Reader’s letters - Wednesday, September 02

Cuerden Valley Park's Wigan Road car park is notorious for' dogging'
Cuerden Valley Park's Wigan Road car park is notorious for' dogging'
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Don’t make Wheel a peril

As a regular user of the Guild Wheel, both as a walker and a cyclist, I am concerned at the encroachment of development on this safe cycling route.

I raise particular concern about the inappropriate junction to a new housing development that has been created on the old Lightfoot Lane area near Hoyles Lane that prioritises motor traffic, including heavy lorries, over vulnerable walkers and cyclists.

The Guild Wheel was conceived and planned not only as a leisure route for users but also as safe route for workers and pupils to cycle or walk safely to work or school. The Guild Wheel route around Lightfoot Lane provides safe access for students using a number of schools in that area, a strategy that the cycling charity Sustrans encouraged and fostered. If the safety of users is compromised by inappropriate road planning it will only enhance the perception that cycling is a dangerous activity because of the amount of road traffic.

Considerable housing development is taking place in an area that stretches down from Garstang in the north towards Preston, inevitably extra traffic from this housing development will funnel on to an already overcrowded A6 corridor. Cycling and walking will help to alleviate this over-crowding but these vulnerable road users, potentially forced use cars by the perception of the danger from vehicles, will only add to the amount of traffic using the A6.

I urge Lancashire County Council as the planning authority to consider the impact of the encroachment of housing development on the Guild Wheel and in particular re-consider the junction that has been created on the old Lightfoot Lane near Hoyles Lane.

The Guild Wheel is an asset to the health and well being of residents in the Preston area and, importantly, can and does help to alleviate traffic over-crowding on the A6. Let us not compromise this important asset.

Ted Dempsey, Garstang

Litterbugs are a menace at dock

To the person or persons who dropped their litter, after consuming their McDonalds at Preston Docks, do you think it is too much to ask that you dispose of this waste in a bin or take it home?

Our Preston Dock is littered by this waste, so please would McDonald’s post the number plate of the vehicles involved and shame the driver?

It is about time a levy was charged to help clean up this take away mess, £1 on driver collections if you return the empty debris your pound is refunded, if not it goes to employ a full time person to walk round the dock area, and not in McDonald’s coffers.

Steve Calvert, via email

Shame of rogue dog owners

Yet again a peaceful walk with my wife, nine-year-old daughter and beagle puppy ruined by another dog owner. This is the fifth time our beagle pup has been attacked by other dogs leaving it in pain and bleeding.

My daughter was heart-broken and crying. The dog owners blamed our dog for being bigger than theirs despite being on a lead. What happened to an apology and comfort for my daughter, not just shouting. Shame on you, hope you read this.

Steve Graham, via e-mail

Indecent acts unacceptable

Re: the lewd acts at Cuerden Valley Park (LEP August 25), this has been going on for years and we’ve been complaining for years.

Nothing is done and the men keep using this car park to meet up. There are cars arriving from 9am, one man goes one way, the other round the other way and they think it’s discreet. There are well worn tracks into the bushes.

Used tissues and condom wrappers are discarded. Why should we put up with it?

Veronica Seed, via e-mail

Corbyn catalyst for new Labour

People who were around when Labour really was Labour and had some clout will know precisely why even the name Jeremy Corbyn is causing so much panic among political lightweights.

Corbyn is old Labour through and through and to be old Labour (the clue is in the name) implies ship building, mining, steel production and a whole host of publically owned enterprises. Sources of work the likes of Burnham, Kendall and Cooper can know little or nothing about.

To succeed at the ballot box Labour needs a strong identity and Corbyn has original Super-Labour written all over him in capital letters. None of your wishy-washy ‘join my team’ claptrap for Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn has all the personality needed to take Labour forward on his own. Corbyn will be good for Labour reminding the kids who would be kings that Labour was once a mighty force in the land and was in fact the superglue that held the UK together. No wonder ‘New Labour’ the Tories are worried.

Joseph Dawson, Chorley

Fifty too old to become a mum

Call me old fashioned, or I must be out of touch with the modern world, but I fail to understand the comparatively modern phenomena of middle aged women some aged 50+ defying Mother Nature and their own biological clock and becoming pregnant.

Some of these mothers in their efforts to conceive and procreate have, I believe, received IVF treatment courtesy of the NHS.

While not wishing to sit in moral judgement I do feel that if this is the case there is a far more effective way of spending the Health Service budget and it is high time for a review of its priorities.

The lyrics of a Chris Farlowe song from my youth springs to mind, ‘Baby,Baby,Baby, You’re Out Of Time’!

Jim Oldcorn, Great Harwood

Keep weather forecast British

P lease support a petition to the Government to get the BBC to keep its weather contract with the Met Office. We have to keep the weather supplied from within the UK.

Please go to web site enter section Environment sign petition weather contract with the Met Office.

FE Sharpe, address supplied