Reader’s letters - Wednesday May 27, 2015

A 20mph sign. A reader asks has anyone been prosecuted yet? See letter
A 20mph sign. A reader asks has anyone been prosecuted yet? See letter
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Is 20mph a pointless limit?

Has anyone yet been prosecuted for driving at more than 20mph in one of the zones created by Lancashire County Council in the area?

I ask this for a number of reasons.

Firstly, because it is pointless to bring in such a limit if it is not to be backed up by actions.

Second, what is the accident rate compared to before, when many of these roads were still 30mph?

And are police prepared to speed gun motorists on roads so short it’s difficult to get above 20mph on anyway?

I have a feeling there is not even a statute in place to give police the mandate to prosecute drivers on most of these roads.

And even if there is, I suspect the falling numbers of officers will have no time to chase speeders.

Name and address supplied

Labour Party needs to change

The air is full of theories aiming at a winning formula for Labour. I’ve got news for all the theorists. It’s not going to happen any time soon or at least before the next election but one.

The Labour Party was born out of the dissatisfaction of the trade unions with their lot and this provided the drive to get the party off the ground.

Now the world has moved on and merely trying to exploit grievances like the so-called bedroom tax and food banks is no longer enough to attract mass support, particularly among the middle and aspiring working classes

Of course the unions remain the chief source of finance and the Labour Party is yoked to them and their left-wing policies. Crucially, Labour is not the party for business.

They lack the ability and depth of understanding required and this is essential for running a successful economy.

Don Burslam, via email

Contenders are uninspiring

With regard to the Labour leadership, we now have a bunch of new contenders who are, in fact, members of the same bunch of no-hopers: a mixture of Blairites, union nominees, failed TV historians and hopeless hopefuls.

If one were to take a dispassionate view of each candidate in turn and ask “Would I buy a second-hand car from any one of them?” Then I suspect many would answer that it is probably safer to buy online.

David McKenna, address supplied

Pedestrians are forgotten about

I live in the village of Middleton and for most of the time have been a car owner.

But, for a short time, I had no transport.

It was then that I realised just what the people of the village have to put up with.

The bus service is one per hour. Okay, so you live in a village, although it is becoming an industrial one. Miss the bus and you have to walk.

But where are the footpaths? And watch out for the water splash. Should the wagons slow down or should we repair the drains? Can we not clear the footpaths? Come on, we have had so much excavation on the road we could have built a new one.

Name and address supplied

What’s going on with turbine?

In early May 2014, a new landmark appeared on the Garstang skyline – the Barnacre wind turbine. Since its erection it has remained motionless.

I’m puzzled. Is it really a turbine or merely a folly?

Can anyone enlighten me?

J Percy Wright, Barnacre

Cheers for all your support

As we approach our second birthday in our home, a detached building on Lancaster Farms Estate, I am writing a heartfelt letter of thanks to all the staff of the Farms for their continued support.

We were offered the building, an unused former officers’ mess, as a home for our Neuro Drop-in Centre and we moved into what we now know as Our Centre in June 2013.

Our centre offers support, help and social activities for everyone affected by a neurological condition.

We have a gorgeous bistro serving delicious healthy food and cake and we are delighted when our neighbours, the staff at the Farms, join us for lunch.

Being diagnosed with a condition that will change your life and the lives of those around you is devastating, which is why, having a facility like the one we have, means so much to us and to the people in our community that we support.

Our centre is breaking the mould.

We knew when we got started that we were doing something very different, that we were looking conditions like MS, stroke, motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s, dementia, cerebral palsy and so much more, in the eye and refusing to hide and disappear.

Lancaster Farms took a chance with us and it has paid off, in spades.

It has been an exciting time for us and we know very well that we are moving onwards and forwards only because we have tremendous support locally and because Lancaster Farms is alongside, on side, cheering for us.

So thank you everyone, three cheers to Lancaster Farms from all of us.

Sharon Jackson, Founder Director

Neuro Drop In Centre, Stone Row Head

Lancaster Farms Estate, Lancaster

BAE did warn of night flying

With regard to the letter, Night Of A Noisy Neighbour, (LEP letters, Monday, May 25), I would like to point out BAE Systems did announce well in advance in the LEP that there was going to be a period of night flying to test vital equipment.

These are essential tests that need to be done on this aircraft in order to safeguard our country.

Name and address supplied