Reader’s letters - Wednesday 26 March 2014

Safer drivers would lead to quieter roads
Safer drivers would lead to quieter roads
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Road accidents are senseless

I tend to cycle for short journeys, for instance anything up to 10 miles, and especially if I’ve nothing to carry.

But at 5pm on a Friday – with guaranteed aggression, hostility and impatience – no chance.

Did I make a good decision?

In listening to FM radio it was reported that local motorways were gridlocked due to “accidents”.

One involved three vehicles, another four, and a third was multi-vehicle.

The best official estimate of the total number of people killed and injured in road collisions has been calculated at 730,000 each year.

The total cost to the economy is between £15-32bn, with congestion costing a further £4.5bn.

If bad driving (more often than not, law breaking and preventable) wasn’t excused with the term ‘road accident’, how much safer might our roads become?

How many lives would be saved? How much time would be saved? How much money would be saved? How better off would the NHS be?

How many more might cycle? Would it mean an end to congestion?

Say it as it is: ‘A senseless crash.’ It’s not rocket science.

A poll by road safety charity Brake and insurers Direct Line has revealed four out of five drivers want killer drivers to be given longer prison terms.

Name and address supplied

Thank you for sending views

The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England has published its final recommendations for new electoral arrangements for South Ribble Borough Council.

Today’s publication follows a twelve-week public consultation on its draft proposals and draws new boundaries for each council ward across the borough.

We are extremely grateful to the people of South Ribble who took the time and effort to send us their views.

The commission considered every piece of evidence it received before finalising these recommendations.

We have sought to balance the views expressed to us by local people with the criteria we must apply when we are deciding on new electoral arrangements.

As such, we believe these recommendations deliver electoral equality for voters, as well as reflecting the identities of communities across the borough.

Max Caller, chairman, Local Government Boundary Commission for England of the Commission

Fracking leads to pollution

I might have voted for Paul Nuttall of UKIP, but not after hearing his comments where he says “the green lobby would rather plunge more pensioners and low income households into fuel poverty” by their objections to shale gas. Well, I am a pensioner and have a low income but am intelligent enough to make up my own mind and not be swayed by dubious promises.

My view is simple. Earthquake zones and fault lines occur naturally.

However, if the earth is subjected to cracks caused by fracking with all its chemicals and water added, new cracks will not mend themselves.

The earth is fractured permanently and any new faults can only get worse.

The result is needless pollution, earthquakes and damage. That is what we are bothered about.

Why have the French banned it, and also other countries?

There are actually two French companies bidding for contracts. Why, if the Government thinks shale gas is good for our economy, have they allowed the French to do this?

Rose Morley, address supplied

Share your memories

One of the UK’s most iconic

attractions, The Blackpool T

ower, turns a staggering 120 years old this year, and to

celebrate, it is setting out on a mega memorabilia mission.

Providing over a century of fun to families from all across the North West, it now wants to relive the good times, and is calling on its visitors, past employees, and performers to help.

Whether it’s a souvenir from a childhood holiday, an old heirloom passed through the generations, a postcard from a friend vacationing or a black and white polaroid from many moons ago – Blackpool Tower wants to know about it!

To celebrate the birthday, and the weird and wonderful memories it may hold, chosen mementos will be collected and shared within The Blackpool Tower itself, displayed loud and proud on its memorabilia wall.

Tweet us using #Tower120, post us a message on Facebook, drop us an email or even write us a letter.

The memorabilia wall is just one of the exciting additions planned to celebrate this landmark occasion, with a host of special events, competitions and exciting activities taking place at the Tower, throughout the year.

Built in 1894, The Blackpool Tower has become one of the UK’s most iconic buildings and one of Britain’s best-loved landmarks.

How to get in touch: email, tweet @thebpltower, #Tower120 or find us on Facebook at

MC2, Manchester

We could have saved millions

Whilst the budget is apparently a step in the right direction with the raising of the tax threshold, help for savers and changes to pensions industry, there was one expense that did not appear to be mentioned.

We give £53m each day to the European Union and a further £25m each day in overseas aid.

This would surely be better spent on the immediate needs of our country and people and the much talked about deficit cleared far sooner. The reduced tax on bingo and a penny off a pint is also welcomed, but it shows how out of touch and patronising the Tory-led Coalition is, referring to this is what working people enjoy. It really sums them up.

Philip Griffiths, North West president, UK Independence Party