Reader’s letters - Wednesday March 04, 2015

A border force officer checks passports of arrival passengers. See letter
A border force officer checks passports of arrival passengers. See letter
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Promises proving hollow

The latest immigration figures illustrate just how hollow are David Cameron’s promises to the electorate in 2010, and reiterated subsequently in the Westminster Parliament that a Tory Government would lower these figures so as not to exceed the promised 10,000 annually.

They are now attempting to present last year’s figure of 624,000 as being the result of the improvement in the UK economy which has attracted both EU and non EU immigrants seeking work here.

It is recognised that the real damage done to our present overcrowded island was the millions of immigrants allowed in during the Labour Government’s 13 years of misrule, under the misplaced illusion that this would guarantee their continued stay in office, which they then protected under the cry of ‘racism’, if anyone dared to protest.

However, we are left to wonder what measures the Tory Government did in fact institute to prevent this huge incursion through our supposedly reinforced borders.

Undoubtedly part of the problem is our continuing membership of the EU which, despite Cameron’s promises (which he has declared for the benefit of the electorate) that he will negotiate with the EU special rights for the UK to prevent ‘the open borders policy’ so beloved by the EU Superstate, they have always declared to be non-negotiable.

Many of the non EU immigrants continue to smuggle themselves in from Calais (from a camp thoughtfully provided by the French, from which they continue to make these daily illegal bids to obtain UK entry) via lorries or the Channel tunnel trains , so the real figures will never be known.

It is true there are jobs here, which the Brits do not want to do, from which these hard-working immigrants can earn a substantial wage when compared to that available in their own country.

They then send the majority of their earnings back to support their families abroad.

Those who have their families here, however, continue to provide pressure on local schools, housing and the NHS, which the local authorities never have sufficient money to resolve.

It is apparent that UKIP are the only ones really committed to ultimately resolve this growing immigration problem, which they can only do by an EU membership referendum which will give them the authority from the electorate, to allow in selective immigrants who will benefit our economy.

E J Tilley, Chorley

It could create segregation

I want to know why are more Islamic schools being allowed to open when our schools are crumbling and we have no money to spend on them, are existing schools not good enough for them? This is what I call segregation.

What about our British values? We’re losing all of them.

Also I want to know why shops and housing are being allowed to be used as prayer houses when people have nowhere to live – it’s not good enough.

Also why are people allowed to extend these properties right to the bottom of the yards, and bins and recycle bins are left permanently on the streets.

It’s not good enough. The laws desperately need changing.

The cars have nowhere to park. No consideration is given to people who live in these areas.

Another 700 place Islamic school is opening in the Old Reality Building, the former Gus on London Road.

How many more?

A blind learning school is to open in the old Acregate pub, why can’t they use a room in one of the schools?

A pub isn’t the right place – also parking – there isn’t any, this is a dangerous corner. This government makes me sick.

Name and address supplied

Story behind family photo

The above picture shows the Hargreaves family in 1924. The rider is Cornelius Hargreaves and in the sidecar is his wife Mary with son Harry. Their elder son Jack is riding pillion and Mary and Teresa are on bucket seats.

The Blackburn-registered motorcycle and sidecar was made by New Imperial Motors of Birmingham and is thought to have been fitted with a 980cc 8/45 hp V-twin in-line cylinder engine made by the John Alfred Prestwich Company (J.A.P.) of London.

Cornelius bought the combination from Mr Hanson, manager of the F.A. Gatty Dye Works, in Bannister Hall Lane, Higher Walton, where he was a yarn dyer.

In earlier times, Cornelius’ father, who was also called Cornelius (and known as Old Cor), was foreman yarn dyer in the Gatty Dyeworks at Church in Accrington when, in 1884, Frederick Albert Gatty discovered and patented a low cost khaki dye.

The increasing use of khaki battle dress by the British Army after the First Boer War led to a demand for khaki drill that was beyond the production capacity of the plant and, in 1896, the business relocated to the Bannister Hall Printworks in Higher Walton. Old Cor was persuaded to relocate with the expanding company and he and his family moved into Prospect Terrace, near Coupe Green, on Hoghton Lane.

Young Cor married Mary, the ‘girl next door’, in 1907, and they moved into “Pinchems,” just up the road beyond the Old Oak Inn. In the mid-1920s, the family moved to Lyngarth, on Higher Walton Road, in Walton-le-Dale. As a young man, Harry, the boy in the sidecar, saw action in the Second World War in the Normandy Campaign. After the war he built a house in Ingol with his late wife Marian, where he lives to this day as a cheerful 99 year old.

John J Hargreaves, Preston

(Cornelius was my grandfather, and Harry is my uncle)

Dog walker not so considerate

Whilst waiting in traffic in Ashton, on Monday, March 2, I saw a young woman with two children and a dog walking along the street. The dog fouled the pavement. The lady picked up the mess in a white bag. I thought it was considerate of her. However, she then went to the wheelie bins outside a house on Inkerman Street and put the bag in there. Not so considerate after all. Surely she could have taken the bag to her own home? Hope she reads this.

Annoyed motorist, address supplied