Reader’s letters - Wednesday March 18, 2015

Allan Robinson struggling to get past parked cars near his Fulwood home. See letters
Allan Robinson struggling to get past parked cars near his Fulwood home. See letters
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Need for more yellow lines

I have every sympathy with the disabled man who is the victim of constant irresponsible car parking.

We live in Greenway, Fulwood, and last Friday there was a knock at our door and it was a fireman.

He was trying to find out if we knew the owners of two cars that had parked directly opposite to each other so that only small cars could squeeze through.

We were unable to help and fortunately the fire engine 
was not on its way to an emergency.

It was impossible for the vehicle to get through.

They drove their vehicle as near to the cars as possible and photographed them.

They then debated about calling the police in order to get both cars towed away, but decided against this.

What a pity!

The council ‘bin’ collection was also due.

Only when drastic action is taken will these totally irresponsible and dangerous drivers act in a sane manner.

What we need throughout Fulwood are more yellow lines with restricted parking during the day, for example 10am to 4pm, but with ‘residents only’ licensed spaces.

I also agree that these people will not use the new parking planned for the hospital if 
they have to pay for it and so 
the traffic problems will still exist.

M.A.Tranter via email

Everywhere has problem

I have every sympathy with Allan Robinson having trouble with pavement car parking, but think he is wasting his time complaining.

Not only has his road got 
the problem, the whole of Preston, South Ribble and most other areas have the same problem. Not only is pavement parking a hazard to wheelchairs, but all other pedestrians, mothers with prams, children and the disabled.

It also causes damage to services buried in the pavement due to not having the weight bearing capacity.

Since councils will not finance the constabulary to police this problem, and are not prepared to police it themselves, this offence is only going to get worse.

It is dead simple, people on the pavement vehicles on the road, no excuse and no exceptions, and straddling double yellow line doesn’t make them invisible.

Ron Crowe via email

What about the residents?

I read about plans to put on live music on the park this year (March 16).

Have any councillors considered the residents of Moor Park who will have to deal with loud banging music and drunken revellers?

There are a lot of OAPs who live in the St Thomas Road area and surrounding residential homes.

Where is the consideration for these people? Why on earth isn’t it being held on Avenham Park, away from residential homes?

I’m not against anybody enjoying themselves, but what thought has gone into this with the council?

None by look of it.

Look at the mess which happened last time.

It was a disgrace how it was left like a mud bath.

Residents will oppose this.

We already have PNE fans parking on our pavements on match day but put up with that with PNE been in the area for several years, but it’s still not good. Fans wouldn’t like people parking outside their house, I’m sure.

I hope Preston City Council reconsider this proposal.

Councillors wouldn’t like it on their doorstep.

Name and address supplied

Elizabeth went the extra mile

The electorate of the Ashton Ward made a sound judgement when they voted for their current councillor, Elizabeth Atkins.

Following recent dealings with her, they can be reassured that she will represent their best interests. More than that, she will go that extra mile, in time, effort and persistent diligence, in attempting to resolve any problem you may have.

She would make an excellent role model for any aspiring local politician. I have had no prior contact with her, neither am I related to her or a member of the political party she represents, just an ordinary member of the public who wishes to express my admiration for the way she handled my recent problem.

Denis Lee, Ashton

The pitfalls of digital voting

Digital voting, now there’s a worry for the future.

Can you imagine it, all those votes careering at the speed of light to America and back again only to be intercepted en route by cloak-and-dagger merchants who twist voter traffic to suit their purpose, secretly changing the real results for bogus results, thus putting in power whoever they wish, and here in England we do what we always do.

Go along with whatever the world throws at us.

There is no reason not to investigate the usefulness of digital voting, but like postal voting before, it has its pitfalls and it has its dangers and will never in my opinion be totally fool proof nor totally safe.

Meanwhile, in America, film makers continue to cast British actors as villains...

Joseph G Dawson, Chorley

Memories of choir’s days

Articles have appeared recently about the poor state of Emmanuel church in Preston.

This photo of the choir (in Looking Back) was taken in better days around about 1939 when church services were well attended. In the photo, Norman Hodgson is third from the left in the front row.

His father, William Hodgson, is second from the left on the back row. The vicar in the centre is Mr Miligan. Amongst the boys in the photo are Harold Leach, Jimmy Shaw and Norman Bramley.

N Hodgson, Preston