Reader’s letters - Wednesday April 08, 2015

YOUR CHOICE: A correspondent calls on people to 'vote courageously' in the elections
YOUR CHOICE: A correspondent calls on people to 'vote courageously' in the elections
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‘The worst Government’

This government is the worse we have had in living memory.

The pothole Prime Minister who has borrowed billions – 10 times as much as Gordon Brown – has neglected our roads, and given millions to other countries and £12bn to 

VAT is up to 20 per cent, the NHS has sacked nurses and taken temps on, more money spent, yet delay in operations.

There is no use of vital drugs and equipment to combat cancer.

IDS, with the Bedroom Tax, spent twice as much as Gordon Brown on consultants.

There has been neglect of flood prevention, education, and the post office has been given away.

Unemployment figures have been manipulated.

We have Wonga, and bankers who ruined the country.

Then there is the passport fiasco, cuts in defence, tuition fees up, smashing planes and aircraft carriers, remploy, cutbacks in army and police.

There are soft sentences, and bankers are still on massive bonuses.

But there’s no interest to savers.

Osborne thought he had performed a miracle when he didn’t increase petrol and diesel by 3p per litre.

He should have reduced it by a pound.

The deficit last week stood at £1,503 428,718,000, increasing at £5,170 per second.

With respect, this is the work of the asylum.

Cameron is like a card player with a bad hand.

He drops jacks and tens and picks up sixes and sevens in the cabinet.

As it says in the Bible, for those who have, they shall be given, for those who have not, even what they have shall be taken away.

The NHS is not safe in Tory hands.

Alexander A Lord, Hoghton

We need to vote courageously

With all the economic statistics being bandied about by the two main parties, the electorate is understandably thoroughly confused as to where we are now. So it seems sensible to demonstrate the actual state of the nation today compared with that which the Conservative / Lib Dem Coalition promised us in 2010 when they formed the UK Government.

The deficit is still running at £90bn per year. This government has doubled the National Debt.

Net migration has more than tripled above what they promised

However, before we assume that a future Labour Government would be more preferable, it is extremely likely that the SNP, having decimated Labour seats in Scotland during this election and others, reducing Labour’s UK majority overall, would then offer to form a coalition with the rump of the Labour Party and they would effectively become the tail which wags the UK Government dog.

The price of this coalition demanded by SNP would no doubt be the closure of the Trident Nuclear Missile Submarine base on the Clyde and a date for another future Scottish Referendum on their independence from the UK.

Other than the above scenario, it seems unlikely that any other single party will have sufficient a lead to challenge the numbers of seats in Parliament held by the present main parties, so another coalition UK Government seems inevitable.

The only way to break this deadlock is for each of us not to vote tactically,but to vote courageously for a party which we believe will institute real change in Westminster and give the people effective representation based on what we want, rather than being led by professional politicos who know little about the real world outside Parliament and are more interested in furthering their own careers in the EU Gravy train, than truly representing real UK interests.

E J Tilley Chorley

Dishonourable way of dying

In my opinion, that suicidal German co-pilot who deliberately crashed his plane, with passengers on board, into a French Alps mountain actually died a much more dishonourable death – and disgraced his own family much more – than a soldier executed by firing squad after court martial in either of the two world wars for desertion or cowardice.

He greatly disgraced his own entire family by what he did.

His method of suicide was ultimate selfishness. If I was his own father I would be that disgusted with what my own son did that I would refuse to attend his funeral. I would be ashamed and embarrassed to admit he was my son.

That is the ultimate disgrace inflicted on one’s own family.

R N Coupe, Lostock Hall

Exploring city’s fascist history

I am undertaking research for a book on early post-war fascism in Britain. One of the first post-war groups was the European Liberation Front, led by a Manchester man, Anthony Gannon, an 18B detainee as a member of the Mosley organisation. This cultivated considerable links with groups around the world, and especially in Italy , Germany and Argentina.

What is of note is that the ELF, which only lasted several years, held outdoor meetings, vying with Mosley’s Union Movement. Preston was regarded as the most promising part of England for the ELF, which planned to stand in local elections, and believed that Preston could be the centre of the group’s activities.

Their first public meeting took place at Preston Market Square, June 3, 1951. The focus of the ELF was on the North, North East, North West and North Midlands.

Meetings were held in the market squares of sundry towns, Preston being the most successful.

Dr K R Bolton,

Extra jobs and new immigrants

Yet another sound bite from David Cameron promises to create 1,000 jobs a day. I assume that we weren’t meant to relate this to annual net immigration figures currently at about 250,000, so that it’s likely that, even if he succeeds, the majority of the jobs are likely to go to new immigrants.

AF via email