Reader’s letters - Wednesday 16 April 2014

Too many underage people are drinking in pubs and clubs says a correspondent
Too many underage people are drinking in pubs and clubs says a correspondent
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Check young drinkers’ ID

I felt I had to write with disgust about many pubs and clubs within the Preston and Chorley areas.

I was under the impression it was now law to check ID for any person who appears to be under the age of 18, and it is normally accepted that a person will be asked for ID if they appear to be either under 21 or 25 depending on the rules of each particular establishment. In Preston I believe these all to be check 25, but I may be wrong.

On a number of occasions I have been aware, and informed Lancashire Police, that people under 18 are regularly drinking in pubs in Chorley and Preston and surrounding areas. Sadly it would appear that checking ID, normally carried out by door supervisors, is being overlooked.

However, most of the young people who are not checked are female. Everyone is aware females can often dress themselves in a manner that would suggest they are older but it would appear that the more provocative they dress, the more likely they will be ‘overlooked’.

I have overheard stories of these young people sneaking in by hiding in the middle of a group, hiding in toilets when they see the supervisors or police approaching once inside. Maybe more female help to check these places more thoroughly would be useful.

I am not against anyone going out and having a drink or two, but young people are still, sadly, unaware or often uncaring when it comes to the affect alcohol can have on their bodies.

This is not just a physical effect that could damage their health, but the frightening one where the young person has no idea what they’re doing, or with whom.

I hope that in writing this publicly, Lancashire Police, publicans, door supervisors, young people and, additionally, their parents or guardians might possibly think a little more about who is out there and what they’re doing.

Name and address supplied

Hillsborough warning signs

I refer to the reply (LEP April 12) by Hillsborough survivor to my letter (LEP April 3). At no time did I purport to be a “police officer” as the writer implies, although I have worked for the police as a civilian staff member. The writer has obviously seen my profile on one of my blogs and saw I worked for Lancashire Police and put two and two together and came out with five. I would also like to point out that civilian staff members outnumber police officers by about two to one.

In my point about Hillsborough, I did not deflect the seriousness of the tragedy away from the police responsibility and I did point out they had done wrong, but to put into context, that had the FA taken notice of the various previous incidents of the stadium and its design earlier, it is highly unlikely the tragedy would have happened.

In 1981, had the consequences of a crush which occurred at the Leppings Lane end of the ground been acted upon, the tragedy would not have happened.

Again serious overcrowding was observed at the 1987 quarter-final between Sheffield Wednesday and Coventry City and again during the semi-final between Coventry City and Leeds United.

Other accounts told of fans having to be pulled to safety from above, because they couldn’t get out through the fences, all well before the 1989 tragedy.

Yet nothing was done. All this was down to the stadium design. There is also the question as to why the stadium was being used when it hadn’t had a safety certificate since 1979. So why have these questions not been addressed?

If a driver kills someone and the cause of the accident is a bald tyre , the driver’s defence can’t be ‘my dad put that tyre on so it’s his fault’, it is the driver’s responsibility to make sure the car is fit for purpose before driving it.

In the Hillsborough situation it was the ultimate responsibility of the club, then the FA, followed by the Health and Safety Executive, the Fire Service and the police, in that order, to deem the ground fit for purpose.

Fred Hodson, Penwortham

No control until we leave the EU

UKIP appear to be taking quite a bit of flak in letters columns.

Prof Jo Crotty, chairman of North West Lib Dems, is in praise of Lib Dem MEP Chris Davis saving the fish and chip supper for the nation.

But are there any EU elections due soon? He is part of a group trying to rebuild fish stocks by 2020. He might be better employed trying to reinstate the UK territorial fishing grounds , 90 per cent surrendered to the EU but still trawled almost to extinction by the French and Spanish.

MEPs do not pass any EU law, this is done by a panel of unelected EU Commissioners. MEPs are no more than talking heads. Eighty per cent of UK legislation is now written in Brussels, our last parliamentary session discussing matters of national import such as homosexual marriage.

The clergy also seem to be getting hot under the dog collar. Rev Graham Nelson (LEP April 12) says UKIP support is non-existent in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Without querying the validity of his statement, the same comment could be levelled at the Conservatives.

He says our borders have been secure since 1066. I’ve news for him – we’ve no control any more and won’t have until we withdraw from the EU.

Rev Nelson (LEP April 8) says UKIP should not have been allowed a political debate with the Lib Dem leader. At present, UKIP register 20 per cent in the polls. We have a political pygmy – Nick Clegg – as Deputy PM, with a seven per cent rating. Please discuss.

He states UKIP are an anti- Christian Party. I don’t see what’s anti-Christian about wanting to regulate who enters the country, how we spend our own tax revenues or formulate our own laws.

Pete Hanslip, Lostock Hall

Help us make Garstang bloom

A huge thank you to Niall and Sandra, from The Wheatsheaf at Garstang, for hosting a quiz night for Garstang in Bloom, also thanks to Mooch and Friends for the music and quiz questions. Thanks to supporters and all who brought raffle prizes, we raised £338.

The April Spring Clean will take place from the Discovery Centre, Garstang, on Wednesday, April 16, at 7pm. We will be raising money outside the Market Hall, Garstang, with a plant stall on April 26. To donate anything to do with gardening, call 01995 602841.

On May 30, at Scout headquarters, Kepple Lane, at 7.30pm, you can come into Andrew’s Potting Shed. Bring a planter. We will provide compost, plants, and a planter if needed. The cost with your own planter is £15.

Norah Hoyles, chairman

Garstang in Bloom