Reader’s letters - Wednesday July 16, 2014

A 20mph area in Fulwood Hall Lane in Fulwood, Preston
A 20mph area in Fulwood Hall Lane in Fulwood, Preston
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Bring back the stocks

When I noticed what vandals had done to the Swiss Chalet shelter in Avenham Park after the second May Bank Holiday weekend, I was absolutely disgusted.

About half of the bench seats in it had been demolished, and both of the front sections both sides of the entrance were kicked out.

To me, that is a form of hooliganism and it is even worse than the extreme form of littering called fly-tipping. Disgraceful!

It is a sign that, nowadays, park shelters are used (rather, abused) by the wrong kind of people who don’t appreciate them, only using them for the purpose of wild parties. If they are eventually closed, it is therefore no wonder why.

I cannot understand why the law, when being so efficient at catching motorists slightly breaking the speed limit is so inefficient at catching park vandals.

That crime is even worse than shoplifting because of the cost to Council Tax payers. It is as if the law today is more about making money than catching the real criminals.

Park vandals, if caught, ought to be fined even more heavily than the fly-tippers, at least up to £2,000.

If they can’t afford the maximum fine, then they should be fined whatever they can afford and do at least 500 hours of community service if it is a shelter they have trashed. It would not even be too harsh to humiliate them in public by placing them in stocks and allowing the public to pelt them with eggs. And boo them too!

RN Coupe

PS British Justice has become too soft with the European Union we are under, introducing Human Rights Laws that are mainly a criminal’s charter.

Common sense over 20mph

In response to yesterday’s letter by Croston Road Resident (20mph mystery) the reason for the reversion back to 30 mph in Lancaster Road and Croston Road is because common sense has at last prevailed.

The speed limit should never have been reduced to 20 mph but was the result of an over zealous application of the twenty’s plenty scheme by County Hall.

There had never been any problem over the years with the original 30 mph limit.

Your Croston Road correspondent is absolutely correct when stating that the 20 mph limit was rarely adhered to and perhaps our lawmakers may one day realise that if you bring in silly rules then even the most law abiding citizens will ignore them.

The change of policy was in fact advertised with the opportunity given for people to object, which I believe a few did.

Jack Rogers,
Yewlands Drive,

Chernobyl charity thanks

Thank you on behalf of Friends of Chernobyl Children to all the people who helped make this year’s visit such a huge success.

We’d like to especially thank Longridge Church Girls and Church Lads Brigade for the loan of their minibus, St Wilfrid’s parish room for a welcoming base, Longridge Caravan Park for fun swim sessions, Nick Richardson and Barry Nutter for their dental care and Stephen Taylor’s opticians too.

We would also like to thank Sainsbury’s and all their customers for supporting us with bag packing and Alston Lane School and Highfield Priory School families for collecting clothes and toiletries for the children.

We had some fantastic days out and would like to show our appreciation to all those who offered us days out – Cobble Hey Gardens, Pendle Dry Ski Slope, Merseyrail, Holy Family School, Guys Court, Basils Café Bar, Towneley Park, bowling at Slaidburn, St Mary’s School Chipping and Hothersall Lodge.

Lastly, I’d personally like to thanks all the host families for their hard work and dedication looking after the children for another year. If anyone would like any further information or would like to get involved and host a child please get in touch.

Teresa Miller,
01772 780 495

Airport times a real let-down

Yesterday, I went to Manchester Airport to pick my mate up.

I arrived at 1pm. The plane was due to arrive at 12.50pm however, it said 1.10pm which was OK.

When the time arrived, the screen changed and said it would now arrive at 2.50pm so I thought I would go and park up around the corner.

Having been there an hour, I put the token in the machine only to be charged £8.80.

I came back at 2.30pm and went to the information desk to find out the plane, which was coming from Alicante, was re-directed to East Midlands.

I asked the girl at the desk if the plane had left there to come to Manchester and she replied, “Not yet.”

So I asked how it could land at 2.50pm when it hadn’t set off yet. She said they can only go on the information given. That’s fine.

So I go again and pay another £8.80 to find somewhere to park.

Finally, the plane did arrive. I missed picking my mate up, who came through about 4pm, by about two minutes. He was so fed up because they had been diverted because of a disturbance on the plane that he caught a taxi back to Preston which cost him a whopping £80!

The point I am trying to make here is let people know what is going on right away instead of you keep running out to move your car to and fro and charging ridiculous prices in the meantime.

I’m sure if this continues to happen people will be staying in England for their holidays.

S Varley,


Too late for test veterans

I read with interest the article concerning the nuclear test


I recently found my husband’s BNTVA membership card.

He was on Christmas Island at the time of the tests.

He always said any government would refuse to recognise the veterans until they were all dead.

He always believed the test was the cause of his cancer which he fought for quite a few years.

Sadly, 18 months ago, he lost the battle.

How sad he didn’t live long enough to know they had at last been recognised.

Mrs B Kay