Reader’s letters - Wednesday July 29

Jeremy Corbyn at least poses an alternative to austerity policies says a reader. See letter
Jeremy Corbyn at least poses an alternative to austerity policies says a reader. See letter
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An alternative to austerity

I agree with Alan Chapman (letters July 27) regarding contenders for possible leadership of the Labour Party, as uninspiring possible potential future Prime Ministers.

Three of them are pale imitations of current Tory Politicians.

Why vote for any of them when you can have the real thing?

The exception is Jeremy Corbyn, now under attack from a Capitalist funded and controlled media, both television and press.

This has taken them by surprise, the amount of support he has gained from people who would not normally class themselves as normal left wing supporters.

In today’s image-focused environment, what chance would someone like Clement Attlee have stood of being elected as Prime Minister?

The Labour Parties’ policies at the time were just as relevant then as they are now.

Would Jeremy Corbyn ever get elected?

Probably not?

He does at least pose an alternative to austerity policies imposed on the poorest, that those who caused the financial mess we are in, should be made to pay for it.

Denis Lee, Ashton

He could have done worse

I share the disgust of many at the unedifying pictures of Lord Sewel, allegedly snorting cocaine in the company of prostitutes whilst clad in a cheap leather jacket and orange bra.

However, the seething excitement and moral indignation are drowning out rational voices.

He described PM Cameron as amongst ‘...the most facile and superficial leaders ever’.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that most of the country shares this opinion, though noting the lack of a credible alternative.

Certainly the Conservatives didn’t win on the back of Cameron’s commanding presidential qualities.

He described Tony Blair as ‘having gone wrong in the end’ and that the Iraq invasion was ‘a problem... (coming) after he fell in love with George Bush’.

Again, by common consent these statement are true.

Indeed, it is a pity that the successes of Blair’s early years were drowned out by the arrogance and policy decisions that followed the sickly intoxication with Bush.

Sewel then describes Boris Johnson as a ‘public school, upper-class twit’.

Many people I know admire the work he has done in London, and admire his achievements as Mayor.

Probably a prejudiced comment, however Johnson’s statements and actions sometimes would appear to lend credence to those who caricature him. (I would consider the Chancellor far more fitting of this description).

It’s a worry that Sewel entertains like this, in a plush apartment with subsidised rent.

But let’s be clear.

He has not embezzled hundreds of thousands in public money; he has not ‘flipped’ homes time and again, nor maximised allowances and charged us for toilet seats.

He has not claimed for homes that don’t exist.

He has not introduced policies that harm society then told us we’re ‘in it together’.

He has not sacked nurses and soldiers then supported bankers whilst claiming for wisteria.

He may have made a disrespectful comment about Asian women, which certainly is a concern and should be punished if proved.

Beyond this, my only criticism is that he got the girls for 200 a night. In his position, I’d at least do it properly, splash out some more and let them buy a decent brassiere.

SN Preisner, Preston

Change affects Little Sisters

I am writing on behalf of The Little Sisters of the Poor.

They have been tending to the poor aged people of Preston for a long, long time, and have been a presence in St George’s Shopping Centre for a number of years, just sitting quietly with their collecting boxes, one on the top floor and one on the bottom floor.

They never ask for money, they just sit saying the Rosary.

This money goes for any shortfall which occurs when their patients cannot afford the full cost of their care.

After a change of ownership of the aforesaid shopping centre, the owner has told the nuns they can only sit upstairs.

This is to inform the generous people of Preston the situation.

Why they can’t carry on as usual, God only knows. It has had a bad effect of halving their income weekly.

Mrs A Partington, Preston

Best for social democrats

Pete Johnston makes some very wise comments about the youth zone, its funding and staffing (LEP July 21).

I am sure Pete knows that our beloved youth service only ever received remarkable funding under Labour councils and governments.

I am also sure that Pete realises there is nothing social-democratic about the modern Lib Dems. In Great Britain the only home for social democrats and socialists is the Labour Party.

There must be something symbolic that the new leader of the Liberals had an ambition to be the President of Blackburn Rovers. One Margaret Hilda Thatcher was President of Rovers for over 35 years!

Graham Nelson, Preston