Reader’s letters - Wednesday 08 January 2014

A Viking coin from the Cuerdale Hoard. The hoard should be kept in Leyland , says a correspondent
A Viking coin from the Cuerdale Hoard. The hoard should be kept in Leyland , says a correspondent
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Unable to pay my respects

Regarding the number 80/82 bus services (LEP Letters, January 2).

Although I live in Preston and have a bus service, I relied on this service to go and visit my family and parents’ graves in Inskip, I cannot do this now without this bus service being returned.

It was a good reliable service, even in the 60s when it was the old Ribble buses.

The drivers and the conductors on the Ribble buses were friendly and would wait for the passengers if they could see them walking up the road.

The Comfy bus drivers were also friendly.

Let’s hope the situation can be resolved quickly.

Without this service, I cannot visit my parents’ grave which is very upsetting as I usually go once a week.

I am disabled and do not drive, so this service was important to me for this reason.

I am a former Inskip girl.

So come on, whoever is responsible for this situation, get it sorted as soon as possible. Perhaps Preston Bus should be given it.

The service was only hourly from Preston to Fleetwood.

People who don’t drive need to get to work in Preston. How can they without this important service?

Elaine Ingram, Preston, formerly from Inskip.

Morecambe is a ghost town

My wife and I recently paid a visit to Lancaster to visit friends and decided to take a look at the West End of Morecambe, having heard and read that it was in need of some attention.

What we saw was, quite frankly, beyond belief.

The whole place is, unfortunately, fast becoming a ghost town, an absolute disgrace.

I was born in, and spent my working life in Morecambe, and my wife’s parents ran a hotel on Regent Road for a number of years.

We have no axe to grind by writing this letter.

The council has a lot to answer for in this matter.

High business rates for one thing and grandiose schemes to regenerate the area that, as usual, came to nothing.

No real parking and what parking there is charged extortionately.

As far as business rates go, surely it would be better to cut them substantially or take them off altogether for a couple of years for new businesses, just to get them into town?

Not the way for Lancaster City Council to work is it?

How long is it going to be before the town centre goes the same way?

As for parking charges, here in Cleveland parking is free on Saturday and Sunday next to the council offices.

Disc parking on the main streets of Guisborough and Stokesley, for instance, is free for two hours.

There are very few empty shops to be seen.

Middlesbrough has free parking available, all week, on council car parks for the first two hours and people certainly use them.

Gordon Mabson, Guisborough

Bring Cuerdale Hoard home

In response to the letter Take Treasures off the Road (LEP, January 6 ), regarding the move of the Silverdale Hoard to the Museum of Lancashire from the more local Lancaster Museum.

Gareth Williams, a curator at the British Museum, says: “These days there’s much more of an assumption that the normal place for important finds will be in regional museums.

“As the main museum for North Lancashire, I think Lancaster City Museum is the ideal place for it.”

By the same criteria, the Cuerdale Hoard, currently housed in the British Museum, should be moved to its regional locality, the South Ribble Museum in Leyland.

Rosemary Forrest, via email

A nuisance to pedestrians

I was very grateful for the LEP (January 7) to raise the issue of dangerous riding by cyclists speeding along the Guild Wheel and other locations.

Please spare a thought for us poor pedestrians who deign to use the pavements that some cyclists now believe is their right of way.

Pity us when, as pedestrians, we emerge from a bus shelter on London Road to catch a bus or to emerge from a bus at peak times, only to be confronted by a cyclist speeding down the pavement, without a thought for our safety.

Some time ago, I have raised this issue with the office of the Police Crime Commissioner.

Last Sunday morning, shortly just after 10am, I watched a cyclist speed down London Road whilst a police car passed in the north bound lane, slowly without stopping.

Will this issue be tackled before someone is knocked into the path of a bus or car? Or will we have to spend millions of pounds of scarce money to create pedestrianways for pedestrians to avoid the footpaths they rightly believed it was their right to use?

No more will I be annoyed at my bus being slightly delayed by a cyclist correctly using the

public highway.

Ken Cole, Preston

Who’ll replace Eric and Ernie?

Whilst perusing my Christmas music wish list, my youngest son asked “Do you like anyone who isn’t dead?”

I gave it 30 minutes thought and came up with Michael Buble, which brings me to Christmas TV.

My Sunday paper berated the programmers for indulging themselves with old Morecambe and Wise, the two Ronnies, Fletch etc.

Call them all you want, but by contrast, did ITV think an hour’s Emmerdale and an hour’s Coronation Street was peak-time family entertainment on Christmas Day? My wife did. I didn’t.

We don’t get the old family shows anymore and then again, who is there?

I think Ant and Dec are on a par with Cameron and Clegg.

John Bishop’s voice sends me to sleep within minutes, and Jimmy Carr and his ilk should be locked up. I do like Peter Kay, but rarely see him.

So I’m sorry Eric and Ernie, your eternal rest looks like it will have to wait a bit longer.

Allan Fazackerley, Penwortham