Reader’s letters - Wednesday August 6, 2014

Andrew Flintoff proudly displays his sporting colours
Andrew Flintoff proudly displays his sporting colours
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Tackle the weeds not Gaza

I have just read the letter in the evening post from Coun Rankin (letters August 4). I must say I view it as one of the biggest one sided distorted load of hogwash that I have ever read.

The innocent people of Gaza have used international aid money to purchase in excess of 2,600 rockets which they have fired at the people of Israel, also we have seen on BBC News the expertly well constructed tunnels leading from the households of so called innocent citizens into the state of Israel solely for the purpose of killing and abducting innocent Israeli citizens.

The United Nations Organisation has independently accused Hamas of placing rocket launching sites in schools in the Gaza area, all this evidence ignored by Coun Rankin and his cohorts.

If you are going to produce a statement please present a fairly balanced one and not one stating your apparent distorted one sided views of this appalling state of affairs.

You and your elected colleagues should concentrate on removing the six foot high weeds growing at the bottom of Manchester Road and tidying up the town for which the good people of Preston elected you in the first place.

T E Riley, via e-mail

Put the Gaza children first

All this fuss about the Gaza flag being flown. What about the children who are maimed and injured?

The ones who have seen things that will mar their childhood and their adult lives to come. Why are hospitals and schools attacked when they are places of safety and care?

Every child has the right to have a happy and carefree life not to worry whether mum and dad will be there at the end of the day. So stop obsessing about the trivial things and think about human life which is definitely more important

S Hamilton, via e-mail

Politicians paid to help our city

I had no idea when I paid my council tax that I was supporting Palestine, nor when I voted was there a mention the council was anti-Semitic, I thought I was paying and voting for the benefit of Preston.

Of course Preston City Council being a major player on the world stage has more to think about than Preston and they must focus on what is important to the local tax payers ie Palestine.

The problems of Preston fade into insignificance compared to those of Palestine; but why only Palestine, surely Somalia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo,Tibet etc. are equally worthy of Preston’s attention, the trouble is I live in Preston, pay my tax to Preston Council and expect Preston councillors to concentrate on servicing Preston, not waste time with pointless debate on a country whose inhabitants have never heard of, nor care about Preston.

Supporter of Secular Politics

Freddie not a local champion

Graham Nelson may have an argument for encouraging people to support their local football team rather than the glory boys of Manchester United and Liverpool (letters July 31) but Andrew Flintoff is surely not the greatest ambassador for this rallying cry.

Mr Flintoff would no doubt describe himself as a proud Prestonian but he has been pictured wearing the shirt of Manchester City and, indeed, has described himself as a City fan in many interviews.

It is also true to say that his loyalty to Lancashire extends to him no longer living around these parts despite there being plenty of high profile sports people who have made their home here in the county.

M Roberts, Fulwood

Looking for a publisher

I have been dealt a blow in a bid to publish a book on my great-granddad John Herbert - known as ‘The Father of Preston’.

I received notice this week from Amberley Publishing saying after consideration, unfortunately, did not feel it was right for their list at the current time.

Alderman Herbert, who died in September 1957, served Preston Council for over three decades and I have written his life story: ‘Last of The Old Guard’.

Dubbed ‘The Father of Preston’ ginger beer and mineral water manufacturer Alderman Herbert had a full Civic Funeral that saw thousands of mourners line the streets of Preston 57 years ago next month.

I am still looking for a pub-lisher or sponsor to get the book into print. Interested parties can contact me on: 07702340744 or email:

Andrew Atkinson, via e-mail

Sorrow of the dawn of old age

We hear much these days about an ageing population and the burden of increased longevity on society in general.

Old, seemingly portrayed as the fault of the individual, who from the state’s perspective, should have foreseen and planned for hard times ahead.

There isn’t anyone on earth who isn’t going to grow old and ultimately feel the burden and bewilderment that comes with age and retirement. Incomprehensible at first but like winter it finally arrives. First the feeling of idleness then hopelessness and finally despair stemming very much from the shock of exchanging the helm of one’s own ship for a leaky rudderless rowing boat with one oar.

Don’t get me wrong, retirement can be a great time especially for those with huge pension pots, large loving families and tons of cash.

But for the less fortunate old age can be a testing time especially with no more than four walls and a TV for company.

Automatically side-lined and forgotten relatively able-bodied pensioners are left staring out of windows. Watching as the world speeds by oblivious of their plight.

No prospects to speak of, no one to speak to, perhaps for days on end. Too proud to ask, too proud to pick up a phone...

Joseph G Dawson, Withnell, Chorley