Reader’s letters - Wednesday December 03, 2014

Poster from Lancashire Police's month-long We Can Stop It campaign (see letter)
Poster from Lancashire Police's month-long We Can Stop It campaign (see letter)
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Do not tarnish our sport

I am annoyed by the promotion of yet another campaign to raise rape awareness which again aims to “educate young men about the law”(LEP November 17).

This new campaign shows a male rugby player on one of the posters; surely discriminatory. Both my sons are happy, family men and played rugby for their school and town.

Neither would commit an act of violence, particularly against women, but are sadly aware that the actions of many young women frequently put both sexes in a position of danger.

Brainwashed as we are in Britain by the socio-liberal, pseudo-feminist man-haters who have foisted ludicrous, one-sided political correctness on us, this campaign does not appear to mention the actions of these young women.

These said women should be educated too: that libertarianism ought not be confused with freedom and its associated personal responsibilities.

Mrs Mary Dickinson,address supplied

Musicians take care this season

We are now approaching the festive season when young and more mature musicians may be engaged to entertain in a variety of venues. What many groups or individual entertainers fail to establish is to whether they are covered by the owners’ insurers.

This is a vital factor when one considers the wealth of instruments and cables and other apparatus that are an essential features in every group.

On many occasions this vital factor is overlooked by both the hirer and the groups who are trying to become established in the music world.

It is not beyond the imagination to foresee that an incident /accident could occur and who would be left to face a claim for compensation? Hence the need for insurance at every event where the public are involved.

One way for young up-and- coming young groups to face this eventuality is for them collectively to join the musicians’ union so they will automatically be covered.

To ensure this cover, all members of the group would have to be fully paid-up members.

Full details will be provided by the union on request.

Having this essential cover will ensure that the bands/groups and orchestras can perform, both protecting themselves and their audiences at any time in the future.

Terry Bayes, vice president, Preston and South Ribble Trade Union Council

Men can suffer in the home too

As the Home Secretary reviews the domestic violence legislation, the White Ribbon campaign gathers momentum which, incidentally, is an initiative directed at men, encouraging them to wear a white ribbon for 16 days whilst renouncing domestic abuse against women.

As a male person, I personally find myself feeling somewhat marginalised. I assure the reader I am not a misogynist but find myself existing in a matriarchal society, illustrated for instance by the fact that females have abandoned those traditional and more gentle sports of hockey, netball and rounders for more physical pursuits such as boxing, rugby and football.

Statistics reveal that, in the past year, 720,000 men were also victims of domestic violence and surely this figure is only the tip of the iceberg as a sense of self esteem and embarrassment would prevent many more from making a formal complaint.

I am afraid this issue is not a one-way street and, while we all agree it is abhorrent in any society and cannot be tolerated, I believe the Government, which has introduced a programme of funding for a swathe of new refuges for women, should also remember man is not the only predator.

Jim Oldcorn, Great Harwood

Not enough full-time jobs

While more people are in work, there are still far too few full-time employee jobs for everyone in the North West who wants one.

It means many working families are on substantially lower incomes than they would wish as they can only find reduced hours of work or low-paid self-employment.

The Chancellor George Osborne has said he wants full employment for the UK economy, but that means full-time jobs for everyone who wants them.

At the moment there are still not enough full-time employee jobs being created in the North West to meet demand.

Lynn Collins, North West TUC Regional Secretary

What a choice of slow roads

I listen to Radio Lancashire most mornings and at every traffic and travel update you hear about the tailbacks from the temporary lights at the Chain House Lane junction.

It’s weeks and weeks since a reader compared this task with the building of the Empire State building!

I reckon you can chuck in

the Burg Khalifa in Dubai as


I attempted that route to Lostock Hall two weeks ago , and it took 25 minutes to do the two-and-a-half miles.

This in the mid afternoon, not rush hour.

Never tried since, I have stuck to the sluggish Leyland road.

What a choice!

Allan Fazakerley, Penwortham

There’s nothing Cameron can do

Here we go again, David Cameron talking tough on the EU, as if he could change anything.

There is nothing he can effectively do to curb immigration as long as we remain members of the EU. Angela Merkel has told him he will be unable to change the “fundamental” rules on the freedom of movement of labour. He has been told this by all senior members of the EU Commission.

There is nothing definitive in anything he has said.

He wants “tougher and longer” re-entry bans for foreign beggars and fraudsters and is demanding stronger measures to allow EU criminals to be deported. He can do nothing yet pretends he can.

Philip Griffiths, North West President UKIP