Reader’s letters - Wednesday July 02, 2014

One reader thinks the critics have given England football manager Roy Hodgson an easy ride
One reader thinks the critics have given England football manager Roy Hodgson an easy ride
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Trees need looking after

Longridge will probably be over-developed in the future, it could be argued that it is already! I would like to raise awareness that many trees will be under threat during these times.

Legislation should be in place to ensure any retained trees are protected with Tree Preservation Orders. Most developers tend to damage trees by stamping around the root plate with machinery, digging trenches, severing roots and carelessly poisoning the soil with fuel and oil spillage, cement mix etc.

This damage is done behind the scenes while at the same time we are told, and I quote ‘The development would retain and enhance the majority of the existing vegetation on the site to provide character and a sense of maturity to the development.’

I hope the developers follow the British Standard for Trees and Development BS 5837. If they do so, the trees will be an asset. If they don’t do so, they will leave the site with all looking well, however the damage done to the roots is invisible to most naked eyes.

A few years later when these out of town, off the planet developers have moved on to make a killing somewhere else, the trees often suffer and often look in a poor condition. The expense of sorting out these liability trees usually falls on someone else, such as home owners, businesses and councils.

Urban Forestry has a major role to play in creating successful towns and cities. Three common buzz-words that can monitor success are, Social, Economic and Environmental.

Trees that are a liability are not nice or safe to live and work around. Dead, dying and diseased trees are a great source of money expenditure and the expected longevity of sick trees is seriously shortened.

I say that for the long term, social, economic and environmental reasons, keep the gateways to The Forest of Bowland, Longridge Fell and the Ribble Valley clean and green. Keep the Longridge countryside character and maybe it will attract better investment. Development would not be too much of a shock if kept to motorway gateways and the road to Preston.

Does anyone know Prince Charles to talk to? If he knew this was an environmental issue I’m sure he would be all ears. I think his environmental opinion would balance out any MP or even the PM views as they would probably only consider short term, economic reasons. As for social reasons....well, it is surely up to us, the people who live here.

Dave Fell, Longridge

Smell off fields is reet ripe

What on earth are they spreading on the fields around Withnell and Brinscall?

Everyone I meet tells of the same nauseating airborne stench. A sickening stomach churning odour ripe as you like and made all the more overpowering by the weather - light winds and a baking afternoon sun.

Pouring off the fields, filling the lanes, thick and pungent it reaches the streets where passing traffic give it extra momentum and the power to bring the farmyard to the people via open doors, windows, patios and fly screens. Stronger than last year, stronger than the year before. Clearly a prizewinning fertilizer not to be sniffed at and one that got me thinking: Dragons’ Den – nosegays – next year...

Joseph G Dawson, Withnell

Roy not had any real scrutiny

Should Roy Hodgson bump into Luis Suarez then surely he would owe him a pint.

Amid all the fall out from the infamous bite the Press have failed to put Hodgson’s abject failure under any scrutiny.

One only needs to look at the squads of teams like Nigeria, Algeria and Costa Rica to see how much Hodgson under achieved.

Name and address supplied

Moon not made of cheese shock

According to President Obama, to doubt the concept of man made climate change is akin to believing the Moon is made of cheese.

Clearly the President has overlooked the work of the celebrated academics, Wallace and Gromit, who some years ago established by personal observation that the Moon is in fact made up entirely of finest Wensleydale.

He may also not have noticed that despite the mythical “carbon” global temperatures have not risen for 17 years and predictions based on solar activity indicate a slight fall in temperature over the next 12 years.

Perhaps the President can’t tell his weather from his climate.

John Redhead, address supplied

Computers not for everyone

When will companies and the Government realise a lot of us do not have nor want computers?

I am fed up of being told “you will get more information at www... Yes, I would like a computer to be able to look things up.

However, I prefer to be doing craft work, such as crochet, knitting or cross stitch rather than staring at a screen.

Why can’t telephone numbers be given in advertisements and articles rather than just a computer reference?

I wonder how our politicians would like to live on the state pension?

One does have to watch every penny to make them go round. It is possible to live without a computer and food on the table is more important.

This also applies to mobile phones. We managed to live a long time without them.

Mrs A Unsworth, address supplied

Cyclists passing the safety buck

I was complaining, to a young woman I know well, about the complete lack of courtesy and consideration shown by some, but not all, cyclists on the shared path by the river at Halton, when she retorted that this was a council issue, the cyclists should not be blamed, and I wondered just how deeply the nanny state had dug its claws in?

Does this society really need to be told not to endanger the lives and wellbeing of others?

Name and address supplied