe via email

Nature’s way can be cruel

Julie (LEP Letters September 11), I have told my cat numerous times not to go after birds and mice, especially seeing she is well fed, but guess what? She doesn’t take any notice because she is a cat and that is what they do.

Birds are lovely creatures but they also kill each other and are sometimes not really nice creatures at all. Again that’s what they do.

It’s nature. Just a point, are you sure it was a cat, as they usually don’t go after the larger birds?

Many a time in my garden I have seen collared doves that have been killed, but it is by a sparrow hawk that usually will kill a bird, drag it under a bush and come back for it later. That’s what they do.

Sally, Preston