Reader’s letters - Wednesday June 4, 2014

John Wilkinson, aka pigeon man of Morecambe, who has been jailed for breaching an ASBO. Photo: Copyright Docubyte
John Wilkinson, aka pigeon man of Morecambe, who has been jailed for breaching an ASBO. Photo: Copyright Docubyte
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Birdman deserved ASBO

Good for Lancaster Council, who managed to get an ASBO issued to birdman John Wilkinson for feeding pigeons and causing upset, noise and filth to his neighbours (LEP May 30).

Does the stupid public not know – pigeons are classed as vermin. Gosh, this country and its people certainly need educating. I believe Preston City Council should take a page from their book and do the same. But, sad to say, PC Council will not do anything about people throwing food out in communal grassland, let alone stop people feeding pigeons.

It appears authorities of different public services are not doing much about anything these days, except just picking up their wages. That is why this country is in a state. Good for the residents who stood together over the upset, noise and mess this person caused them by feeding pigeons. He certainly has hurt his neighbours.


Lib Dems set to vanish off map

After last month’s elections we now know what the Liberal Party stands for, absolutely nothing. They form a coalition to give Labour power in Lancashire but simultaneously they do the same for the Conservatives at a national level. They fight Conservative held seats in elections using right wing policies but at the same time fight Labour held seats using left wing policies.

It was proved at last month’s elections their votes in past elections were votes from disillusioned Conservative and Labour supporters, but now there is an alternative protest vote party UKIP. Liberal’s only votes come from the rag bag brown bread and sandals brigade.

After the next general election, I would love to be the person who taps Cleggy on the shoulder and when he turns round tell him to disappear quickly and prepare what’s left of your party for… nothing, absolutely nothing.

Bernard Darbyshire, via e-mail

Farewell from MEP Davies

Two months ago I was declared an ‘MEP of the Year’ for my cross-party work in helping to reform the EU common fisheries policy, end discards and rebuild fish stocks.

Two weeks ago the voters threw me out on my ear. Such is democracy. The rejection feels harsh but I am still glad over the years to have put my head up above the parapet and been a participant rather than an armchair critic.

As an MEP, I have been able to channel investment worth billions of pounds towards carbon capture and innovative renewable energy schemes.

I have helped shape regulations which are improving the quality of our rivers and air, increase the fuel efficiency of cars and reduce their emissions, and promote better use of scarce resources. The health warning pictures on cigarette packs which have led to fewer young people taking up smoking were made possible by legislation I introduced. My term in office finishes on July 1. I thank all those who have supported me and who have, in the past, allowed me the chance to make a difference for the better.

Chris Davies, Liberal Democrat MEP for the North West

Looking for lost charm bracelet

I have lost a Pandora bracelet in Preston town centre on Saturday May 31 between 8.30pm and 12.30am.

It is nearly full of charms, mainly purple coloured with seahorse and unicorn ones included. It is of great sentimental value and I would be so happy for its return. My phone number is 01772 725410.

Name and address supplied

Cross not an offensive sign

I have a cross attached to the back of my mobility scooter which I am proud to display. The cross reminds me of the passion of Jesus which brings me to think of Gethsemane, the kangaroo trial before Pontius Pilate, and Calvary.

The cross is an emblem of suffering torture and death. The cross to myself is a source of great strength and consolation in times of difficulties. When I think of what Jesus suffered it makes me feel rather humble.

When my pride soars and sends me into orbit, I think of the pain and suffering Jesus endured on the cross and it brings me back down to earth.

The point I am about to make, why do those who profess to be Christians and non Christians find it offensive when they see the cross displayed on the back of my mobility scooter? What harm can it possibly do them?

I also have a cross displayed on the front door of my flat which has obviously upset someone in the immediate area, possibly a neighbour, who has put a nasty note through my letter box.

I have spoken to Muslims and a Sikh and asked them how they would feel concerning the fact I am proud of displaying a cross. The ones I have spoken to would not find it offensive at all.

Michael Norris, Penwortham

Cull not way to tackle seagulls

I was saddened to read one of the country’s top judges has rejected the RSPB’s bid to save a colony of seagulls that faces being culled because they pose a threat to aircraft safety (LEP May 22). Yes, of course, safety of BAE jets is highly important, but I am left feeling baffled as to how our beautiful sea birds, who have every right to live here, can be such a threat to a multi-million pound jet with advanced technology on board?

Blackpool Airport flies successfully, despite a high number of seagulls in the vicinity. Surely, a means of ‘bird control’ could be developed without the need for a cull? Our marvellous seabirds are so a part of the natural beauty of Fylde and so richly deserve our support. Too often, these beautiful seabirds receive a bad press and are scapegoats blamed for noise and pollution!

Over to you BAE... to come up with an advanced system to protect our seagulls. The first step could be to fund the £10,000 the RSPB needs to find to pay court costs imposed by the judge.

Name and address supplied